Can the Dead Hear Us When We Talk To Them?

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How many of us have found ourselves awake at night, thinking of a lost loved one? Filling them in on what has been happening in our lives, wishing they were there to experience it with us? Or found ourselves in a desperate situation looking to someone who has passed for advice or help.

What would they do in the situation? Asking for a sign of which path to take, or simply a sign that they are there.

Constantly reaching out to a lost loved one with no reply can be frustrating and upsetting. All we want is a sign that our messages or questions are being received.

Which leaves us asking: can the dead hear us when we talk to them?

The simple answer is yes, they do. We might not always feel like they are around us, or even listening, but our loved ones do receive our messages.

When we think of a lost loved one, we connect with them on a level we do not understand.

They are not physical beings, we cannot send them an email or drop them a text.

They have no definite space in our world, so contacting them won’t be as easy as contacting a friend or colleague at work. We need to speak to them on a more spiritual or telepathic level.

They still exist as energy, their souls are still present around us, and that is what we need to remember when speaking to them.

Just as they would contact us with feelings, signs or messages only we can hear, we have to tailor our communication with them to suit their capabilities.

When you talk to your partner or someone at work, you use your human senses.

It is easy for us to communicate with each other. We simply talk and listen. But when it comes to spirits, there are much more effective ways to communicate.

While a spirit might pick up on the messages you send when simply talking out loud, they would receive the message better if you communicate in a way they would better understand.

How to Talk to Ghosts Effectively

Yes, a lost loved one will hear your soft messages and talks in the middle of the night, but if you really want to communicate properly with them, there are certain steps to take.

Connecting with a spirit on their level, in a way that they can properly receive the information, takes a bit more work than just saying the words out loud.

There is a way to connect on a level that both you, a physical being, and them a ghostly being will understand.

By using different means of communication and working on different wavelengths than normal, you can communicate your messages and questions across to a loved one, and hopefully receive some reply back from them.

By simply talking out loud, you are probably not going to get a reply; but by using specific methods and with some luck, you could find yourself mid-conversation with someone you have lost.

1. Use a Universal Language

To connect to a spirit, you need to use a universal language. That universal language is emotion.

Spirits do not need to have a physical body to feel emotions. They experience it just as we do.

It cannot be overstated how strong emotions can be. They can be the driving force behind the biggest decisions and the biggest regrets.

It is no wonder then that this raw energy of emotion can be the best way to communicate with someone who has passed. If a spirit has a level of consciousness, they will be able to feel and understand emotions.

They are then able to use these emotions to convey messages or feelings to us.

A spirit can emit positive healing feelings towards us, and this could cause us to feel comfort and ease.

If a spirit wants to warn us of something, they could send through negative emotions and cause us to feel fear or doubt.

These strong emotions can act as a great way to communicate with spirits, but we have to be open to receiving and reading these emotions, instead of just brushing them off.

It will take some practice, but after time you will be able to separate and read these emotions effectively and interpret them as they are meant to be read.

At first, it will be overwhelming and confusing; but when communicating with a spirit you should be able to find patterns and specific signs that will help you interpret messages.

Keeping a journal of how you feel during sessions will really help you keep a track of these patterns, and will help you identify messages.

Alternatively, the journal can be taken to an expert who could help you decode messages.

If you are hearing anything, it can be extremely important to use what is called a spirit box.

A spirit box allows you to record, and often times interpret EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon.

I use this popular one that you can get on Amazon.

2. Learn how to communicate back

While it is one thing to receive emotions from spirits and ghosts, we need to learn how to send these same emotions to them as well. 

To start, you should have your question in mind. Whether it be are you okay? Or please give me a sign?

Because we are human, we are ruled by emotion. No matter how hard we try to deny it or how hard we try to override our emotions, they are there every second of the day, and they do play the biggest part in every step of our lives.

When verbalizing your question, you must focus on the emotions behind the words.

Broadcasting the emotion through your words, your physical being and through energy will help the spirit easily receive the message.

As spirits work mainly on emotions, they are much better at interpreting these emotions than us.

Imagine you are blind and can only use your sense of hearing to navigate around.

Your hearing would be heightened and very fine-tuned, more than the average person. This is the same for spirits. Their sense of emotion is much stronger than ours, it is one of the only things they have to work with.

3. Learn to clear your mind

Communicating with a spirit using emotions will not work if you do it in a noisy, busy environment.

There will be too many stimulants and you would not be able to determine what is coming from the spirit and what is just the environment around you.

In order to receive these messages clearly from spirits, you need to learn to be at peace and find your calm.

At home, switch off all electronic noise. Make your space as peaceful as possible.

Place yourself in the middle of the room, sit down and be comfortable. Focus on your breathing, and with each breath get rid of all the feelings that have been with you from your day.

Be aware of what is around you, what you hear, smell or feel, but don’t let these senses cloud your mind.

Once you have found your sense of still, you will be ready to receive messages from spirits.

By making yourself a blank page, you are easily able to send out questions in the form of emotions without your existing emotions getting in the way.

You will also be able to easily read the emotions that are sent back to you in an answer from the spirit.

Even if you are not contacting a spirit, it is a good idea to practice this method of meditation.

With practice, you will be able to easily switch off any emotional distractions around you, and you will be able to recognize external emotions being sent to you by a spirit.

With enough practice, you might even recognize these messages being sent to you when you are out and about.

This will help you pick up on all the messages sent, no matter the time of day or where you might be.

Don’t Doubt Yourself

Probably the biggest barrier between human and ghost communication is our willingness to believe it is possible.

There is no point trying to communicate with a spirit if you do not believe that you will get a reply, or that it is even possible at all.

Opening yourself up to receiving a reply, even if you don’t understand it at first, is the best way to encourage these messages to be sent to you.

Spirits find it difficult to push through doubts and negative emotions blocking your willingness to receive messages.

By giving them an open pathway, they are able to send more detailed messages and emotions through to you.

Keep hope

If you find yourself up in the middle of the night, talking to a lost loved one, remember that they aren’t always lost.

They can hear you, they are receiving your messages, and they feel your emotions.

Don’t stop talking to them just because you doubt whether your messages are getting across.

Rather still yourself and trust that they hear you. Focus your energy and still yourself, you might find one evening that you can feel their presence and that you understand their reply. Just don’t lose hope.

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