Killing A Snake In A Dream

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There are many different beliefs around what killing a snake in a dream might mean. The truth is that none of them are absolutely correct, as the way a snake is killed in a dream, the emotions you feel during the dream, and other factors all play a huge role in determining what the dream might mean.

Dreams have different meanings to different people. Your dreams might have clear, precise meanings, or they might seem wholly confusing.

What does it mean to kill a snake in a dream? Snakes can have so many different meanings in a dream, so saying what killing a snake means can be tough. Snakes can represent challenges or emotions, and killing the snake could show that you are overcoming these emotions, or defeating some sort of adversity in your life.

Not all dreams of killing a snake are positive, so keep reading to find out different interpretations of different dreams which involve the killing of a snake!

General Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams

Before we look at what it might mean to kill a snake in your dream, it helps to know what snakes mean in dreams.

Generally, snakes in a dream show that you have some sort of issue or problem that could be causing you frustration in your life.

This could be caused by other people around you, or it could be a sign of self-destructive behavior. These issues might be holding you back from achieving things in your life, or they could be restricting you in other aspects.

A snake might also represent the fact that you are avoiding something that needs your attention, which you keep pushing to the side.

A venomous snake in a dream could be a symbol for a toxic person in your life, who is bringing negativity to you or someone else with negative emotions such as jealousy or anger.

Snakes do not only represent negative things, and they can have some positive meanings in a dream!

A dream of a snake could represent regeneration and new life. They could also represent that there is something more to discover, something hidden beneath the surface.

Emotionally, snakes could be a symbol of fear or anger and might be a sign that you need to learn to control these emotions, or they could be getting the best of you.

Specific Meanings Of Snakes

Here are the more specific meanings that a snake might hold in a dream – understanding these helps you determine what the snake in your dream could represent, and then you could go on to determine what killing the snake might mean.


Snakes are closely related to sin and temptation (from the role they played in the Bible), and in a dream, the snake could represent temptation for something that you know is wrong, or it could be a representation of your life that you know you are not living the right way.


Snakes can be a symbol of rebirth and regeneration, the start of something new. They could show that you need to start over again in your life and make changes to how you have been living.


Snakes can be considered wise creatures, and in a dream, a snake could be a sign that you need to use your wisdom more to make your way out of tricky, unhealthy situations.


Strength and courage are other symbols that snakes can hold. They hold their head up high and are not afraid. A snake in your dream could be a representation of your strength and courage in adversity, or that you need to tap into your inner strength to make it through a situation.


Snakes are definitely a strong representation of danger, and that you need to tread lightly and watch where you go and who you spend your time with.

There is definitely a fear aspect that comes with snakes, and if you feel fear in your dream, it is a good warning sign to take note of.

The snake could also represent that there is someone close to you that you should watch out for. Do not ignore these red flags!

Killing A Snake In Your Dream

There are many different meanings that killing a snake in your dream might have, and you have to pay close attention to the different factors and specific emotions that you feel in the dream to be able to work out what it might mean.

Were you scared in your dream? Did you feel proud once you had killed the snake? Did killing the snake upset you? Working through the emotions you felt in the dream, how the snake appeared, and even how you killed the snake can really help you work out the real meaning.

Here are some meanings that killing a snake in your dream might mean.

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Snakes can represent negative emotions, such as anger, fear, and resentment. Killing a snake in your dream, while it might seem violent, could be a sign that you are finally overcoming these emotions, and you are not letting them rule you any longer.

Letting these emotions rule you can be so damaging, and being able to overcome them would be what you need to be able to move forward in a positive way.

The dream could also show that you need to overcome these negative emotions. You might not have been able to overcome these yet, and they might be ruling your life. This could be a warning that if you carry on allowing these emotions to rule you, you are on a path of self-destruction.

Do not ignore this dream, and make every effort you can to try and change how you react to things and try to not make decisions based on emotions. 

Ridding Yourself Of Toxic Energy

In some dreams, snakes might be a symbol of toxic energy. This could be in the form of people around you who are jealous, angry, or frustrated. This toxic energy can be life-destroying, and the snake in your dream is a massive warning to remove this toxic energy from your life.

Most often, the snake would represent someone close to you who is creating this toxic feeling. You might not even notice how destructive and hurtful this behavior from them is, but hopefully, the dream of killing the snake gives you a bit of a wake-up call to how it is affecting you.

Other than the snake representing a toxic person in your life, it could also represent a toxic environment.

This could be your workplace or social circle, it does not have to be a person in particular, and it might not even be that the environment is necessarily bad, but it may not be right for you.

You might be overstressed at work, or the social circle you are in might be indulging in things that are not healthy for you. The dream of killing the snake is a sign that you need to move away from this toxic situation and try to find a healthier environment to situate yourself in.

Not Being Wise

Being symbols of wisdom and courage, killing a snake in your dream could represent that you are not using wisdom in certain situations, and killing the snake shows that you are killing this part of yourself.

You might be living life freely and on a whim, and you could be making bad decisions that could heavily affect you later on.

Take the time to reevaluate the decisions you are making, and try to take a step back and think how you could use your head more and make proper decisions going forward before you make too many bad decisions and there is no turning back.

A Warning Of Danger

Many of us associate snakes with danger and fear, so it is very possible that in a dream they represent danger and fear.

Seeing a snake in your dream and then killing it might be a way for your subconscious to send you warning signs that there is danger up ahead in your life, and that you need to find a way to quell it.

This danger could be many things – it might be self-destructive behavior that you have, or it could be the betrayal of someone close to you.

Being able to kill the snake in your dream shows that you can overcome this danger, but you do need to be aware of it and plan to overcome it before it pops up and surprises you – much like an attack from a snake.

Death And Rebirth

Rebirth and regeneration are symbols that are regularly associated with snakes. Dreaming of killing a snake in your dream might actually be a positive thing.

The killing of the snake shows that you are putting an end to your old life and that you are willing or planning to start over and take a new path in your life.

You are deciding to put an end to old, negative behavior, and you are willing to move forward in a positive way and to make better decisions.

This new beginning could represent a new mindset going forward, kicking bad habits, starting a new job, moving houses, or even getting married. All of these are life-changing events, and this could be represented by the killing of the snake, to be rebirthed or regenerated again.

This is a good dream, so embrace it with open arms and be sure to stick to the new beginnings in your life with a positive mindset!

Overcoming Temptation

Like Eve listening to the snake in the bible, a snake is a symbol of temptation and sin. A snake in your dream could be a symbol of temptation in your life, whether it is for a bad habit, going back to a person, or a lifestyle you know isn’t right.

Killing the snake shows that you acknowledge that this temptation is bad and that you should do everything you can to turn away from it.

You might not have acknowledged this negative aspect of your life, but your dreams are a way of your subconscious sending a message through that you need to say no and you need to turn away from the bad temptation.

It could also mean that you are doing well with avoiding temptation, rather than being a warning. Whether this is on your journey of sobriety or just avoiding things that are not healthy, the killing of the snake shows that you are doing well and you should keep on your positive journey.

What Does It Mean To Kill A Snake In Your House?

A snake in the house has a particular meaning. It could be a sign that there are outside influences affecting your family, mostly in a negative way.

Killing a snake in your house shows that you are successfully reducing any negative interference that outside forces may be having on your family. You are working together as a family unit to overcome any obstacles, and you are surrounding yourself with positive energy.

This is a good dream, as it means that your family remains protected and strong together.

Does Dreaming Of Killing A Snake Represent Marriage?

Some older beliefs say killing a snake in a dream means that marriage is up ahead. The killing of a snake could show that there might be a marriage proposal coming up, whether you will receive a marriage proposal, or you will propose to someone.

Snakes can be a symbol of temptation and sin, and killing these snakes represents that you are moving on past sin and temptation, which many believe happens when you are to be married.

You will be leaving behind a life of temptation and instead will be committing yourself and your future to one person, where sin and temptation become non-existent. 

While there is no way to determine how true it is, it is a belief that has been around for quite some time, and if you are hoping to be married soon and you dream of killing a snake, then this could be the sign you need that it might happen or the push you need to propose to the person you love!

Dreaming Of Killing A Snake

There are so many different meanings that killing a snake in a dream might hold. There are many factors to consider, as well as the emotions you were feeling during the dream.

Take a look at the above meanings that all of the dreams might have to see which closely fits your experience.

Don’t just ignore a dream where you find yourself killing a snake, it might be a warning of danger to come, or it could be a sign that you are embarking on a new beginning in life!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gone over what your snake-killing dreams might mean, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject!

What does it mean to kill a dragon in your dream?

Killing a dragon in your dream shows that you are defeating any difficulties in your life, and you are overcoming some huge obstacles.

It shows your courage and your determination to overcome these big issues in your life.

What does it mean to kill lots of snakes in your dream?

Killing many snakes in your dream is a warning that there are people around you who are acting maliciously or who are trying to hurt you.

This shows you need to take decisive action to get rid of these people in your life and to try and move away from being surrounded by this negativity that could harm you.

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