Hair on Fire – Dream Meaning

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Dreams are your access to a higher knowledge, one that you are not usually aware of during your waking life.

Hair and fire are different symbols with varying interpretations—so what does it mean when you dream about hair on fire?

Dreaming about burning hair generally symbolizes letting go of the angry parts of you or your past.

Writing The Details of Your Dream

Write down as many details as you can about your dream.

Keep track of as many of the details that you noticed, such as:

  • the length of your hair,
  • the color of your hair,
  • the location of the fire,
  • the intensity of the flame,
  • who or what started the fire,
  • who was on fire,
  • what you felt during that event,
  • and the other objects that may have noticed on your dream.

The denotations of each symbol plus the meanings that you will find here and your own thoughts about your dream will give you the answer.

Dreaming of Fire – What It Means

Fire in a dream can mean a variety of things. It can symbolize passion and rejuvenation or anger and destruction, and warmth and good fortune or aggression and danger.

If you dream about starting a manageable fire like a campfire or a matchstick, it means you are attempting to see light despite the darkness in your life.

If you lit the fire and it becomes uncontrollable, it denotes that you feel like you have begun something that was within your control but is now not.

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Dreaming of consciously burning hair

You may have dreamt of cutting your hair and then burning it. This signifies your current self letting go of your previous identity.

You may have also dreamt of burning someone else’s hair, and that primarily denotes that your character is clashing with him or her unexpectedly and it is causing both of you discomfort. 

Dreaming of accidental hair on fire

You may have accidentally set someone else’s or your hair on fire as well.

Dreaming of hair on fire that was unintentionally caused by you means your temper is damaging your relationships with the people around you and possibly hurting them emotionally as well.

You may not be aware of it in our waking life, but your subconscious is. Your higher self has put this information out to you in hopes that you will attempt to control your fiery temper better.

Dreaming about being on fire

Generally, if you are on fire on your dream and especially if it is out of nowhere, it signifies that your anger is getting the best of you.

Your anger may be blinding you, holding you back, sabotaging you, and making you lose balance in your waking life. Having your hair burn in your dream means you are finding negative thoughts troublesome.

If the fire from your hair reaches your face, it means your temper may make people think less of you or someone is stabbing you in the back.

Dreaming of Hair – What It Means

The interpretation of seeing hair on fire in a dream relates to either good or bad omens depending on who had the burning hair and what kind of hair had burned.

You may have seen your head hair burning, your body hair burning, your leg or arm hair on fire, or your nose hair on fire.

You may have also had someone start the fire that burned you or had simply landed on the dream with your hair already on fire. The interpretations of these are more specific.

Dreaming of long hair on fire

You may dream of your hair getting longer, then catching fire. This denotes you are feeling as if the stresses of life are piling up on you and this is putting you into a challenging situation.

It may also mean that your health is gradually becoming lower than optimal, and illnesses are easily attaching themselves to you. To see your long hair burn means these troubles will be rid of.

Depending on whether you burned it or someone else did and if it was accidental or on purpose, it may signify that you will set yourself free or someone will help you.

It also predicts whether the solution was expected or something you have not even thought of until it came.

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Dreaming of short hair on fire

Dreaming of your short hair burning denotes that while you may have problems that were solved with ease, your fiery temper may get you into trouble.

Your subconscious is congratulating you on the quick death of the issues that came to challenge you, but it is also warning you that you may get into more problems if your aggressive attitude remains uncontrolled.

This is especially prophetic if you were happy at first and then suddenly screaming in pain on your dream.

Dreaming of long face hair on fire

If your hair becomes laden with long hair in your dream, it means that you may have had a misunderstanding with your co-workers and friends, and it had bothered you a lot.

Dreaming of this hair catching fire signifies that the matter has been settled and you have now come to an understanding with the person or persons involved

Dreaming of your hair on fire

Seeing your hair on fire indicates inordinate emotional strain. Your higher self is telling you that you are repressing emotions that need to be let out in the open for you to properly carry on with your waking life.

It may be a problem that seemed like a simple annoyance but had actually become an enormous blob of frustration from all the pent-up events, or something like a trip being canceled and bothering you.

If you are an avid communicator and had your hair burned, it may be an omen of being caught while being dishonest. This may lead you to lose the respect of the people you valued, so your subconscious is warning you to be true and not take advantage of things you don’t necessarily need.

If you are a business person, your higher self wishes to tell you that you should not rely on anyone to handle your job-related things.

Dreaming of someone else’s hair on fire

When you dream that someone you know had his or her hair burned, it indicates that you will have a conflict with that individual in regards to character.

If you dream about your husband with his hair on fire, it signifies that his temper will result in disputes between both of you. If you dream about your wife with burning hair, it denotes you are unsatisfied with her and have barely been paying her much attention.

Dreaming of a specific type of hair on fire

Body hair on fire symbolizes impulses and rapid assumptions. If the hair on your hand is on fire, it means you are not managing your finances as well as you should and this is causing you to lose more than you are earning.

If the hair on your back burned in your dream, you may soon meet someone you will choose as a partner. Dreaming of your arm hair on fire denotes the feeling of being unable to help while your leg hair on fire indicates business relations with influential people. 

If your eyelashes catch fire in your dream, it means you are choosing to remain ignorant of the things going on around you. You may or may not like this, but you have found that this as the easiest option to pick.

Having your nose hair burn denotes your fulfillment of unusual goals. This goal will usually be something that stemmed from a creative idea that seemed odd to others.

Dreaming of your hair falling out while burning

If your hair falls out as it burns in your dream, it means your health is declining. It may also mean that you will undergo changes in your relationship with either a friend or a lover.

If you pull your hair off while it is on fire, it signifies your desire to escape mental stress no matter the cost. You may have even dreamt of setting your hair on fire in that dream.

Dreaming of hair changing color due to the fire

While uncommon, you may also dream of your hair changing color after it burns. If you had white hair in the dream and it turned black once it burned, it denotes rehabilitation and a healthier future.

If you had black hair that turned white after burning, it warns that you will undergo stress and pressure that will physically weaken you.

Dreaming of messy hair

If you dream about hair on fire and yet the hair is touchable and simply messy, it means that you are or you may be in an emotional turmoil such as a love triangle or an emotional decision that is confusing you.

If you even comb your hair in your dream while it is burning, it denotes that your issues will be solved as long as you remain determined and fearless. If you fail to comb your hair when you attempted to, it means setbacks in your waking life will give you great stress.

Dreaming of becoming a fiery animal when your hair caught fire

Some dreams may also be dreams of transformation. Dreaming of having your hair on fire and then turning into a fire creature like a phoenix or a dragon symbolizes rebirth.

You may be starting a new relationship, a new job, or a new lifestyle. You may also be feeling like you have been renewed.

Dreaming of an animal setting hair on fire

You may dream of an animal like a dragon burning your hair. If this happens, it means your higher self is warning you of danger and telling you that this cannot be fought. You may need to lie low for a while as the threat passes.

Dreaming of putting out hair on fire

If you have dreamt of putting out hair on fire, whether yours or someone else’s, it denotes that you are ready to supply solutions to issues and you have the ability to not be too emotional during times of high stress.

If you fail to extinguish the fire after attempting so in your dream, it indicates you are not ready for what is coming to you in the future.

Meanings of Different Colors of Fire

While the standard color for most fire dreams would be red or yellow, some dreams may have a different shade of fire on it.

Your hair may be burned by a blue flame, a green fire, a white flame, or a black fire.

  • Blue fire signifies inspiration
  • Green flame denotes wealth
  • White fire indicates new beginnings
  • Black fire is a warning


When deciphering the meaning of your dream where hair was on fire, get the general and specific interpretation of the main symbols and then work into analyzing the other factors of the dream that you can recall and interpret them as well.

After that, merge them into something that makes sense for you. Remember, each dream is personal to each individual. 


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