5 Best Flashlights For Ghost Hunting

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To be a great ghost hunter, you need great equipment. There are many things you’ll want, like a good EMF meter, a quality infrared camera, and importantly, a good flashlight. Whether it is needing to see as you move around a dark and abandoned building, or if you need the flashlight to help communicate with a spirit, a flashlight is an absolute necessity. In this post I want to talk about why it’s important to bring a flashlight, and show you what the absolute best flashlights for ghost hunting are.

First, let’s cover the 5 best flashlights you can get for ghost hunting, and then we’ll talk about how to use them, and why you need one for your next paranormal investigation!

5 Best Flashlights For Ghost Hunting

Maglite ML25LT LED 3-Cell C FlashlightMaglite Flashlight For Ghost Hunting

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Maglite flashlights have been used by ghost hunters for a long time, and for good reason.

First of all, they are extremely high quality. They also provide great and highly adjustable light. By twisting the top of the unit you can move from a narrow beam of powerful light, to a broad flood of light to fill an entire room.

Maglites are also popular because of their weight and metal body, allowing them to work well for self defense.

Perhaps most important, this exact model of Maglite is used on shows like Ghost Hunters because of the way it turn on and off. Although many flashlights use a button to turn the light on and off, this model uses a twist at the top to connect and disconnect the circuit to turn the light on. This is a crucial step for experimenting with flashlight communication with spirits (we’ll talk about this more down below).

Bottom line – This Maglite flashlight is the absolute best ghost hunting flashlight on the market – a statement backed up by it’s consistent use by top paranormal investigators.

Anker (Bolder) LC90 Super Bright Tactical FlashlightAnker Flashlight For Paranormal Investigations

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This is a fantastic flashlight for similar reasons to the Maglite. Although the Maglite is very popular with ghost hunters and paranormal investigators because of it’s long history and brand name, there are other quality flashlights out there.

This tactical flashlight is one of the best reviewed flashlights on Amazon for good reason. It is extremely quality built, and has some absolutely fantastic features such as:

Brightness – This is an extremely bright flashlight, that has built in circuitry that ensures the brightness will not fade with time.

Rechargeable Batteries – The Anker tactical flashlight comes with high quality rechargeable batteries that give in tons of reliability, brightness, and convenience. Not to mention the money you save in not having to purchase batteries constantly.

Great In Cold Weather – The Anker LC90 reliably illuminates in freezing temperatures as low as 14℉/-10℃.

Highly Water Resistant – The LC90 is IPX5 rated to allow it reliably work in just about any conditions.

The bottom line is, if you’re not going to go with the Maglite for your ghost hunting adventures, this is probably your next best option.

Streamlight 66118 Stylus Pro LED PenLight with HolsterStreamlight stylus light

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Even if you opted to get one of the previous flashlights, a tactical penlight like the Streamlight Stylus is a fantastic tool to keep with you.

It is small enough to keep clipped to your pocket, but powerful enough to still light your way no matter what your adventure. It is extremely high quality, super reliable, and is a perfect companion no matter what your doing.

This is a must have for just about anyone, and makes a fantastic compliment to your ghost hunting kit.

GiareBeam Waterproof LED Flashlight 12000 Lumen Portable Torch LightGoareBeam Flashlight

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If you need an ultra powerful flashlight to keep with you, this is the one your want. This is basically a portable search light powerful enough to illuminate at incredible distances.

It comes with three settings, a high light, a middle brightness light, and a strobe setting.

The body is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy to for a long lasting quality built frame.

Linkax LED Tactical Handheld FlashlightBudget Ghost Hunting Flashlight

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If you want to get a great budget flashlight, this would be your best option.

It is rather small, but packs a powerful bright light as well as solid metal tactical body. This would be a great flashlight for any beginner ghost hunter or paranormal enthusiast.

Why Do Ghost Hunters Need A Flashlight?

There are two primary reasons that having a quality flashlight is absolutely crucial for your ghost hunts.

Lighting – The first one is simple, you need a quality, versatile, light to be able to guide you and help keep you safe as you’re on your adventures. Seeing where your going, as well as giving you reassurance, flashlights provide both.

If you’ve ever been out in a graveyard or to a house your heard was haunted, I promise you, if you didn’t have a flashlight, you wish you did.

Communicating with spirits – I won’t go too in depth into this in this post, but for a long time, paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have used flashlights like the Maglite to communicate. There is a specific process to it, and although the practice is contested by some, many people have had incredible experiences.

Here is a quick video from the show “Ghost Hunters” where the guys talk about there favorite flashlights for ghost hunting:

Final Thoughts On Flashlights For Ghost Hunters

The bottom line is, if you want to take ghost hunting at all seriously, or if you want to actually have an incredible, memorable experience, there are just a few things you absolutely need. One, would be a quality EMF meter, check out my huge guide on this, and another would be a quality flashlight. Luckily, flashlights aren’t that expensive, so any of the above options are super affordable!

I hope you enjoyed my post on the best flashlights for ghost hunting, if you did, please consider sharing!

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