Alien Invasion Dream Meaning

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Dreams can be fun, they can be wholesome, and sometimes they can feel like you are in the middle of your own horror film. Dreams happen for a reason, whether it be as a result of news articles you have read during the day, or your mind trying to get a message through to you.

We sometimes battle to process emotions properly, and these pop up as strange and vivid dreams, as our mind tries to work them out. This often leads to dreams which are scary and which leave a lasting effect.

One such instance is dreaming of aliens.

What do alien invasion dreams mean? Alien invasion dreams, or dreaming of contact with aliens or UFO’s, are a way of your mind trying to send a message that you are uncertain of change, or that you feel like an outsider. There are certain meanings these dreams could have, and it helps to familiarize with them.

When you understand what these dreams mean, you can better work back and try to relate them to your life and work out exactly what the meaning might be, and what areas need your attention.

Dreams Of Invasions And Attacks

Most of us watch alien movies and carry on with our lives because it is exactly that – a movie. However, when you become the star of your own alien invasion in a dream which feels so incredibly real, it can be terrifying!

These dreams often start off normal enough, only for them to turn upside down, and aliens and UFO’s are attacking and invading. These dreams are often pretty traumatic, and can stay with you for quite some time – but don’t try to ignore them.

This isn’t just a made-up fantasy that your mind is trying to entertain you with. These dreams hold significant meaning, and you should pay attention to them.

Possible Meanings

To dream of an alien invasion might indicate that you are afraid of your surroundings changing. Maybe you are moving, or those close to you are moving away. It could be a change in job or uncertainty in your life.

It could also be people moving close to you, maybe new neighbors, who you aren’t so comfortable with. There might be an atmosphere of discomfort in your surroundings which is supposed to be your comfort space.

An invasion could also signify that you feel as though your personal space and privacy are being invaded or taken away. This is never a great feeling, and sometimes the only way you might feel you could process this is through a dream.

It is important to note that every character featured in your dream is a representation of different parts of yourself. The alien might even represent some part of yourself that you are unfamiliar with.

You might be going through personal growth, and the alien might be the new part of yourself that is trying to take over.

However, it could also be a repressed part of yourself that is rearing its head, one that you are not happy with inviting back.

When you think this might be the case, it might be worth getting to know what this new part of yourself is, and considering why it might be causing issues now.

Dreams Of Successful Alien Invasions

If the alien invasion and alien attack are successful and you suddenly find yourself living in an alien world in your dream, this too could have significant meaning.

It could show that you are having difficulty adapting and adjusting to your current surroundings, such as traveling or moving into a new home or attending a new school. 

This is all unfamiliar, and you might have some very valid fears regarding this, and that could lead to you feeling like you are in an alien world.

In these dreams, you feel more anxious and unwelcomed, rather than just pure terror. It is learning to adapt to a new life you aren’t necessarily happy about.

You need to listen to these dreams. They might be telling you to revaluate the decisions you have made, and whether they are the right decisions for you. It might also be a way for you to recognize that you have to learn to live with your new circumstances and to do what you can to feel at home.

Dreams Of Riding In A UFO After An Alien Attack

Your dream might start off with an alien attack, and then you might find yourself riding away in an alien space ship. This is also fairly common, and once again holds meaning that you should pay attention to.

Dreaming of flying away in a spaceship, whether willingly or not, could represent that you are wanting to escape your daily routine. You want to get out and explore and experience new things.

If there are negative feelings in the dream, it could signify that you are unwillingly being taken away, and this is even more true if it happens after an alien invasion. This could represent certain things being taken away from you.

There is also the dream of flying off in a UFO, but the dream is focused on the lift-off, much the same as an airplane taking off. This is a good indication that you need to broaden your dreams and perspective, and that you need to think bigger to achieve what you want to.

All of these might end up happening on the same night, so you need to work through the different symbolisms and meanings slowly to try and tie it up with your own life, and what it all might mean.

Dreaming About Having Contact With Aliens

Thankfully, dreaming of UFO’s does not necessarily mean you have been in contact with aliens, or that you are at risk of being contacted by aliens.

It is just a way for your mind to let you know that something foreign and uncomfortable is happening in your life at the moment, such as starting to a new job, or new neighbors moving in. 

Don’t worry that you might have an actual encounter after one of your dreams! It’s the same as dreaming you’re naked in front of your class – it doesn’t mean it is actually going to happen, it is merely your mind trying to process difficult emotions.

Keep Track Of Your Alien Dreams

People who have alien invasion dreams often have them occur over and over again. If this is happening to you, you really should consider keeping a dream journal.

Alien dreams are not necessarily pleasant, so it might be difficult to recall or revisit these dreams as they can truly be traumatic. 

Keep the dream journal next to your bed, ready with a pen or pencil. As you wake up, scribble down some of the important things that you remember from your dream, and try to list them chronologically.

You don’t have to examine the dream right then, but at least you won’t forget details.

This allows you to go through the details of your dreams and see if there are any obvious signs and if there are any factors that are recurring. This gives you all the information you need to properly decipher your dreams and work out what they mean.

There are some great dream interpreters that will also look through your dream journals and help you decipher what the dreams mean if you are not able to.

Related Questions

Do alien dreams mean I have been abducted?

No, alien dreams are a way for your mind to process emotions and changes in your daily life. Aliens are foreign to us and cause anxiety that not much else does. They are a great representation of change and feelings of discomfort. 

This is why our mind uses them to represent these emotions and circumstances in our daily lives. It is a way to process emotions that we simply cannot, or will not do, on our own.

Why do we remember nightmares more?

Nightmares don’t tend to occur as often as regular dreams, but they almost always seem to be more memorable than normal dreams. This is largely due to the fact that they are fairly traumatizing and horrific.

As we feel such real and raw emotions in nightmares, it makes sense that we would remember them more. Think about your last nightmare, you are more likely to remember the emotions you felt rather than the small details and actual storyline

Because of this, it can be hard to revisit nightmares to learn their meaning and purpose.

Dreaming Of Alien Invasions Summary

Alien invasion dreams can be so terrifying. It doesn’t matter that they are just dreams – your emotions and horror feel just as real.

As terrifying as these dreams might be, you need to pay attention to them and figure out why you are having these dreams. This might lead you open to new pathways and new ways of thinking that can only benefit you.

Dreams might seem random, but you need to take note and listen to them, they could hold some clues to things you need to work on.

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