Seeing Your Own Face In A Dream – What It Means

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Do you remember the last time you saw your face in a dream? It really isn’t that common, so when you do see your own face in the dream state, there could be some significant meaning behind it!

So if you do happen to see your reflection, what does it mean?

It actually has more to do with your personality and/or mental state more than your physical face or body. 

If you have recently seen your own face in a dream and want to know what it means, keep reading! 

Seeing Your Face Through Different Mediums

When you see your face in a mirror, in an out-of-body type of experience, or in photographs, you are actually seeing your current personality, mental state, and/or emotions.

So if your face looks a little different, or maybe you’re looking a little run ragged, take note. What is going on in your life that is making you appear this way in your dream?

Seeing Your Face in A Mirror

If you are not satisfied with who you have become as a person, who you are presenting to the world, or the way you are performing in your life, you might see your face in a mirror.

When you see your face in a mirror, it means that there are things that you need to do some serious reflecting on. This requires some serious soul searching.

Seeing Yourself from Someone Else’s Perspective (Or An Out-of-Body Experience)

If you are looking at yourself from another person’s body, this means that there is something in your life making you feel like you are the observer in your own life.

This is your subconscious telling you that it’s time to step up and take ownership of your life so that you no longer feel like an outsider in your own story.

If you are a people pleaser, you focus all of your energy on pleasing others. This is your inner self telling you that it’s time to get into self-care and prioritize yourself in your daily life.

Seeing Yourself in A Photograph

Seeing yourself in a photograph can represent the past. Is there something you regret? Do you feel guilt or shame regarding the past?

If so, your dream could be telling you that it’s time to forgive, apologize, or do whatever you need to do in order to move on with your life.

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Analyzing Your Face In A Dream

Do You Look Different?

The first thing to examine in this type of dream is how your face looked. Was it the same as when you looked in the mirror before you went to bed? 

Certain face alterations can mean varying things. For example, is your face unusually red? If so, your dream could be warning you that there is a danger or threat in the near future. 

Since dreaming about your own face usually has to do with the way that you present yourself to the world, the warning would most likely pertain to that. 

Maybe you’ve been lying or refraining from sharing important details about yourself to get a certain job or win over a potential partner. The dream could be telling you to stop faking it or things will end badly. 

How Old Are You?

Depending on the type of dream you’re having, it can sometimes have multiple messages or even messages within the messages. 

When dreaming about your own face looking a different age than it is, this is exactly the case. 

You’re Younger

If you have dreamt that your face looks younger than you actually are, it’s most likely symbolizing happiness and health. 

Maybe you are very happy and content with the way your life is going right now or maybe you are recovering from an intense surgery. Either way, this is rarely a negative thing to dream about. 

If you are looking in the mirror and see a younger version of yourself looking back, chances are you are being relatively honest to the world about who you are, and you are happy with that!

You’re Older

Dreaming about looking older usually signifies exhaustion, difficult times, and health issues. 

If you dream of your own face and it looks older, it is time to get on top of those issues before they take a toll. 

Seeing yourself in the mirror with an older face means that while you might be trying to put on a young, vibrant, and healthy persona out to the world, you are struggling and you need to take care of that. 

Blemishes on Your Face

Seeing pimples and zits can sometimes represent emotions that are not being expressed properly and are looking for a way out. 

Seeing scratches can mean trying to save your reputation. Who you present to the world might be destroyed, harmed, or revealed to the word. 

Dreaming about your face with a smaller nose or larger ears usually means big changes are coming in your future. They are usually brought on by varying forms of self-reflection. 

If friends and family are complaining about how you’ve been acting, dressing, or anything else, this might be a warning that things are going to change. 

Maybe you’ve been acting out recently. If so, your reflection in your dream mirror is trying to show you that the person you are presenting to the world is damaged, tarnished, and no longer how it should be.  

How Do You Feel?

Last but not least, the best way to examine any kind of dream is to examine your feelings. How did you feel during the dream? Is that how you would feel about it in waking life? 

Maybe you saw your face in the mirror with scratches and you felt anxious or scared. This could mean that even if you are being your normal self in everyday life, you might end up on the wrong path if you don’t make some changes soon. 

While this does seem like a negative dream, dreams that are designed to warn you are actually quite important and very helpful. If you know the meaning behind them, they allow you to make changes in your life before something bad happens. 

Maybe you’ve dreamt about your face but in a younger version and you felt excited, happy, or elated. Chances are you’re just being reminded that who you are is so unapologetically you that you should sit back and relax. Just continue to be yourself!

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Related Questions

What if I see my own face floating in the air without a body? 

Seeing your own face floating away from the body isn’t all that common. However, it isn’t anything to be worried about either. 

If you dream about your face on its own, your dream is simply trying to get you to head on a path to a more mature version of yourself. 

The face changes in minuscule amounts over time, but the body changes drastically. In many instances, we can’t define a person by their age without the whole body to tell us a story. The face in a dream represents our personalities and how we are perceived in the world. 

Seeing that personality without the body attached is your body’s way of telling you a message. This message could be to grow up, be confident, act like there are consequences for your actions, learn from experiences, be more self-aware, and most importantly – be yourself. 

What if I am washing my face or putting on make-up in the dream?

Washing your face or applying any type of makeup on the face might not seem like a big deal, but the messages are actually very important. 

If you are seeing your own face in the mirror, that is already pretty rare. However, seeing yourself applying to make up or washing it can mean something so much more. 

If you’ve been presenting yourself to the world as someone different than who you are, washing your face might signify washing away all of those lies, those cover-ups, and/or those mistakes. 

If you aren’t washing your face but applying makeup, you are most likely trying to cover something up. It could be an imperfection you are unhappy with or have been ridiculed for. 

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