Etheric Revenants – Everything You Need To Know

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Have you ever walked through a haunted house and felt your knees go weak? Or have you been in a dark room that made you feel uneasy and ill? If so, you might have encountered an Etheric Revenant. 

When it comes to haunted places, there are quite a few ghosts and spirits that you want to look out for.

Etheric Revenants are one of those things to look out for that not many people know about. They are undead spirits that are very rare and dangerous.

What We Know About Etheric Revenants

Etheric Revenants are non-human spirits that are also considered undead. There is speculation that Etheric Revenants are vampires whose existence was finally put to an end. 

These undead spirits feed off living beings’ energies. They feed off fear, confusion and sexual energy. Some have said they even feed off of your life energy—your blood—just like a vampire would. 

Breaking Down The Name 

To understand these spirits a little better, let’s break down the name.

The Etheric Body is the name of the vital body which is also known as the subtle body. It is located in the first or lowest layer in the human energy field, commonly called the aura. 

The Etheric Body is always in immediate contact with the physical body, so it can sustain and connect it to higher bodies.

This means that in order to sustain the Etheric Body, you must nourish the physical body with some sort of living energy, just as you would if you were alive. 

According to the Oxford dictionary, a revenant is, “A person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.” 

In folklore, however, a Revenant is an animated corpse that has come back from the dead to haunt the living. Both definitions are quite similar, but the animated corpse aspect is actually quite important. 

From what we know, you can’t actually see an Etheric Revenant and it only reveals itself in deep, dark shadows. 

To summarize, an Etheric Revenant is basically a vampire spirit. If you know about vampire folklore, you’ll know that they share almost the exact same foundation.

The undead body or etheric body needs to sustain its vitality by feeding off living energies such as blood. 

The main difference between a vampire and an Etheric Reverent is the fact that you can see one but not the other. When it comes to Etheric Revenants, we’d rather be able to see them. 

What Etheric Revenants Look Like

Etheric Revenants are often confused with Shadow People because they share so many of the same similarities. 

Many have described them as being black masses or shadows within the shadows. Rarely are they described as a human-shaped figure, and they’re never described as having sharp pointy teeth. 

The Difference Between Etheric Revenants & Shadow People

Etheric revenants and shadow people might share some similarities when it comes to their looks, but otherwise, they’re vastly different. 

When someone encounters a Shadow Person, they claim they felt a shadow staring at them. This is interesting because Shadow People don’t have eyes or facial features. 

With an Etheric Revenant, you might see the shadow, but you won’t feel anything staring at you. 

Furthermore, the biggest difference between a Shadow Person and an Etheric Revenant is their abilities and their purpose.

A Shadow Person will never cause you harm, but an Etheric Revenant exists purely to feed off of the energy from your body. 

The Origin And Common Areas Of The Etheric Revenant

There is no way of knowing for sure where the Etheric Revenant originated. Our best guess is Europe, where the etheric revenant and vampire lore is most common. 

If you live out west, you might not have heard of an Etheric Revenant. We believe there is a reason for that. In the past, we used to lay bodies to rest in the ground without any alterations. 

However, in the west specifically, we tend to take out organs and preserve the body with harsh man-made chemicals. 

These chemicals and the removal of organs could destroy the body, which would disrupt the Etheric Revenant from being able to come back to life. 

How To Confirm An Etheric Revenant Visit

Unfortunately, an etheric revenant is almost impossible to see. Even if you see a shadow, it is most likely not an etheric revenant. They like to hide as shadows, deep within the shadows. 

If you feel like you’ve been visited by a Shadow Person during the night and wake up feeling sick, weak, or drained, chances are you are literally being drained. 

One of the best ways to confirm if you’ve been visited by an Etheric Revenant is to make sure you’re in good health. If you are eating well, getting enough sleep, and don’t have any specific illnesses that could cause low energy, you’re off to a good start. 

However, if you are feeling weak on a day-to-day basis or even when you walk into a certain room, you might have had an uninvited guest. 

Blood tests are a good way to confirm if an Etheric Revenant has used your life sources as an afternoon snack or not.

We aren’t entirely sure if Etheric Revenants can actually feed off of blood, but it is worth a shot. If they’re as similar to vampires as they claim, your blood count should be somewhat low. 

To ensure the visit to the hospital is quick and painless, I wouldn’t announce to the hospital faculty the real reason why you’d be getting a blood test. 

The Dangers Of An Etheric Revenant 

These undead spirits are considered to be incredibly dangerous. They can literally drain the life right out of any human being near them.

Fortunately, most who have claimed to be visited by an Etheric Revenant have lived to tell their story. 

From what we know, it sounds like they feed slowly to build their own energies back up, rather than draining you completely. 

On the bright side, there is no proof that these spirits stay attached or try to haunt a certain individual. If you have been visited once, there is no guarantee you will be visited a second time. 

The Best Ways To Avoid And Prevent Etheric Revenants

Due to the lack of information regarding Etheric Revenants, there’s also little guidance on how to prevent them. 

However, if an Etheric Revenant is as similar to a vampire as it seems, wearing silver or keeping silver nearby should prevent them. In vampire lore, they are supposedly severely allergic to silver. 

Additionally, Etheric Revenants only go out to feed in the night, due to a sunlight sensitivity. Sounds familiar, right? If this is true, it isn’t likely that they will bother you during the day, or when there’s enough light. 

Keeping some lights on or keeping the windows open should also help. 

As we know, these undead spirits hide as shadows within the shadows. Keeping your room well-lit and highlighting the areas that are normally ridden with shadows will ensure they have nowhere to hide. 

Explanations To Rule Out The Etheric Revenant

The Etheric Revenant isn’t a new phenomenon. Stories of etheric revenant visits have been documented since the middle ages.

One of the most common explanations to rule out the existence of Etheric Revenants is undiagnosed illnesses. 

Back in the middle ages, it was very common for people to invent myths and folklore to deal with their friends and families dying from undiagnosed illnesses.

Even when ill people would visit the hospital and the doctors couldn’t find anything, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they were healthy. 

The technological advancements we have now are fairly new and they certainly didn’t exist back then, so things were much harder to diagnose. 

However, there are many cases of very healthy people, even today, who visit potentially haunted sites and feel incredibly weak out of nowhere. That alone is enough information to keep us from hanging out in the shadows. 

Related Questions

Can You Feel When An Etheric Revenant Is Feeding On You? 

The short answer is no, you can not feel when an etheric revenant is feeding off of you. 

It doesn’t hurt, there are no teeth marks or biting sensations because they aren’t using teeth. 

They might have some similarities to a vampire, but it is important to remember that they aren’t the same thing.  

However, you can definitely feel the lack of energy or the weakness that comes afterward. 

Those who have claimed to encounter an Etheric Reverence almost always say they felt their knees get weak or that they would feel immediately sick out of nowhere. 

You won’t feel when it is happening, but the aftermath should hit you quickly. 

Are The Etheric Revenants Fixated On One Location?

No, it does not appear that an Etheric Revenant is fixated on a certain location. Ghosts are often found in certain locations and rarely like to leave them, but an Etheric Revenant is not a ghost. 

While it shares certain similarities, an Etheric Revenant is actually more similar to a spirit. 

They do not stick to one person or one location and seem to travel around quite frequently. 

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