Someone Pulling My Hair – Dream Meaning

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Dreams are your windows to your higher self, and seeing your hair there is seeing your inner self and mindset. The state of your hair in your dream signifies your character as well. If you have noticed the color and style you had, those symbolize your way of thinking.

If you wondered, “what is the meaning of someone pulling my hair,” all you have to do is note down as many details of your dream as you can and then set on to interpreting each symbol alongside the connotation of the central theme of what you have seen.

Having someone pull your hair in a dream means that someone is against something that you are doing or a characteristic that you may have. You may feel defensive or frustrated about it. 

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Someone Pulling Your Hair In A Dream – What It Means

The hair that someone pulls in your dream may be your head hair, armpit hair, arm or leg hair, or pubic hair. The most common hair that is pulled in dreams is the head hair.

Your hair is most abundant in the head, and its lushness and state tell its own story in your dream as much as the thing that it underwent – being pulled – does.

What does someone is pulling my hair because I asked him or her to in the dream mean?

Dreaming of someone pulling your hair because you asked them to denotes that you are wishing someone will just swoop in and get rid of your mental stress for you.

It may also symbolize the part of yourself that wishes to set you free from your emotional burden or to at least lighten the load that you currently carry.

You may want to think over which part of you had been wishing to reign in your waking life and decide to let it take the reins. 

What does someone pulling my eyelash hair in my dream mean, and what if it fell out?

Having someone pull your eyelash hair and cause it to fall out in your dream is a warning that someone will betray you.

Your partner may cheat or your co-worker may go behind your back and hit you where it hurts. If only one eyelash falls, though, good luck is coming to you.

What does it mean if someone suddenly pulls my hair in my dream?

Someone pulling your hair in your dream means you are confused about life at the moment. You may be suffering from a lack of communication, and your thought processes and levels of understanding may be limited.

You may also be rash and aggressive, and your subconscious had sent you a warning to take it easy before you get entangled in worse problems that may involve others as well.

What does someone pulling my hair in my dream and tangling it mean?

If hair-pulling in your dream leads to largely visible tangles, it denotes that you are too disciplined and controlled that you do not even notice much of what else is going on around you.

You may only take things at place value and choose not to investigate further.

What does it mean if someone pulls my hair in my dream and I fall, too?

Dreaming about someone pulling your hair and pulling you down means you have taken too many responsibilities and you need to take a breath first.

You are under an enormous amount of stress and if you do not take a break soon, you are bound to fall hard and lose worse than what you think you will if you did not take that break.

If someone pulls your body hair and ends up pulling your skin off, it signifies that you feel like you have lost your identity.

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What does having someone else’s hair and getting it pulled mean?

Dreaming of having someone else’s hair denotes that you are basing a part of your character on the mindset you believe that person has.

Having someone pull that hair means your subconscious is asking you to be true to yourself instead of copying whatever is closest to you.

What does it mean if I have hair extensions in my dream and someone pulls my hair?

Hair extensions are unnatural, so someone pulling those in your dream means someone close to you in your waking life has noticed the destructive behavior you have been building up and is trying to get you away from it.

You may be using alcohol to numb pain, or doing self-sabotaging actions to short yourself in fear or worse failures.

What does having my hair pulled in a hair salon mean?

If you dreamt of being in a hair salon and someone pulls your hair there, it means that you are undergoing a change that either someone or yourself is not agreeing with.

It may be that someone is jealous or simply worried over your transformation, or you are scared to turn into something you do not wish to be.

Dreaming of someone pulling your hair and making you eat it

If someone pulls your hair and forces you to eat it in your dream, it means you will come to a realization about something that will cause you to feel embarrassed or disgusted.

You may experience it or you may have to deal with it by understanding what someone else’s issue is.

Dreaming of someone pulling your hair because of bugs

If you dream of bugs in your hair and someone pulls your hair because of that, it denotes someone or a part of you is trying to get rid of the things frustrating you mentally and emotionally, but not necessarily by using the healthy way.

Dreaming of your hair being smelled and pulled

Someone smelling your hair and then suddenly pulling it may indicate jealousy. You may have an individual pining over what you have. It may also denote rage, depending on how your dream went as well as your waking life’s circumstance. 

Another reason for smelly hair is fire. Did you dream that your hair was on fire? Read this.

Dreaming of someone pulling long or short hair

Long hair symbolizes freedom and power, and having someone pull that hair in your dream denotes your loss of power.

You may be feeling controlled or as if someone is holding the reins of your life. If someone pulls short hair, it indicates that you are feeling even more powerless than before.

Dreaming of someone pulling messy hair

Having messy hair in your dream means you have been feeling insecure and frustrated about yourself.

Someone pulling it is a symbol that it is time you wake up from the disillusionment. If your hair is pulled because it is being washed, it denotes the removal of recurrent negative thoughts.

Meaning Of Hairstyles

Dreaming of baldness due to someone pulling your hair

If someone pulls your hair and you become bald because of it, this dream indicates your change of mindset from being worrisome to being someone who is now unconcerned about both consequences or outcomes of projects and relationships.

It may also be an indication of your waking self deciding to be heartless after everything you had to endure.

Dreaming of someone pulling braided hair

If you recall your hair in a braid in your dream and someone pulls it, you may have found yourself awakening from being in a constant state and stuck in a pattern.

Your higher self wishes you can pay attention to this so it does not damage you further.

Dreaming of someone pulling curly hair

Having curly hair pulled by someone in your dream means you feel as if your ideas are different from other people or perhaps even too outrageous to contemplate.

You may be worried that you are being too different than ordinary people, and that fear had come and presented itself to your dream self.

Dreaming of someone pulling pigtails or ponytails

Dreaming of having pigtails signify your obedience. If someone pulls the pigtails in your dream, it means that your subordinate is something you should pay attention to and decide whether it is really helping you or not. If someone pulls your ponytail, your discipline is being tested.

Meaning of White Hair

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Someone pulling your hair in your dream may be worrisome and leave you wondering about its meaning, but it does not necessarily denote that someone is out to get you.

Having this dream usually means a part of you dislikes another part of you, such as a way of thinking or a characteristic. Depending on the specific symbols that appeared in your dream, the exact interpretation that would suit you will vary.


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