Dreaming Your Mother Hates You

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Mothers represent nurturing and wisdom when they appear in a dream, but the appearance of your mother often comes with a deeper significance. How you interpret seeing your mother in your dream will depend on the context of the dream, too.

Dreams aren’t always pleasant, but it is a good idea not to ignore them. If a dream makes you feel strong emotions or stays with you for a few days, you should try to understand the meaning and see how it fits in with your life.

One such unpleasant experience is dreaming your mother hates you.

What does it mean to dream that your mother hates you? Dreaming that your mother is angry with you does not usually mean there are issues between you and your mother, but rather that you can expect conflict or arguments in your life. It often means you are on track to face conflict with someone in your personal life or at work.

Read on to find out more about what dreaming your mother hates you means, and how it might relate to your waking life.

The Significance Of A Mother In A Dream

There are a few different meanings that a mother appearing in a dream can hold.

At the core, a mother represents nurturing, wisdom and acceptance.

Mothers could also represent a desire for change, or that there is a change up ahead. This symbol of change in your dream is often felt as peaceful and satisfying, but there are times when it could be a negative difference up ahead.

Universally, mothers represent sacrifice, care, affection, and most importantly, love. Seeing your mother in a dream usually stems from these feelings and emotions, but remember a dream about your mother most often does not mean the dream is about your mother.

A mother, or a mother symbol, in a dream, could also represent your need for guidance and nurturing. Dreaming of your mother signifies that you might be aware that you are lost and need some guidance and care, but you just have not admitted it to yourself yet.

Dreaming Of Mother Hating You

Dreaming that your mother hates you can be heartbreaking. Whether you are close to your mother or not, nobody wants that resentment between themselves and their mom.

Take peace in the fact that dreaming your mother hates you does not actually mean that your mom might secretly hate you. Just as dreaming about someone not loving you anymore may be about insecurities in your relationship or about something else, this dream about your mother may not have such a distressing meaning.

If it is about your mother, then it might be that you have noticed something in your relationship has changed. But it could also be a sign of something else entirely.

Here are some meanings that a dream of your mother hating you could have:

Conflict Up Ahead

Dreaming of your mother hating you often signifies that there might be conflict ahead in your waking life. You might have been picking up on subtle clues that there is tension between someone at home, in your social circle, or at work, and this might boil over.

Your mother hating you is this worry, anxiety, or warning sign manifested into a dream. The upset you feel from your mother hating you might be what it takes for you to pay attention and to try and avoid this conflict, or to face it head-on if need be.

Need For Guidance

You might not be happy with where you are in your life, with the decisions you have made, and you might feel lost.

Your mother hating you or being angry with you in a dream could really be a representation of your desire for guidance and nurturing, and your perception of how she would react to your life as it is right now.

Mothers are known to be forgiving and understanding, but the mother in your dream might be harder on you and seem as though she really does hate you. This could really be your feelings of being hard on yourself, which just so happens to take the dream form of your mom, who you would hate to disappoint the most.

Take note of this dream, and look for help to guide you along a better path, and start making better decisions.

Your Relationship With Your Mother

A dream about your mother hating you could simply represent that you have some anxiety towards your relationship with your mother, and have not addressed it.

This is especially true if your mother is verbally attacking you in your dream, and using her words to really bring you down. This is a sign that you are worried about the relationship between you two, whether or not there is cause to worry.

Try to take an honest look at your relationship, what has been happening around you lately, and try to see if there might be trouble in your relationship. The best thing to do is to sit down and talk it over with your mom to relieve any anxiety or stress between the both of you.

Stresses On Your Relationships

You might be going through a stressful time in your life, and this could be putting pressure on your relationships. Dreaming of your mother hating you could really be you worrying that these additional stresses might end up causing some negative emotions between you.

It might also be a sign that you are not coping with these emotions, and they are beginning to overwhelm you. While dreaming that your mother hates you might just add extra stress on you, make sure to take note of the dream and look for ways to help reduce the stress you are feeling.

Dreams like this help us to prevent things from getting worse and help us put a stop to stresses and negative emotions, we just have to learn to listen to our dreams.

Your Mother Is Struggling

A dream where your mother hates you could actually be a sign that your mother is the one who needs help. With dreams, our subconscious picks up signs during the day that we are fairly oblivious to, and then translates this into dreams for us to try and understand. 

Your subconscious may have been picking up that your mother is struggling, and is now trying to get you to notice this by sending you this dream

Her hating you might be representative of the guilt you feel that she is the one who usually comforts you, and now you are not comforting her while she is in need. 

In a dream like this, your mother might look exhausted and might be crying. She might be looking for comfort in the dream, only for the negative emotions to come between you.

Make sure your mom is okay, and be there for her in case your dream of her struggling really is true.

What Does A Dream Of Mother Dying Mean?

As mothers represent love, nurturing, and care, your mother dying in your dream might be linked to you feeling neglected in some way.

This might not be neglect by your mother specifically, but could represent neglect from someone else who holds a supportive motherly role in your life or someone that you depend on for care and love.

The death of your mother in a dream can be devastating. Dreams can feel so real, and the loss you feel in this dream might actually stay with you for quite some time.

If you do think that you might be feeling neglected in your waking life, take the initiative to get help. Whether this is talking to the person you feel is turning their back on you, or knowing when to cut ties with someone, you should pay attention to what your dream might be trying to tell you.

Related Questions

What does it mean to dream of someone hating you?

Dreaming of someone hating you shows that there are serious feelings of resentment, anger, or frustration in your waking life. It could be caused by tension that you feel with someone, that you know is going to boil over at some point and possibly end in an argument or fall out.

Is dreaming about someone always a sign?

Dreaming about someone could be a sign, something particular to them, but it could also be about something or someone else. 

Everyone in our lives holds special meanings and emotions, and our mind might link certain feelings or situations to certain people, and use these as symbols in your dream.

For example, a dream about your mother could represent your need for love and nurture and have nothing to do with your mom.

Do dreams really have meaning?

Dreams are a way for your mind to process different scenes and emotions from your waking life, often things that we do not even know are happening.

These scenes and emotions could be represented in fairly odd ways in your dreams, and often these seem meaningless. If you try to decode your dreams, there is a chance you will find more meaning than you ever noticed.

Whether dreams are prophetic or are a connection to the spiritual world is a personal belief, and will depend on what you believe in. Many do think that dreams might just link us to loved ones who have passed on, and others waiting to connect from the other side.

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