Dream Of Walking Through Clear Water

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Dreams should never be ignored, especially those that stand out and stick with you. Dreams are a way for us to receive signs and warnings, which we are not as open to during our waking hours.

There are many different symbols in dreams, and working through these is the best way to determine the significance that a dream might hold.

If you have had a dream of walking through clear water, pay attention. This holds significant symbolism and is a dream that many have, but the context of the dream and the finer details can all sway the meaning of the dream. 

What does dreaming of walking through clear water mean? Walking through clear water in a dream can have multiple meanings. Water and its nature are often a representation of your emotions and how you work through them. Walking through clear water likely represents a search for spirituality or signals that you feel peace and contentment.

To help you decipher your dreams, and understand what they symbolize, below is a guide on what walking through water in a dream means.

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What Does Water Symbolize In Dreams?

There are quite a few meanings that water can have in a dream. The way the water is presented and how you interact with the water both help to determine its spiritual significance.

Most often, water represents creativity, vitality, or emotions.

Water is also a strong symbol of the essence of life, and this ties in with the rebirth of spirituality, or your search to become more spiritual or find your purpose.

Even in waking life, water can have different meanings. It is a substance of purity, a way to wash away sins and the contamination that comes with living.

However, water can also be dangerous, and it might present itself this way in your dreams.

Floods, drowning, rushing rivers, and crashing waves are common in dreams. They might be precognitive, a foreboding omen of something to come, or it might represent your feelings of being overwhelmed, whether it be in your work or social life, or emotionally.

The battering water hits you down and you feel there is no way to escape this. This could be a strong tie to your emotions in waking life, and how you are battling to make sense of it all.

From purity and the essence of life to overwhelming emotions – water can have many meanings. Much as it is fluid and flowing, so are its symbolic meanings.

What Does Walking Through Water Mean In A Dream?

Dreaming of walking through water has some important symbolism. If you dream that you are walking through water, it is a good sign that there is a new start ahead.

However, you need to take note of the water and the conditions around you.

Clear Water

Clear water signifies a new start just around the corner. This could refer to any one aspect of your life, but most often water represents a new life altogether.

Water is symbolically washing away the past or an old spiritual connection (or lack of one). If water is in your dream, it more than likely will have something to do with this.

Dirty Water

Wading through dirty water shows that there is too much going on in your life to deal with and that you are having a difficult time handling certain problems. It is a strong indication to ask for help.

Walking Through Water in a Tunnel

If you are walking through water in a tunnel, it shows that your thoughts are clouded. You are not thinking clearly. Take this as a sign to work through emotions and thoughts in order to have a clear mind.

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A Strong Current

Walking against a strong current in your dream shows that you are on a difficult path, whether in your spiritual journey or in a relationship.

However, it also shows your willingness to keep moving, and that you will make it out on the other side, so you can find comfort in this, too.

Walking Through a Flood

If you dream of walking through a flood, or your home is flooded, it could show that you are not at peace with where you are.

You have an internal battle with your feelings, and you need to find a way to overcome this. It might also show you are overwhelmed where you are.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Clear Water?

Much like dreaming of walking through clear water, dreaming of clear water in general is also a great sign.

Clear water shows that you have great clarity in your life, whether it be overall or in a certain situation.

Clear water also represents a positive future, that you are on your way to success, joy, and peace. It can also be an indication that you are spiritually at peace, and have achieved a state of being that you are happy with and which brings you calm and joy.

The condition of the water in your dream holds significant meaning. You can be happy if the water is clear, as this is always a positive sign.

Dirty, cloudy, or polluted water shows uncertainty and overwhelming emotions, and that you might not be thinking clearly or coping with your life.

Clear water, however, is the opposite of this, and is all about positivity, and, quite obviously, clarity.

What Does Water Mean In A Dream Spiritually?

Water is found in many religions, symbolizing different aspects of religious purposes. It is also a common connection between our world and the spiritual world in many myths and legends.

Spiritually, water is used in a range of religious ceremonies. In Christianity, water is used in baptism. In a dream, this could be washing away the sins of the past, and letting go of things that were holding you back.

Water in a dream could also represent your need to form a stronger spiritual connection in life and to follow a more spiritual path.

Whether it be the cleansing of your past and your worries or searching for a deeper connection and meaning, water is a strong spiritual symbol and needs to be taken notice of.

If you are religious or spiritual already, this might be easy to take notice of. If you are not, then it might be a sign that it is something you are craving deep within.

Is It Good To See Water In Dreams?

Whether or not it is good to see water in your dreams will depend on the context and the condition of the water.

Walking peacefully through clear water is a positive dream. It shows clarity in your life, in your emotions, your thoughts, and your spirituality. It could show a rebirth and a new start up ahead.

This is a good dream to have – so you should take note of it and look forward to a new beginning.

Dirty, cloudy, or polluted water, or flooding, crashing waves, or walking against a current is a different story. This shows turmoil, overwhelming feelings, and uncertainty in your life. You need to process these, determine what they might mean in your life, and work to resolve these issues.

Hopefully, over time, the muddy, polluted water turns crystal clear and peaceful. You just need to take note of your dreams and use it as a start to better your situation in life.

Examining Your Emotions In Your Dream

When dreaming of water, or anything for that matter, you should examine your emotions and how the dream made you feel.

Water especially is often closely associated with your inner emotions, so you should pay attention to them even more when dreaming of water.

If you feel at peace, calm, and relaxed, that is a good sign. These emotions are usually accompanied by calm and clear water. If you feel angry, sad, or overwhelmed, the water might have a different meaning.

Pay attention to your emotions to help you determine what the dream might signify.

Walking Through Clear Water In Dreams – Summary

Walking through clear water in your dreams is a good thing, and you should wake up from this dream feeling positive, at peace, and excited for what is to come.

It could represent a fresh start, a rebirth, or a connection spiritually. Water represents many things, and clear water is a great sign of being at one with yourself, and a good sign of things to come.

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What Does it Mean if I Stand on the Edge of a Lake or Dam in a Dream?

Standing on the edge of a lake, dam, or river in your dream could show that you are close to achieving your goal, but you just need to overcome certain obstacles first.

This could be emotionally or physically, and the deeper you are in the water, the more obstacles you might have to overcome.

What Does Splashing in Water Mean in a Dream?

If you are splashing quite a bit of water while walking in a pond or similar body of water, then it might show that you do not hesitate to show your emotions and feelings.

While this is generally a good thing, you should also take care to not be too open with people you do not know, for your own sake. Sometimes just a little restraint when expressing your emotions can be a good thing.

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