Dream Of Arguing With Dead Mother

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Losing a mother is one of the most difficult things someone could go through. Those who have lost their mother know how long the loss stays with you, and how there are many ways that you remember your mother each day.

Dreaming of your mother is a wonderful way to feel connected to her once she has passed, but sometimes these dreams might not always be pleasant.

What does it mean to dream of arguing with your deceased mother? Arguing with your dead mother in your dream might signify that you are worried about an upcoming loss and that you are dreading having to feel loss again. It could also signify instability in your life or an unresolved issue between you and your mother.

If you have been dreaming of arguing with your mother who’s passed on, there might be more meaning than what you think. 

Dream of Arguing With Dead Mother Meaning

Dreaming of arguing with your dead mother can be very upsetting. You want to remember the good things, not bring up unpleasant emotions. Arguing with your mother who has passed might make you feel dreadful, and make you miss them even more, but the dream could also hold a deeper meaning.

This dream could represent that you feel as though you might lose something soon, or suffer another loss. Losing a parent can cause you to feel petrified of feeling that pain again, and this dream might be how your subconscious processes these emotions.

Arguing with your mother highlights this feeling of worry and anxiety that you might have to feel loss again and acts as a warning that you might have to go through the pain again soon.

It could be that you feel as though you might lose a close relationship, a friendship, or even a relationship at work. This is a very similar interpretation to dreaming your mother hates you.

It might also signify that you are scared of losing out on your goals, and you feel as though you cannot achieve them. This isn’t a sign that you won’t achieve them, just a representation of the stress you are feeling.

If it is early enough, you could try and work towards preventing losing a relationship or missing out on your goals. You just need to be open to trusting your dreams and taking them as a sign to move forward, no matter how upset you might feel after the dream has passed.

If your mother used to have a bit of a critical approach to you in life and this was the theme of your dream, this could represent your own internal criticisms of yourself and the choices you’ve made. This may be your sign to go easy on yourself and find some way to relax.

Unresolved Issues With Your Mother

The dream might have to do with some resentment or unresolved feelings you had with your mother before she passed away.

It could be that these issues are coming up in your dream and causing you to face them head-on. Your brain may be telling you not to just try to push them aside. You’ll either need to work them out through therapy or let them go and forgive yourself or your mother. Facing the negative emotions will help you find closure and move forward.

You do not want these emotions to hold you back from future plans, so the dream might be a good thing, prompting you to deal with your unfinished business and to forgive and move forward.

Related Questions

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Deceased Mother?

Grief is a very strange thing and everyone processes it differently. Dreaming of a deceased mother could be an indication that you are feeling an intense amount of sorrow, and that you are battling with the grief.

Dreams of a deceased mother might also bring some comfort, as dreams can feel so incredibly real, and it might feel as though the dream brought closure, allowing you to feel as though you got one last moment with your mother.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Arguing With Someone?

Arguing with someone in your dream could indicate that you are battling with internal conflict and that you are struggling to resolve it. You may be having a tough time forgiving someone or are feeling trapped and like you need to shove your negative feelings down instead of confronting them and the people who caused them.

You might feel unsettled in your life and are battling to make a decision over something quite serious. It could also show that you are torn between circumstances or people. Overall, it is symbolic of a conflict that needs to be addressed and resolved.

What Does Dreaming of Arguing With Your Father Mean?

If you dream of arguing with your father, it could mean that you are going through stress in your life. It might indicate that you feel hopeless and helpless in a situation and that you feel like there is no way out.

Take serious note of this dream, and look for some help. Speak to someone you trust to try and help you through the stress, and to help you overcome your feelings of helplessness.

A father is usually a symbol of strength, so arguing with him could show that your strength is wavering, and stress is getting the best of you.

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