Mel Meter 8704R Review

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The Mel Meter 8704R is one of the most popular EMF meter’s on the market for ghost hunting, which is why I talk about it in my enormous guide: “Best EMF Meters For Ghost Hunting 2018” The only EMF meter developed specifically for professional ghost hunting, the Mel Meter has many fantastic features, and is certainly worth considering if you’re serious about your paranormal investigations. I hope you enjoy this Mel Meter review.

Let’s talk about why the Mel Meter was developed, why it’s preferred by many professionals, and all the features it offers.

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Mel Meter 8704R Review

I want to give the most complete review possible of the Mel Meter, so I have scoured the internet, read hundreds of reviews, and tried the device myself. First, let’s talk about how and why the Mel Meter was first developed.

Inventing Of The Mel Meter

In 2008, an electrical engineer by the name of Gary Galka created the Mel Meter to help communicate with his daughter Melissa who had died previously in a car accident. In an episode of Ghost Adventures on the travel channel, Gary and his wife talked extensively about the experience of first hearing their daughter and feeling her energetic presence.

Gary and his wife were in bed, when they felt Melissa’s presence in the room. They invited her to get in bed with them, and Gary’s wife said she felt the tingling feeling as if their daughter had just cuddled next to them, and they knew it was her. Knowing that she was with them, Gary set out to create devices that could help him understand and communicate with her, and as part of that he created the Mel Meter (Mel for Melissa). He calls the EMF meter the “only professional measurement instrument line designed exclusively for paranormal enthusiasts.”

You can hear Gary himself talk a bit about his experience with his Daughter, and why he set out to develop equipment to aid paranormal investigators.

Mel Meter On Reality TV

You’ll often see the Mel Meter in use on ghost hunting and paranormal investigation shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, and more. Part of the reason it’s so popular among paranormal investigators and ghost hunters, is that it does more than just detect EMF radiation. The Mel Meter will also read and record temperatures, including remembering the highs and lows.

This can be an invaluable tool for someone, as it will record a record of events even if left in place. You’ll see professionals on these shows leave a Mel Meter in a location where they believe there to be Paranormal activity, and come back later to see if there were any dramatic shifts in the amount of EMF radiation, or a sudden drop in temperature. Many spirits as they move will chill the air around them, and so a sudden drop in temperature can often be a sign that a ghost or spirit was near.

About The Mel Meter 8704RMel Meter Review

It’s important to remember that many of these quality meters, are single axis horizontal axis meters. This makes it important to rotate the device onto the different axises in order to get the most accurate possible readings. The red backlit display will give realtime data of both the surrounding temperature (via the temperature prob on the top) as well as the EMF radiation within a short range of the receiver. You can get get the EMF readings in both micro tesla (uT), or in milliGauss (mG), and you can get temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The latest version of the Mel Meter 8704R is black, and includes a built in flashlight, so be sure to look out for this newest version.

Take a look at the video below for a detailed walkthrough of how the Mel Meter 8704 Works. In the video you’ll notice it’s the older model, but they still work exactly the same.

Why The Mel Meter Is Used By Professional Paranormal Investigators

To start, unlike the K2 meter (which is a very popular EMF meter for ghost hunting), the Mel Meter records temperatures, which is super valuable information. Like we talked about above, this can be set to record the lowest temperatures over a long period of time, allowing you to plant the device and evaluate the data later on.

The Mel Meter 8704R also features a red flashlight on the top that works well with other equipment. Since it shines a red light, it will not interfere with the infared cameras many ghost hunters use. This is the same reason that the display is red, so that it can easily be red even while using infared cameras and goggles.

Mel Meter 8704R Technical Specs

  • EMF Bandwidth: 30-300 Hz
  • 3 EMF Ranges: 200 mG (0.1 mG resolution), 2000 mG, 20,000 mG
  • Temp: -40 to 482 °F (0.1° resolution)
  • 9V battery powered (not included) or use an AC to 9V adapter for unlimited power (not included)
Where Can I Buy A Mel Meter?

You can the latest version  (black) of the Mel Meter 8704R on Amazon with a free carrying case included. You can also get the older version, but it is quite a bit more expensive and has less features.

Mel Meter Customer Reviews

In my search for information about the Mel Meter, I found a few customer reviews that I think are worth nothing, here were a few of my favorites:

“The Mel Meter is all that it claims to be. In my extensive experience it has proven itself to be a reliable piece of investigative equipment. Its ease of operation makes it an great choice for new and experienced paranormal investigators and can provide very accurate results. This device is extremely sensitive to EMF put off by household items such as microwave ovens, coffee pots, electric alarm clocks etc so keep this in mind and realize that(spikes or) high readings could be their cause. The 8704-R doesn’t emit an audio alert when it encounters high readings so check your readings often during EMF work also be sure to use the (Record Feature) that this device offers as it allows you easily go back and check for high-low EMF and temperature readings during a given timeframe of use. My 8704-R spends time in my hand at all my investigations and has proven to be an invaluable tool in discerning the presence of spirit activity.”

“I’m a paranormal investigator and I just received my Mel meter in the mail today and it is absolutely awesome. I was surprised how little it was and it’s an all in one tool I love the flashlight it’s awesome can’t wait to go ghost hunting with this.”

Final Thoughts On The Mel Meter

Overall the Mel Meter 8704 is a quality EMF meter that was specifically made for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. It is not well priced and packs a powerful amount of features.

The story of how and why the Mel Meter was created is powerful, and I think many people that are lead to search for spirits, ghosts, and other paranormal beings feel drawn to the device because of it.

If you’re wanting to compare all the best EMF meters for ghost hunting that are available, check out the huge guide I wrote on the subject “Best EMF Meters For Ghost Hunting 2018.”

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Mel Meter 8704R, if you did, please consider sharing it!
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