Dreams About Vomiting

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Nobody likes vomiting. It is one of the most uncomfortable and horrible natural experiences a person can have, and it often comes with nausea and general feelings of being unwell.

However, dreaming of vomiting, as unpleasant as it might be to now have vomiting following you in your dream, brings about some significant meaning that you should pay attention to.

What do dreams of vomiting mean? Generally, dreaming of vomiting means that there is something you are wanting to remove from your life, or that there is something in your life that is bringing you harm. There are different dreams involving vomiting that one might experience, and these all hold different meanings.

As unpleasant as it might be, it does help to take a deep look at dreams of vomiting, and what they might mean. Nobody likes to vomit, but it might actually be helpful to find out what your dreams of being sick might be trying to tell you!

Vomiting In A Dream

When you vomit, your body expels impurities, along with your stomach content. This is very closely related to what it means in your dream as well.

Vomiting in a dream represents your need to get rid of negative energy and thoughts that are possibly taking hold of you. Instead of your body rejecting an impurity, your body is rejecting negative emotions and thoughts in order to heal and be purer.

This dream might also represent that you are rejecting certain beliefs or feelings, and you are not ready to accept certain truths or opinions.

There might have been something that has opened your eyes to seeing something in a different light, or which has made you change your opinion about something, but you are hesitant to change your view or opinion.

Here are some more meanings that a dream about vomiting might have:

Needing To Rid Yourself Of Something

Vomiting in a dream is a strong sign that you need to rid yourself of something that is bringing about harm or negativity. This could be a bad relationship in your life or bad habits that are bringing you down.

This part or aspect of your life could be causing you or other people harm. You might not have even realized that there were negative influences around you, but the dream is a sign to take note and try to recognize where you can cut out bad influences and emotions.

Just like vomiting in your dream, you need to rid your life of bad influences and try to only surround yourself with positive energies.

Fear Of Recognition

Being scared of attention and being in the spotlight is a real thing that many of us experience, and this fear and anxiety often come with waves of nausea.

Vomiting in your dream could represent this anxiety you feel in being recognized. You are worried that you might become the center of attention, and people might find out things about you that you would rather they didn’t.

It could be symbolic of the fear that you have of people finding out who you really are, and that their idea of you might be shattered. This might be because you have built yourself up more, or that you have taken on a position that you feel underqualified for.

Don’t let this control you, and dreaming of vomiting could show that this fear is affecting you. Try to not let other people’s opinions and views of you affect you so much. Remember to just stay true to who you are and try to be yourself at all times.

You Are Hurt

You might find yourself in a relationship where you are being hurt and being made vulnerable, and these feelings of needing to protect yourself and escape the situation you are in could present as vomiting in your dream.

Your subconscious is begging you to move away from these harmful relationships and to remove all of the hurt and vulnerability that you are holding inside.

For your own mental health and emotional wellbeing, you should definitely look to see if you are putting yourself at risk and where you can get help to try and improve your relationship, or to get help to leave a relationship that is not healthy.

Change Up Ahead

If you vomit in a dream, it could indicate that there are big changes up ahead that you can expect to happen. This could be at work, in a relationship, or even moving house.

The vomiting symbolizes this change, as you are purging yourself of the old and making way for the new. Accept these changes with open arms and run with the change that is coming your way.

With a positive mindset, these changes will bring about good things and set you on a healthy journey going forward.

Ridding Yourself Of Bad Habits

You may have some bad habits that are starting to affect your life.

This could be smoking, drinking, going to bed too late, an addiction to screens, whatever it is, if this habit has turned into a bad addiction and is beginning to affect your life, your subconscious might be sending you a message that they need to end.

Dreaming of vomiting is a way your subconscious might be sending you this message, by saying that you need to rid yourself of these bad habits before they take too much hold on your life.

Take this as the motivation you need to cut these bad habits out of your life and to instead find a way to distract you. Look to pick up healthy habits instead!

Ignoring An Issue

There might be an issue in your life that you are ignoring and pushing to the side. However, like emotions that you push to the side, this can start to bottle up and soon it will overflow.

This could accumulate to vomiting in your dream, where the problem you have been putting aside and ignoring has now become too much and is being brought to your attention.

Pushing problems to the side and ignoring them can have some serious consequences, so take this as a warning to confront any problems you have been ignoring before they become more serious and become a bigger problem over time.

Dreaming Of Someone Else Vomiting

You might not be the one vomiting in your dream, and someone close to you could be throwing up. Dreaming of someone else vomiting might have various meanings that could pertain to your waking life and those around you.

Dreaming about someone close to you vomiting could show that this person is vulnerable, and has made a mistake. They might not be making the best decisions right now, and are in need of some guidance and care.

It might not be the person vomiting in the dream (our minds don’t always get it 100% correct, and you do need to do some thinking yourself), so you will need to try to work out who in your life is in need of some guidance and attention.

Take a look at those close to you, speak to your family and friends, and let them know that you are there if they need you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, witnessing someone vomiting in your dream could be a warning that they are not who you think they are, and they do have some negative aspects and influences that you may not have noticed.

This dream is a warning to take a closer look at this person to see if they might be hiding behaviors from you, or if your view of them is not as accurate as it should be.

To take it further than this, it could also mean that this person might actually hurt or harm you in the future. It might be worth your while to be wary of them or to keep a closer eye on them, as it is a possibility that they do not have your best interests in mind.

Your subconscious might have picked up on some red flags that you might not have noticed yet, and is sending you a message through this type of dream.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Multiple People Vomiting?

Thinking of a whole lot of people vomiting at once is definitely not fun – imagine all the cleaning! However, it is a dream that you definitely need to pay attention to!

Dreaming of multiple people vomiting could show that you are surrounding yourself with false friends and people who do not have your back

This is a dream that people often have when they are having issues at work, where they feel as though they do not fit into their work environment, or that there are people in their office that are preventing them from moving forward professionally.

If you have this dream, it is worth taking a look at the people with who you are surrounding yourself with, and see if it is a possibility that you are being taken advantage of and if there is a way to cut these negative energies out of your life.

Dreaming Of Trying Not To Vomit

In your dream, you might not get to vomiting, but your dream might consist of you continuously trying not to vomit.

This is a fairly clear sign that you are wanting to reject certain beliefs, ideals, and values, but you are not wanting to reject these ideas in front of other people. 

You want to keep up appearances that you agree with these other people, or you might be worried that going against other people’s beliefs might not allow you to move forward and achieve goals.

This can be a very frustrating feeling, especially when you have quite strong beliefs and values. Try and figure out if there is a way for you to believe in what you really do, and express it freely, in an environment that accepts and agrees with you.

It might be worth your while to change who you are surrounding yourself with, especially if you feel you cannot be open and honest with what you believe in and how you feel about certain things.

Dreams Of Vomiting Up Blood

Dreaming of vomiting blood can be fairly terrifying! Thankfully, it is just a dream and it doesn’t mean that you will wake up vomiting blood.

This dream might just be a way for your mind to process some ailment or illness that you are going through right now. You might be waiting for health test results or are sick, and dreaming of vomiting blood is just a way of your mind rationalizing all of this.

It could also mean that you have lost passion for the things you once loved. You have lost all inspiration and motivation, and this is causing you to feel sad and empty. The color red is a symbol of passion, and vomiting up red blood shows the loss of this passion.

Try and take this as a sign to rekindle doing what you once loved. Pick up the hobby once again, take a new course, or start doing whatever it is you love. It might take some time, but you should be able to find the passion that you once had!

Dreaming Of Cleaning Vomit

Cleaning vomit in a dream might not be so pleasant, but it can have some good meaning. It shows that you are a caring person who is open and happy to help people close to you. You are not worried about what obstacles might be in your way when you help others.

Just make sure that while you are happy to help others, you are not being taken advantage of and that you are only doing what you feel comfortable doing.

Cleaning up vomit could also be a sign that you are paving your own way for success in your future. You are cleaning up things that may have been in your way, and making sure your path going forward is clear from any obstacles that might actually hold you back.

Dream Of Continuous Vomiting

Dreaming of continuous, non-stop vomit could be a sign that you feel powerless and not in control of your own life.

You might be in a situation where you feel you cannot escape, and this can present as the non-stop vomiting that you cannot control.

This dream is a real warning and you should make an effort to see how you might gain control of your life again, or speak to someone who might be able to help you.

Dreams About Vomiting

Dreams about vomiting mean that you need to rid yourself of negative feelings, emotions, or habits that might be affecting your life.

If you dream of vomiting, try and see where these negative emotions and influences might be stemming from, and try to cut them out from your life if possible.

There are many different meanings that vomit dreams might have, so make sure to see how it might relate to your life and if there are any negative things you could try to move away from!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gone over what dreaming about vomiting could mean, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject!

What does it mean to dream of being nauseous?

Dreaming of being nauseous could represent that you have to tell someone something, but you are not sure how to, or you are having difficulty letting someone know how you feel.

What does it mean to dream of being sick?

Dreaming that you are sick could mean that you are in need of care and affection emotionally. It does not necessarily mean that you are sick or will fall ill, but rather you are after the attention and care you feel you are lacking.

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