Dreaming of Another World Meaning

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Dreams are messages from your subconscious, so what does dreaming of another world mean?

Is it merely your higher self showing you how you feel like you do not belong in this world or how you have a buried wish to live in a different world? Is it a glimpse into another world from another dimension? Did you just have access to your other self or were you bestowed a gift to preview the events of another world?

Depending on how you got there and what the other symbols that appeared in your dream mean, the interpretation of a dream of being in another world will be different from you compared to another person.

Dreaming Of Another World – What It Means

Pay close attention to the details that stood out in your dreams, and merge their interpretations to this interpretation.

You wish to explore other possibilities

You are focused on understanding the bigger picture more than the micro view. You are creative, and even in your dream life it seeps through. You may be on the brink of changing careers or you may be about to start a new hobby in your waking life.

You may also be detaching yourself from the mundane and desiring to focus on livelier options.

If your dream specifically had you observing life on another world, it is your subconscious telling you that you have a lot of options on how to live in this world.

The things you observed are showcases of things you could be, and a symbol of the many faces you can take on and decide to live by. Your higher self is reminding you that you can be whoever you want and live however you want.

You do not feel like you belong in this world

You may dream of another world because you feel like you do not belong in this world. You may have a quiet social life, mundane workplace, and meaningless relationships.

You may feel like an outsider in your waking world, and that feeling makes itself known in your dream world as well.

You may also have this yearning to know your ultimate purpose, and your subconscious is showing you other worlds in your dreams in an attempt to leave a trail for you to follow, piece together, and figure out. Recall as much as you can about your dream and interpret it accordingly.

Your subconscious is reassuring you of your importance

You may feel like you are but one small thing that makes up this big world, but your subconscious begs to differ. It is reminding you in your dream of another world that every piece of the puzzle is just as crucial in creating the whole.

This is especially true if your dream shows that you helped someone there, or have felt highly valued.

You need to accept some things in your life

You may feel detached from the world right now. You may have even dreamt you were floating in the other world, and that is a sign that you need to think about the positive instead of focusing on the negative.

You may not have the exact thing that you want, but you do have some things that you can use to your advantage.

You need to remember to ground yourself regarding your reality

Dreaming of another world can also mean you require some grounding regarding reality. You may be reaching too high, and dreaming of being on the way to and almost entering another world cements that.

If you dream about successfully setting foot on the other world, though, it means that whatever goal you have set right now, no matter how big, is within your reach.

If you do not know where you are in your dream

Not knowing where you are in your dream but knowing that you were definitely in another world signifies you are entering a new phase and would need to develop a trait that will help you thrive in the new stage. It may also mean that you are trying to escape something in your waking life.

Since you are in a different world and to get there obviously meant taking a risk, this is a sign that you would need to consider taking a risk in your endeavor as well for any kind of progress to be done. 

If you dreamt you were living in that other world

Dreaming of living in another world means you have been feeling discontented by your daily life and have been wishing to take a break. If you dreamt of taking a holiday towards the other world, it highly suggests that your higher self wishes you would take a holiday as well.

It may also indicate that change is coming to your work environment, so brace yourself for that, too.

If you were preparing to leave your world for that world

Preparation for travel dreams mean upcoming new adventures and garnering new experiences from those. Dreaming of preparing to leave your world to travel to another world denotes good times ahead.

This is especially true if you have had a rough time lately and have just recently settled. Things will fall into place for you and you will be able to mend the things that broke or at least get past them.

If you dreamt of traveling to another world

Traveling in a dream, though, especially to another world, means you are wishing to escape something from your daily life.

You may have had enough of the treatment you have been receiving, or things may seem to be continuously unlucky for you. You may not be able to just pack up and go in your waking life, but your dream self can give you that.

If you dreamt about coming home after going to a different world

Dreaming about coming home after going to a different world shows your desire for a safe haven. Things may be tough for you in your waking life and you are just wishing to have a place to come home to and rest without judgments or worries clouding over you.

Recall why you left in the first place and how you ended up coming home, as well as the feelings that you had while in the dream. Note the symbols that you have seen, too, and interpret and then merge them accordingly.

If you cannot understand the language in that world

If you dream about being in another world where you cannot understand their language, this means you may feel like you have been given an excellent opportunity and yet you are highly limited on the things you can do.

If you dreamt of learning that or a new language, it means you are going to change your workplace and you will be much happier for it.

  • If you dream of Jupiter, you may be in search of more understanding regarding an event or a person. You may also simply want to grow as a person and gain more wisdom.
  • If you dream of Mars, your subconscious is warning you to tread carefully. What you do to others shall be done to you, too, so you may want to base your actions on that. 
  • If you dream of Mercury, you are in deep thought about something, and it would be useful for you to weigh in both emotions and logic before making your verdict.
  • If you dream of Venus, you may want to ask yourself if you are giving and receiving equally in all your relationships. You may also want to look into your communication skills.
  • If you dream of Saturn, you need to start identifying your limits and setting them. 
  • If you dream of Neptune, your subconscious is reassuring you that you should not fear monotony, because your creativeness is saving you from it.
  • If you dream of Uranus, you are seeking a significant change in your life. 
  • If you dream of Pluto, you may be feeling powerless at the moment. 


Dreaming of another world generally signifies your desire for change. You may be feeling like you do not belong in this world, like you have slipped into monotony, or that you simply want something new.

It is a positive dream symbol as it denotes new things, or changes that need to be done in your life.

Note the other details of the dream, like the actions you have committed in the dream as well as symbols that stood out, then interpret them accordingly and merge their meaning with this.




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