Breaking Eggs Spiritual Meaning

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To many of us, eggs are just something we use to make a delicious breakfast. Little do we realize that eggs actually hold significant spiritual meaning. Any dreams featuring eggs could hold a deeper meaning as well.

There are many ways that an egg might be presented in life, or even in a dream. A whole, healthy egg is considered a good omen, but what if that egg doesn’t stay pristine?

What is the spiritual meaning of breaking eggs? Breaking eggs, or having broken eggs, is very rarely a good omen. Eggs are a symbol of new life and birth, so breaking an egg could be a sign that trouble is up ahead, or that something less than ideal happened and cannot be undone.

Old superstitions and beliefs in the past sometimes relied heavily on the symbol of an egg breaking. Often the meaning of this sign would be determined by how the egg broke and at what time of day.

Dreams of breaking eggs also hold insight into our current waking life and of what is to come. There is much spiritual meaning behind breaking eggs, whether in real life or in your dreams. Let’s look more closely at what broken eggs could mean.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Eggs

Across many cultures, an egg is believed to be a symbol of new life. It captures the idea of rebirth and rejuvenation and is the perfect representation of the cycle of life.

It is widely considered that an egg is a good omen because of these fresh beginnings and possibilities it holds. Often, the larger the egg, the better the omen is. Many believe that an egg symbolizes a fresh start in your life and that you can expect a positive future.

Eggs often feature in dreams, as their spiritual meaning is quite strong and they can often be a good way to relay messages to us through dreams.

Eggs also bring purity and hope and are a sign of fertility and new life to come. Some Asian cultures consider eggs to be a sign of good luck and wealth. Further back, some ancient cultures believed that the creation of the universe is tied to the egg or the concept of one and that the earth itself was born from an egg.

Whatever the specific beliefs around eggs, they are all generally quite positive. Traditionally, most consider the egg to be a good omen, and a whole, healthy egg is something that you would want to come across when awake or asleep.

However, there are different ways that an egg may present itself, and while a whole egg is a good thing, breaking, cracking, or losing an egg can hold a very different meaning.

Spiritual Meaning Of Breaking Eggs

Eggs symbolize hope, rebirth, new life, fertility, luck, and wealth. It is quite clear that breaking an egg would then not be such a great omen.

There are many things a broken egg might symbolize. The meaning has to be taken within the context of your life and situation(s) as a whole.

A broken egg could symbolize failed expectations, failure, unfulfilled dreams, or broken plans. Breaking eggs could also be a sign of bad things to come, be it something small or something more significant.

Seeing a broken egg could also be a sign that you have lost hope and faith, and that you have given up on looking forward to the future. 

As eggs represent fertility, some believe that a broken egg could represent infertility or trouble in this aspect of your life, which can be a distressing omen for those who are trying to conceive.

When it comes to luck and fortune, a broken egg could also signify that your good luck has run out, and instead you should expect bad luck in the near future.

Overall, the spiritual meaning of breaking eggs is not a good sign, and you should take it as a warning for what is up ahead. If you are lucky, the egg could be an early warning, so you may be able to steer away from what’s to come with a change of lifestyle or through caution.

Spiritual Beliefs And Superstitions Around Breaking Eggs

The spiritual meaning of eggs has led to many superstitions being born when it comes to breaking eggs. Many believe that the time of day an egg breaks and how an egg breaks can have some foreboding meaning.

Whether you believe in superstitions or not, it is a good idea to know what might lie ahead if you break an egg by mistake!

Here are the most common superstitions surrounding broken eggs, or what you can expect if you break an egg (when you’re not cooking, that is):

When The Egg Breaks

There are many that consider the time that an egg broke to be the most important factor. If you break an egg, take a look at the time to try and determine what lies ahead:

1. Breaking an egg in the morning

If you break an egg in the morning, there is a chance you might get into a fight or argument during the day. This usually does not mean anything huge or catastrophic will happen, but that there may be slight conflict or inconvenience in your day.

2. Breaking an egg afternoon

Breaking an egg in the afternoon usually means that you could suffer some kind of financial loss on that day. If you believe in superstitions, it may be best to avoid major purchases, investments, or financial decisions for the rest of the day. This could be the sign you need to avoid any loss.

3. Breaking an egg in the evening

A broken egg in the evening is not so serious, but could be a sign of small, petty troubles, and that you might not get too much rest that evening. Avoid any conversations that could lead to arguments or situations that could turn negative.

How The Egg Broke

How the eggs breaks could also have some meaning in what you could expect to happen. So not only should you take note of the time the egg broke, but how the egg broke too.

1. Eggs break on the way home

If you have just been to the shop and return home to find that some eggs have broken on the way, you might experience problems in your personal life. One small crack on an egg could mean a small argument with your partner, but a few broken eggs could signify bigger love or family issues.

2. Eggs falling off the table

If an egg rolls off the table and breaks in the fall, it could be a sign that there are those around you who do not wish you well. This is a warning to not trust those who might be against you and to look for any signs that someone is not who they seem.

The Nature Of The Broken Eggs

Finally, there are more omens a breaking or broken egg can hold depending on the nature of the egg itself. An unusual broken egg can similarly have unusual signs of the future to come.

1. Breaking a rotten egg

Breaking a rotten egg is not a good sign. This might be an indication that you or someone you love will have health issues soon. If this is a recurring thing, it might be a sign of serious health issues.

2. Broken egg with two yolks

If you break an egg and the egg has two yolks, this is actually a good omen! For a single female, this means she could meet her soul mate soon and get married. For a pregnant woman, it could mean the birth of twins. For a man, two yolks could mean a sudden gain in wealth and money.

3. Broken egg without a yolk

A broken egg with no yolk is very rare, but this means that there could be something unusual and unexpected happening up ahead. There is also the belief that it could mean you might experience the loss of something important to you.

The Spiritual Importance Of The Size Of An Egg

The size of an egg does have importance when it comes to spiritual meaning.

Large eggs, such as those from an ostrich indicate bigger fortune and good luck up ahead. This could then translate negatively if the egg is broken, as it could mean that you have bigger trouble to expect.

A large egg is only a good omen if the egg is intact and whole. A big broken egg is a sign of big troubles up ahead and is not something you would want to come across.

Smaller eggs, such as those from quails and small birds, are a symbol of delicacy. However, small whole eggs can symbolize small, irritating obstacles in your path that could obstruct you from reaching where you are wanting to go.

Broken small eggs are an omen of small troubles that you might experience. These will be negative and cause discomfort, but they will not make that big of an impact in your life.

Take note of the size of the broken egg you come across, as there is a good chance that it is an indication of the magnitude of the troubles you may experience in the near future. 

Dreaming About Broken Eggs

Often, things that hold spiritual meaning can appear in our dreams too. Our minds look for ways to relay messages to us while we are asleep and do this by using symbols and items that hold spiritual meaning. 

By paying some attention to our dreams, and trying to determine what seemingly random images and items could mean, you could determine their meaning.

Here are some meanings that breaking an egg, or broken eggs, might have in a dream, which are all closely tied to the spiritual meaning of breaking eggs.

Failure And Unfulfilled Goals

Broken eggs in a dream, or dreaming about eggs breaking, holds a significant meaning and is something that you need to work through to figure out.

In short, broken eggs can often symbolize failure and unfulfilled goals. In a dream, this could be you realizing that you have not achieved your goals and plans and that you feel as though you have let yourself down. Failure is never easy to deal with, and dreaming of your failure could be a way to work through it.

This dream is often your way of processing your feelings of anger and frustration at yourself. You feel as though you are to blame for your failures and for the negative things in your life.

A Warning

A broken egg in a dream could represent something that cannot be undone, that once you make a decision and do something, there is no going back. However, the broken egg may appear before it has happened, like a warning.

Sometimes in life, this could be a positive. However, if this is represented through a broken egg, then you should take it as a bad sign. Make sure to evaluate your decision and your path more closely, to ensure that you do not make a decision that will cost you dearly.

A broken egg cannot be put back together again, just as you may not be able to undo your actions.

A Sign To Think Twice

Similar to a warning, if you have a big decision up ahead, a broken egg in a dream might be a reminder to think twice about the decision, and to really take your time to decide what would be best for you.

This could be for so many different things, such as moving abroad, getting married, or starting a new job. While it is not necessarily a sign to say don’t make the decision, there is some hesitance and you should take a little while to think the decision over.

Bad Luck

Many believe eggs to be a sign of wealth and good luck. A broken egg in a dream might be a sign that your good luck has run out, and that you have bad luck ahead.

If you are a fan of gambling, take this as a sign to maybe hold off and not place any big bets in the near future.

Regarding wealth, breaking an egg could signify a decision you are making that could jeopardize your wealth, and if you lose, the loss could be significant. Take note and pay attention to anything that could cost you all that you have worked for!


One of the most obvious spiritual meanings of the egg is fertility. Eggs are the very start of new life, and represent the continuing of the cycle of life.

A broken egg may show that you are having problems with fertility, or simply that is something that is concerning you. If you are considering starting a family, a broken egg might represent your anxiety and desire for this.

Related Questions

What does it mean to drop an egg on the floor?

Oddly enough, dropping an egg on the floor could mean that there might be an announcement of good news in the future.

However, if the egg is not damaged or only cracked, then it might actually be a sign that there is bad luck instead. In this case, a broken egg is better news than an egg that survived the fall!

What does it mean to dream of egg yolks?

Dreaming of egg yolks could be a positive sign of fertility, virility, and new beginnings in your life. The yolk is the source of life in an egg. This translates to your dreams, being a positive sign of new life, new beginnings, and good things in your future.

What does a broken eggshell mean?

A broken eggshell could be a representation of your feelings of vulnerability or anxiety. It could show that you feel as though you are fragile, and you need to protect yourself from any negative situations around you. This could be a person in your life that makes you feel nervous.

What do chickens mean in a dream?

Chickens are a symbol of relationships and of home life. Dreaming of a chicken could show that you might be longing for your home and family bonds, or that there is some trouble in your familial relationships. 

Chickens might also be a symbol of material wealth and your financial situation. Dreaming of a healthy chicken could be a good indication that you might do well financially.

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