Dreams About Shooting A Gun

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We often associate guns with violence, control, and protection. In a dream, a gun can be quite alarming, especially if you dream about shooting a gun.

No two dreams are the same, so it can be difficult to determine the exact meaning that your dream might have. However, there are a few common threads that dreaming of shooting a gun might have, so you can try to work out what it means to you.

What do dreams about shooting a gun mean? The meaning that a dream of shooting a gun can have does vary, but often it has to do with control, self-esteem, power, violence, and feelings of helplessness. You need to consider the different factors and emotions in your dream to be able to work out better how it relates to your life.

Shooting a gun in a dream shows decisive action, and shows that you know there will be consequences for your actions too.

Keep reading to find out different meanings that shooting a gun in a dream might have, and the different gun dreams you might have.

What Do Guns In A Dream Symbolize?

Before we look at what shooting a gun in your dream might symbolize, we must first understand what a gun might represent.

When appearing in a dream, a gun represents a few different things. It can show the need or feeling of control and supremacy over other people or things, mostly achieved through force and power.

A gun can also represent rage, violence, and the potential danger you might be facing. They are also a symbol of impulse and instinct, and that you are not thinking situations through properly in your life.

How the gun is presented in your dream says a lot about the meaning. For example, if you shoot the gun in your dream and it hits its intended target, then it shows you have recently boosted your power and confidence. 

However, if you shoot the gun and it misses or misfires, it shows that you are feeling weak and less confident in yourself.

Using the gun against others in a dream might mean that your subconscious is trying to send you a message to be aware of how your actions are affecting other people. Dreaming of having a gun used on you shows that you are experiencing emotional turmoil.

How the gun appears in your dream really does determine what it might mean, so examining the different scenarios and factors in your dream is the best start to trying to understand it.

Dreaming Of Shooting A Gun

Dreaming of having a gun or shooting a gun usually means that you are going through some sort of stressful period in your life, and this stress is often caused by pride or feelings of superiority. The gun in your dream makes you feel more powerful and more in control.

A gun might also be a symbol of your need for protection. Your subconscious may have been picking up on some red flags from people around you or the environment you are currently in and is sending you this message through the gun in your dream.

If in your dream you feel confident in your ability to carry and wield a gun, and you are feeling too many other emotions, it shows that you are confident in your abilities and know that you can make it through the current stressful situation you are in.

It also shows overall you have increased your confidence and power.

Loading a gun in your dream suggests that you need to work to get your anger under control, as you are on the verge of doing something that you might regret soon enough. While it shows that you are capable of defending yourself, it is a warning to be sure about each action you take.

While it is always good to be able to defend yourself, take this as a sign that you need to balance your anger and your logic, and not rush to react to situations. This is a sure way to get yourself into trouble and to hurt those around you, so you do need to be mindful of this.

What Does Dreaming Of A Misfiring Gun Mean?

Shooting a gun in a dream doesn’t always hit its target, and your dream about shooting a gun might actually include you misfiring or not hitting your target.

This is often an indicator that you are experiencing frustration or helplessness in your life, and that you do not have any sort of confidence in yourself. This could be overall in your life or feeling inadequate in a certain situation, such as in your work environment.

Someone else may have been promoted and risen to a place of power in your life, and this is causing you to feel a lot less confident in yourself, and you feel as though you have lost your influence or ability to affect change.

This could also mean that you feel as though you cannot defend yourself in a situation, and if you are put in a situation where you feel you need to stand up for yourself, you are not confident that you will be able to do so.

However, this dream might also be a sign that you need to stop trying to have control over everything, and instead, let things happen on their own.

Having too much control over a situation can actually be a bad thing, so by letting things happen on their own, better things might come along, and you might feel more at peace.

A misfiring gun or not hitting the target you were shooting at shows your feelings of inadequacy or lack of control. It is a symbol of your confidence and status, and that it is not at a high point right now.

You need to decide whether to try and regain control, or you need to trust in the process and allow things to happen on their own.

Dreaming Of Shooting Someone

Whether intended or not, dreaming of shooting someone is not a pleasant feeling, and might actually make you feel stressed about the consequences of your dream.

Actually shooting and hitting someone in your dream might show that you have some destructive feelings and repressed anger, and shooting the gun acts as a bit of an outlet for this in your dream.

Shooting someone shows you have some feelings of anger that you cannot express in your life, and your subconscious is sending this message by you shooting someone in your dream.

It could be a sign that you need to learn to control your emotions, as they are getting the better of you and are leading you to do something that you might later regret, or which might end up hurting someone further down the line.

It is a reminder that all actions have consequences, and no matter how angry or upset you feel, you should always consider your actions before letting your emotions be the only thing that you allow to control you.

Shooting someone is an irreversible action, and even though it is just a dream, it shows that sometimes the things you do cannot be changed.

Dream Of Someone Shooting You

Dreaming of being shot is terrifying. While there will obviously be no damage when you wake up, the emotions you feel will be quite real, and quite terrifying!

Being shot in your dream shows that you have some conflict in your waking life and that this conflict is not resolved. This is worrying you quite a bit and it is making you feel really vulnerable.

To deal with this, it is a good idea to try and face this problem head-on. Gain control of the situation as much as you can and try to find a solution to the problem.

Taking control of the situation will help you feel less vulnerable, and will give you some direction and confidence to work through the problem.

This type of dream might also be a warning that there is danger around you. This could be that you have someone close to you that does not have your best interest at heart, or that you are putting yourself in dangerous situations.

Take note of this, and try to remove any dangerous factors in your life before anything bad happens to you, there might be no going back once it does!

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Gang Shooting

If you dream of shooting your gun in your dream, but you are part of a gang shooting, it isn’t actually too bad of a dream (as opposed to the really negative connotations and consequences this has in real life).

This type of dream, of being in a gang and shooting, shows that you feel supported by people around you. You have confidence in your support group and that you know you can rely on the people you surround yourself with, and you know that they will be there when you call them.

It is rallying together of all of the people important to you in your life, and just as you know that you will be there for them no matter what, they will be there for you as well in times of need.

Dreaming Of Shooting Someone In The Back

Shooting someone in the back, or shooting someone from behind, can be considered a cowardly action. In a dream, this shows that you are feeling really anxious about something in your life and that you are scared of something that might happen.

This anxiety and this fear could cause you to do something before thinking it through, such as harming someone unsuspecting and possibly even undeserving.

This dream is a warning that you need to take a deep breath and try and calm yourself down. It is always better to calm down before thinking of your next step, especially if you feel as though your anxiety and fear are taking control of you.

The last thing you want to do is hurt or injure someone close to you because of your stressed state, so take this dream as a sign to take a deep breath and think things through.

What Does It Mean To Have A Gun Pointed At Me

Having a gun pointed at you in a dream is scary, and is not something any of us would like to go through.

In a dream, it could show that you are experiencing some conflict in your life, or that you are expecting some conflict to arrive. However, the dream shows that you have or will have bravery in this conflict and that you will make it out okay.

It could also show that you are going through a period of discomfort, where you are not happy or are not comfortable in the environment you are in or the people you are surrounding yourself with.

This is a good sign that you should try to move away from this and instead find somewhere that you feel more comfortable instead.

It is a jarring dream to have, but it might be the push you need to escape any situations that make you feel threatened or at risk. It highlights these feelings for you and shows that you can work to escape them.

Ask for help from someone close to you if you need any help to get out of this type of situation.

What Does It Mean To Shoot Someone And Kill Them?

Shooting someone in your dream represents that you are trying to get rid of a certain part of yourself. It is a way to show the need that a negative part of yourself has to go, and by shooting the gun, and shooting someone, you are essentially killing off this part of yourself.

This type of dream might also show that you are ready to confront a certain issue and that you are not afraid of meeting it head-on any longer. You are confident in your ability to act and make calculated decisions, and to tackle a problem you have been experiencing.

Aiming and shooting at the person successfully shows that you are confident enough to get things done, and you feel as though you are powerful enough to conquer different situations.

Shooting A Gun In A Dream

There are many things that shooting a gun in a dream might mean, you have to closely examine what happens in the dream and how it might relate to your life.

Think about the emotions you felt in the dream. Were you scared? Did you feel powerful? All of this will help you better work out what the dream means to you, and how you could make changes in your life if necessary!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve explored some of the meanings of these dreams, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject!

Are violent dreams normal?

Violent dreams, where you kick, thrash and scream while sleeping, can be caused by a REM sleep behavior disorder

If you are experiencing this often, and if it is worsening, you should speak to your doctor. They might have some treatments that could lessen this or prevent it from happening in the future.

What does it mean to dream of being attacked?

Dreaming of being attacked could show that you are feeling vulnerable in your life. These dreams might also show that you are going through some self-destructive behavior and are attacking yourself from within.

What does it mean to be chased in a dream?

Being chased in a dream could represent that you are running away or avoiding something in real life. You are not dealing with a certain problem, but this problem is not going away and is instead becoming bigger.

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