Does Hair Hold Negative Energy?

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Does hair hold negative energy? You may have experienced something that made you wonder about this. You may have had a long, stressful week, with perhaps days of not washing your hair.

There’s nothing quite like taking a shower to (literally) wash away bad vibes. So does hair hold onto negative energy?

Yes, hair does hold negative (and positive) energy. The theory is that your hair is a regular part of your nervous system, which means it passes on messages you get from the outside directly to your brain. This system balances your body’s electromagnetic field.

While your first thought may not be that your hair carries negative energy, it is actually a commonly held belief in some communities of thought and is something I think we should all take into consideration in our daily lives.

The release of pent-up frustration that you feel when you wash your hair is not a mere coincidence or simply your body entering a relaxed state.

Cutting Hair To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

Perhaps you have had a bad year or a continuous streak of months where things had seemed to fall apart every step of the way. You may have experienced losses, pent up anger, depression, or generalized anxiety.

And then, the moment of epiphany arises when you were finally able to take one clean breath—and the idea of cutting your hair comes to you. 

Once you have had your hair cut, you may have almost physically felt the burdens being cut from you, or perhaps even imagined chains breaking.

The separation from your hair may have even have made you gasp especially if your hair had been long and the cut had been a big one. And the feeling remains the same: it was as if all the negativities caging you suddenly disappeared.

Why Hair Holds Negative Energy

It is also said that the tips of your hair are receptors of energies, similar to antennae of some animals, which stimulate your consciousness and subconsciousness accordingly.

You may notice other energies latching on to you, and that may exactly be the case. This is because ghosts and other spirits are attracted to the power your hair has.

Let’s imagine your (probable) daily life:

  • waking up,
  • washing the dishes,
  • cooking,
  • cleaning the house,
  • eating breakfast,
  • showering,
  • getting ready for work,
  • commuting or driving to work, and either way, being exposed to other’s energies and the world’s pollutions,
  • heading back home over a long day and already thinking about the stresses of the next day piled on top of the frustrations of today,
  • and barely even unwinding when you get home because things need to be done and breaks cannot be afforded.

Imagine how much strain your hair went through and how much negativity it absorbed with just one day of living!

You barely have time to just breathe in your day to day living. And in the modern world, luxurious showers or baths where we pay attention to scrubbing away our stresses especially in our tresses are rare.

This is why despite the hair having been made to guide you into navigating your way through nature and being more open to the energies, it has caused you more strain.

Whereas in old times hair was even used to help scouts of tribes navigate their areas better, your hair now brings you confusion.

Hair Power in History

Native Americans did not cut their hair as they believed it gave them more connection to the planet.

Those who had never cut their hair did better on observation and navigation during scouting and hunting missions versus those who had shorter hair.

You may have also heard of times where people who were conquered or enslaved had their hair cut. This had been a way to instill submission and to mark them as low status.

It was believed that submission was taught when you took someone’s power and energy away from them, and hair was the most visible source of power. 

There was also a time when people in China, when conquered by Genghis Khan, were required to cut their hair and maintain bangs. This stemmed from the idea that hair covering the forehead means hair covering the third eye, which would make the people less intuitive and less likely to access higher knowledge.

The thoughts of having the hair chopped and losing the benefits it offers you in tune with nature are not as applicable as they are today. You no longer live in the mountains or on peaceful, slow-moving provinces.

Society is pushing forward faster than you can even breathe, and your hair absorbs all the energies of your day to day life and the daily area pollution. So, what can you do about your hair holding negative energy? 

  1. First, do not let anyone command you to do whatever they wish for you to do with your hair.
  2. Second, choose to do what you feel is right for you.
  3. Third, take some steps to take care of your hair and keep it clean. 

How to Avoid Negative Energy In Your Hair

Below are two of the best ways to avoid having negative energy trapped in your hair.

1. Cut your hair to relieve negative energies

If you wish to be free of both old baggage and continuous natural baggage that will keep begging you to notice itself, you may wish to cut your hair. This offers instantaneous relief.

Perhaps you can try that daring haircut you have always wanted to have. Maybe you can wear bangs. Perhaps you want a messier cut or a straighter cut. It is your hair and you can have it chopped however you want.

It is also highly gratifying and may even give you a feeling of a fresh start. Maybe that is what you have been needing all along.

Some may advise you to go against cutting your hair saying that this leaves your hair tips open to more energies and yet leaves you less connected to nature, but this is your body.

Your personal feelings and opinions matter most, and if shorter hair never harmed you, why stop?

If you wish to follow through a haircut time advice, though, choose a day when the moon is either full or waxing. It is believed your hair grows better when cut during that time.

Choosing which day to cut your hair:

  • Monday – brings health
  • Tuesday – brings wealth
  • Wednesday – brings good news
  • Thursday – brings new beginnings
  • Friday – brings sorrow
  • Saturday – brings true love
  • Sunday – brings bad luck for the week

2. Take care of your hair to wash off negativity

Whether you chose to get a haircut or chose to keep your hair long, taking care of your hair is crucial.

Some steps you can take are eating healthy, using natural hair products, avoiding too much direct electric equipment exposure, and washing your hair after stress or at least once every two days.

  • When you start eating healthy, you will notice that your hair becomes as healthy as the rest of you, too. The best way to heal is from the inside out. 
  • By being mindful of what you put on your hair, such as the shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and chemicals you use, you are giving your hair a chance to breathe and live healthily. This includes not over-using shampoo or other things.
  • Avoiding the use of blow dryers can increase vitamin D absorption and lessen the damages unnatural air can give your hair. This goes for curling irons and hot irons as well.
  • Washing your hair after stressful events will not only calm you down but also cleanse your hair of the negativities it had absorbed. It is also a good practice to rinse your hair every two days. If you find yourself on the edge a lot, you may want to look for lavender oil to help you ease up, or apply coconut oil treatment to your hair to restore its health.
  • If you can, you may also wish to put your hair up in a bun, braid it, or tie it during the day to lessen the reception of energy absorption. 


Does hair hold negative energy? It does, but what you should do in that matter depends entirely on your personal preference.

You can choose to cut your hair for relief, or you can ensure it is well-cleansed every other day.

You may feel the negativity your hair absorbed more than others, and that may be due to your higher reception abilities. You may use crystals or fragrances to aid you in dealing with this.


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