Can You Talk To the Dead In Your Dreams?

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When you dream, you access a dimension different from our physical world. This means that you are not only open to receiving messages from your higher self, but also from other spirits that may be on the same plane.

Does that mean you can talk to the dead in your dreams? Yes, you can speak to the dead in your dreams, but various factors affect that.

Consciously talking to the dead in your dreams may take quite a while. The ability of the spirit to visit you depends on your defenses, thoughts, and the spirit’s energy, too.

You may also not even remember what the conversation was about, and simply vaguely recall dreaming of the deceased and the feeling that accompanied that dream. 

Some cases of dreaming about talking to the deceased can represent parts of your self or your life that you are trying to make peace with. This may be your subconscious helping you cope with death or a loss, accept a new change, or celebrate a new beginning.

It may also signify some issues that you need to shine a light on and let go of or move forward from, like a breakup or a financial breakdown.

But others, especially dreams of the recent dead, prove themselves to be true spirit encounters. Recently dead beings still have higher energy, and their recent transition from being a physical being to an astral being grants them the ability to enter the dimension where dreams are. This would then allow the dead to communicate with you. 

Conversations with the recently dead are usually goodbyes, though sometimes they may seek you out for guidance or comfort before going into the next world.

Dream visitations happen because either the dead seeks reassurance from the living or the dreamer unconsciously calls out to the dead for assistance.

The first may be that the spirit wishes to be told that it is alright for them to leave and start their journey on the other side.

The second may be that the living is experiencing threats or high stress and needs to remember that they are loved and not alone.

Some spirits may choose to leave a trail of messages instead of just one, though, if they are fond of those or if they feel that you need some time to piece things together to eventually accept it by yourself. If this happens to you, you will do well to practice more awareness in both your waking and sleeping life.

This is because coming in more prepared will allow you to receive and translate the messages more efficiently and accurately. You may also want to learn about lucid dreaming.

Ascended Spirits and Earthbound Spirits

In most cases, you may only dream of a dead relative once, especially around the time of his or her death, which would be enough for them to say goodbye and move on to a higher dimension.

Spirits usually become busy with their journey after that, but it is also possible to be visited by the same spirit in another time. If the deceased spirit that visits you has succeeded ascending, you will feel their high vibrational frequency in your dream. 

Earthbound spirits will have a lower frequency and will make you feel anxious, discomfited, and perhaps even fearful of their presence. This is because they have failed to move to the next plane and have remained in our dimension, lingering in the place they died or latching on to their loved ones or treasured objects.

They may also need a resolution from something in their previous life, seek forgiveness in order to move on, or are bound to a treasured possession they refuse to let go of.

They can sometimes feed off of your energy, too, because not absorbing energies will turn them into nothing but faded energy imprints. The most crucial thing to remember is to refuse to allow their negative energy to mingle with your energetic field.

You can accept them with love and warmth, but you would have to ask them to leave so that they may do you no intentional or unintentional harm. 

You may help earthbound spirits, but do not show fear, anxiety, or any negativity. Some loss of control and the rise of negativities within you will give them an opportunity to latch into you and use you as an energy source while they stay on this plane.

Ask them what their purpose is and what they need to move on, then offer advice. You do not need to close off on them especially if they are your deceased relatives, but you need to show no fear.

Ascended spirits, dead beings who passed on to the afterlife, give off the opposite of what earthbound spirits can make you feel. They have a high vibrational frequency and their presence can fill you with positive feelings like love, warmth, and a lightness to your soul.

They usually appear in dreams and talk to you to send you a message, prove to you that there is life after death, or become your spirit guide.

How to Know If You’re Really Talking To The Dead

You may wonder how you can figure out whether or not you were really talking to the deceased or if it was a mere dream. The answer to this varies from person to person because you are the only one that knows how your normal, natural dreams feel like.

Emotions you may have on that dream can be indicative of whether or not you are talking to a spirit, and the setting of the dream may suddenly become vivid when the spirit arrives.

Spirits have a different aura, and you will feel the difference their presence makes in your dream world. You can also figure out if the dream visitation was a dream visitation by analyzing your dream and putting an interpretation to it.

If it is highly unlikely that your subconscious would produce a dream like that for you or for your benefit, then you did talk to the dead in your dreams.

Dreaming About Talking to the Dead

What does it mean to talk to the dead in your dreams?

Aside from being sent a message and if it is not a dream visitation, then the dream may be a symbolic dream your subconscious has prepared for you. Your higher self may be trying to get you to accept a loss or a birth, acknowledge a forgotten part of yourself, or start your journey to healing.

You miss them

If it is not a spirit visitation but merely a dream to soothe you, you may dream of talking to someone dead in your dreams because you miss them.

If you do remember the conversation and it has been one that you haven’t spoken of before, then it is highly likely that you really did talk to your deceased relative. If it was a simple conversation where you saw yourself talking to them, it is a dream to comfort you and assure you that everything will be alright.

Feeling afraid in the dream can denote something is wrong, the deceased used to scare you, or the spirit you have talked with is an earthbound spirit that visited you in your dream.

You have a message for yourself

Sometimes you may find it easier to accept advice from someone you trusted. This may be your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, or friend. Your subconscious may mask yourself as your deceased relative in order to pass on a message to you and get you into action.

You can’t move on

If you recurrently dream about talking to the same deceased being, it could mean that you cannot move on from their death. This may or may not keep the spirit bound to you, but it will make you suffer either way.

If this is the case for you, you may want to exercise letting go of the deceased to be sure that both you and the spirit can live peacefully in your respective dimensions.

You are feeling guilty about something

Dreaming of the dead can also indicate your guilt over an event you still have not forgiven yourself for. It may be that you kept refusing to accept the truths of the matter, or feel that you may be entirely to blame.

You may want to focus instead on figuring out how to heal without blaming instead of wallowing in guilt.

You have been warned

Perhaps you have a bad habit or you are about to dive into a potentially dangerous endeavor. Your subconscious’ way of warning you is by taking the form of a deceased relative and then telling you about it. What is a better way to get someone to listen? Showing them someone already gone that comes back for them just to give a warning.


You can talk to the dead in your dreams. The dream world is in a different dimension that the spirits can access. It is also the easiest and less energy-consuming way to initiate communication in their case.

Before concluding that you did talk to a deceased spirit, though, be sure to factor in other elements such as the presence felt, the mood of the dream, your emotions in the dream, and the current situation of your waking life.

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