The 4 Best Spirit Box Apps of 2019

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Connecting with the spirit world is an opportunity for us to expand our earthly knowledge and connect with lost loved ones.

Exploring the spirit realm is a way for us to find solace in the fact that we are not alone, and that there are beings out there, just outside our realm that are watching over us.

Some people connect to these spirits naturally; they have a sixth sense which is in tune with the ghostly world, they can hear things and see things that most people cannot. 

In the past, it was only these people with the gift of divination that could contact those who have passed but still linger.

They were persecuted at times, praised at others, but their gift has remained through generations, passing on to the next candidate.

However, as science and human exploration have evolved, we have come up with new ways to contact a spirit.

With help from those who it comes to naturally, we have developed methods and tools that open up the door to the other side, letting us in and allowing us the chance to communicate with those who are lost.

These tools have given ordinary people the ability to step into the world of the unknown and find answers to questions that would probably have always stayed unanswered.

If brave enough, anyone can venture into the ghostly realm, using a tool that best suits them and the task at hand.

It is however recommended that you tackle your first contact with someone who is experienced in spirit communication. There are many things that could go wrong, and you cannot risk leaving the spirit world open.

In this article, I’m going to cover the absolute best Spirit Box Apps of 2019. But first, let’s talk a little bit about what a spirit box is, and why you might want to use one.

Technology and Spirits

As time has gone by, there have been more and more inventions and findings relating to communicating with spirits. Some require modern technology, while others require age-tested methods. As humans have evolved, so have spirits.

They don’t just appear to us out the corner of our eye anymore, or contact us in confusing dreams; they too are using technology and modern tools to let us know that they are around.

There are more and more reports surfacing of spirits communicating through electronics and modern technology; answering machines leaving crackled messaged, lights flickering, televisions on the blink and fully powered battery devices becoming dead all of a sudden.

Ghosts and spirits are learning to grab our attention in a way that we are most familiar with, and they know we will notice.

Surely then it makes sense for us to create a device to communicate with lost spirits; a device that is based on modern tech that will give us reliable, definitive proof of spirits making contact? Que the spirit box.

Although spirit box apps do work quite well, those that want more serious and constant results will likely pick up a real spirit box, like this one from Amazon.

The Spirit Box

The spirit box is also known as a ghost box. It is an electronic device that is used to contact spirits.

The device harnesses radio frequency as a means to detect ghosts, and as a tool for ghosts to manipulate to get their message across.  Communication using a spirit box is considered direct communication.

A spirit box is used when someone needs direct and clear answers from a spirit, whether to find out who they are, what their purpose is or if there is any message they wish to get across.

The spirit box picks up radio frequency, but unlike a normal radio, it keeps on searching even after finding a station.

This frequency and the noises that come through are saved using a recorder which then plays back the session later on.

Using a spirit box takes quite a bit of time, patience and practice. You almost certainly won’t get much your first try and it will take you a good deal of practice to learn how to distinguish between noises.

How to Use a Spirit Box

While a spirit box is a fairly new technology, it is not always easy to use. The spirit box works on radio noise, so any interference might be misinterpreted as a spirit trying to communicate.

It takes time to be able to differentiate between actual spirit noise and interference, so be patient.

Keep the box some way away from the recorder. Having them too close together can cause some interference and this just defeats the purpose.

Remember to keep your voice low as the recorders are really sensitive in order to pick up even the faintest noise. It is always best to pay attention to recording, and not too much time to listen during your sessions.

It will be much easier to pick up any noise or communication afterward when playing back. Keep sessions short, but remember that it may take some time for the spirit to communicate through.

Have the questions ready before the session. This cuts out any time hesitating and will help you concentrate and stay clear.

Instead of paying too much attention listening to answers, just mark down any times that you feel something different or think you hear something faint.

You can go back and listen to this exact moment when playing it back after the session.


Pareidolia is a phenomenon in which the mind believes it is seeing a familiar pattern where none exists.

It is a psychological phenomenon where people believe to have seen meaningful pictures or have heard meaningful sounds from random noise.

Pareidolia comes into play when using a spirit box. One of the biggest tricks with using the spirit box is to not fall prey to pareidolia.

It takes much practice but can be overcome with time. There really isn’t much point to using a spirit box if you are actively trying to believe every little sound you hear is a spirit communicating.

Rather focus on the sounds that can be proven.

Things to Remember When Using a Spirit Box

As simple as a spirit box may be, there are some considerations to keep in mind when using one.

In order to make your session as effective and meaningful as possible, keep the following in mind:

    • Keep sessions short – shorter sessions are easier to playback and concentrate on more.
    • Make note of any other noises as they happen when recording so that you know to ignore them when playing back.
    • Do not try and provoke any bad spirits or encourage bad energy.
    • Keep yourself protected. Carry around a charm, symbol, herb, plant, spice or crystal that will help protect you from harm.
    • Use a good audio recorder – a run of the mill recorder won’t pick up the softer noises clearly.
    • Respect the spirits you are communicating with. They will be more willing to make contact if shown compassion and understanding.
  • Be patient. It will probably take a few sessions before you hear anything concrete.

Doing things properly and slowly will help you get better results faster. There is no sure-fire way to do it, but these considerations will aid you in communicating with spirits more effectively.

The Spirit Box App

As with most things, you can actually download a spirit box app onto your phone. This means you can communicate with spirits without the actual ghost box and recorder. The app does it all for you.

This takes spirit communication to a whole new level. You can speak to spirits on the go, wherever you are without having to worry about setting up a proper session.

Even though you are using your phone and the app, it is still advisable to follow all precautions that you usually would when using an actual ghost box and conducting a summoning.

There are still some unsavory spirits out there wanting to take advantage of a person’s inexperience or negligence.

The 4 Best Spirit Box Apps of 2019

There are more than a fair share of spirit box apps available for download, but only a few that are reliable and decent. If you are looking to contact a loved one or do some ghost hunting of your own, here are the best apps to download for your phone to help you out:

1. SV-2 SpiritVox (Best Spirit Box App For Android)SV2 Spirit Box App

Download here from the Android Store.
SpiritVox is a ghost hunting app that was designed by actual ghost hunters. The app turns your Android device (phone or tablet) into a spirit box and has 4 recording channels, a channel sweep and can monitor frequencies. It is everything you need to get contacting spirits.

Almost certainly the best Spirit Box app you can get today, they claim that it is the closest app you can possibly get to the actual hardware spirit boxes on the market.

It has been used by Bill Murphy of TV’s Fact or Faked, as well as Barry Fitzgerald and Robb Demarest from Ghost Hunters International.

It has 2 noise banks, including the PRD-1000 ghost box from Chicago Spirit Wave, as well as the more common sound bank you may be familiar with.

The app comes with a channel “sweep” with rate control that allows you to have more randomness than ever before.

On top of all this, you can record, name, and store each session for later playback.

2. SGK1 – Ghost Hunting KitSGK1 Ghost Hunting Kit

Download here from the Google play store.
This app is more suited towards those who want to go out looking for ghosts. It converts your Android device into an EMF detector that helps you pick up on spirit energy nearby. The spirits should be able to manipulate the magnetometer on your phone to communicate with you.

It offers an EMF detector, spirit box, and EVP recorder into a single app, which is why they call it a “Ghost Hunting Kit”

The SG3 Spirit Box included with the app includes a sound bank of well over 3000 sound clips, taken from AM, FM, CB, CW, VHF, UHF, Morse, and various ghost box recordings in several languages.

These clips chopped down into 1 second or lest gives spirits an enormous amount of flexibility when communicating.

Just like the other app, this one includes an EVP recorder that allows you to name and store each session for later playback.

It is a free app to download, but there is a small subscription if you’d like to remove the ads and get access to additional features.

3. Sono X10 (Best Spirit Box App For iPhone)Sono X10 For iPhone

Download here from the App Store.
I think the Sono X10 app is almost certainly the best app on the market in 2019 for iPhone and iPad.

It’s helpful for both complete amateurs, as well as paranormal investigators (if they don’t already have a real spirit box).

The app works similar to how other spirit box apps work. Essentially there is a voicebank created with small bits of the English alphabet and language, called phonemes, or small bits of speech.

When mobile sensors are triggered, it creates a timestamp in the voicebank, which will then be played if the sensor is triggered again.

As the sensors continue to be triggered, the app pieces together the small bits of audio to create full words and sentences.

Paranormal beings and spirits are able to manipulate these mobile sensors in order to communicate with us.

So it’s important to remember that it isn’t the voice of the spirit you are hearing, but the words and sentences are quite likely intended for you.

Ghost Hunting ToolsGhost Hunting Tools App

Download here from the App Store.
This is the all in one app that is easy to use and all-inclusive for ghost hunting. It has all the tools you need to both ghost hunt and contact spirits. You are able to not only contact spirits but look for their presence first.

This app has some similar capabilities to the other apps we’ve talked about today, but it has one really unique one. It is able to “interpret words.”

By analyzing audio files in combination with the sensors from the EMF meter and the environmental readers, and using a built-in dictionary, it attempts to interpret and display the words it believes the spirit is trying to use.

Although how long it takes to analyze and process this information can vary quite a bit.

Warning: They do have a disclaimer in the description that this app is intended for entertainment purposes, and not for real ghost hunting.

So again I’d encourage you if you want to try this for real, to look into getting a real Spirit Box from Amazon, they aren’t that expensive.

Why Use a Spirit Box App

We are all about convenience nowadays, and that is probably the main reason you would download a spirit box app.

It is easy enough to open and use on the go and you pretty much have it on you at all times.

You’ll never miss a spirit! Some people also like to play around with these types of things, and having a spirit box app is entertaining and intriguing, but not as serious as using an actual spirit box.

Making Contact

Making contact with spirits has been made so much easier with modern technology.

Not only do they have more means and ways of communicating with us and letting us know that they are here, but we have more tools when it comes to reaching out to them and recording our interactions.

Proof of the existence of spirits is becoming easier to prove, while also becoming easier to fake.

Having the tools on your phone to contact spirit just makes things a little easier, and a little less personal. Those wanting to dive into the world of the paranormal can start out with the less-intimidating ghost hunting apps, and work their way from there.

Always remember to be wary even when just using the apps, you never know if you have actually made contact, and who you may have made contact with.

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