5 Best Ouija Boards of 2019 (And How To Use Them)

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Ouija boards have a reputation to be feared. Many people are nervous to dabble in conversation with spirit, as they should be.

But when done right, and when using proper protection and precautions, Ouija boards can be a great source of communication between humans and spirits.

People look to use Ouija boards to communicate with a loved one who has passed, or to make contact with a spiritual presence they feel in their home. Most of the time, it is innocent, just curiosity that has an outlet.

Ouija boards use the power of the spirit to work, mystical energy that cannot be easily explained, but not all Ouija boards work the same.

In order to conduct a proper séance, you need an Ouija board that has been created and made properly. Buying a cheap and fake Ouija board will leave you disappointed. 

If you are wanting to purchase a Ouija board to communicate with a ghostly presence, look no further. These are the 5 best Ouija boards on the market.

The 5 Best Ouija Boards of 2019

As excited as you might be to rush out to buy a Ouija board, you need to know what you are looking to achieve. Obviously, your primary goal is to communicate with spirits, but not all Ouija boards are created equally.

There are some that have been created more for entertainment purposes, for people to simply dabble a bit in the spirit world, and there are those that have been created to give complete power to speak to spirits.

These powerful boards give more of an opening to the spiritual world, so it is worth buying one that has a little built-in protection, such as being made from blessed wood.

It is also important to buy a Ouija board which has a smooth surface, allowing the planchette to move along the board easily.

You don’t want to miss out on any messages because the planchette gets stuck on a rough surface! 

Think of what you want to achieve first, if you are a newbie or a trained spiritualist, and then choose your Ouija board from there.

1. Zeckos Nemesis Now Celestial Wooden Spirit Board

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This mystical spirit board is created simply.

The board itself is 15’’ x 15’’. The board has been made, and named, to present itself as having a lighter and safer purpose than the usual association made with Ouija boards.

It is a great board to start off with, as you might be more comfortable using a board created to reach kinder spirits.

It is made from medium-density fiberboard and lacquered paper. It has a vintage look about it, making it feel authentic, despite its modern creation.

It is a great board to use in order to send out positive affirmations and to receive good vibes, just by using this passive board.

The planchette or gliding piece measures 4.25’’ x 6’’, so it is easy to control and maneuver when communicating with spirits.

It has a glass viewing window which allows you to follow exactly what the spirit is trying to communicate.

It is complete with all letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, yes and no and true or false options.

It was designed to be used by two players at a time, which is a good idea as using a Ouija board alone is never a good idea!

Keep the positive vibes and good intentions alive when talking to spirits with this Calling Heaven spirit board.

2. Ouija Board Game

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This is a classic spirit world game that allows you to ask any spirits present questions, and allow them to guide you through the planchette to spell out their answers or intentions. 

The set comes with a game board, a planchette and detailed instructions on how to use it. The board comes complete in an antique-looking box which holds all the pieces safely when not in use.

It is a lighter-spirited Ouija board, created to let you unlock secrets from the unknown. With a friend, sit around the board and place your fingers on the planchette.

Speak out to spirits, asking simple questions, and hopefully, they will use their spirit energy to guide the planchette to answer you.

On the board, the spirits can use the yes or no options, letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9 or the goodbye option to convey their message across.

It was created by Hasbro gaming, so expect a more ‘board game’ feel from it, but that might be a great option for those just dipping their toes into the supernatural world, not yet willing to commit themselves to the serious nature of powerful Ouija boards.

3. Beatus Lignum Ouija Board

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This is the mother of all Ouija boards! Just by looking at it, you can tell it’s authenticity and untapped power.

It is crafted from Walnut Wood, and all lettering is hand burned into the wood. It is a limited edition that would be a treasure to anyone who is really into communicating with spirits authentically.

It is made completely out of one piece of wood, making it solid and durable. It has a natural oil finish that gives it more of a traditional look as well. The included planchette has a built-in magnifier glass, making it easy to read messages sent through from the other side.

Along with dark and beautiful illustrations burned into the wood, it also has all the letters of the alphabet, yes or no options, numbers 0-9 and a goodbye.

The solid, naturalness of the wood makes the experience so much more intense, as the wood holds mystery and intrigue, intensified by the energy of a spirit around you. It really is more than a beautiful collector’s item, it can be used by those who practice spiritism to really make solid and clear contact with spirits surrounding them.

It really is more than a beautiful collector’s item, it can be used by those who practice spiritism to really make solid and clear contact with spirits surrounding them.

It should be used by those who are experienced in contacting spirits, as it is the real deal and can prove quite powerful.

Zeckos Lisa Parker Tree Of Life Pentacle Glass Spirit Board

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13 inches in diameter, this resin based and glass topped spirit board is truly incredible.

Taking a different, more spiritual approach from usual Ouija boards, this spirit board is based on Pagan beliefs.

They believed that the roots of the Tree of Life extend down into the spirit world, and therefore allow the tree to serve as a form of communication between our world and the world of the dead.

This octagonal spirit board has been created and illustrated by Lisa Parker. The thick circular glass which covers the base allows for an incredibly smooth surface for the planchette to move along.

The planchette has a clear hole in the center, allowing you to view what the spirit is trying to spell out.

Because of the pentacle shape of the board, it is supposedly blocked and protected against any evil spirits, and the spirit board comes with instructions in the form of an inscription under the board on how you can take extra precautions to guard yourself against harmful spirits. 

The board measures 13’’ x 13’’, it has all the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9, yes, no and goodbye options, all beautifully illustrated with an authentic feel.

Natural Real Walnut Ouija Board

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This beautifully crafted Ouija board is made from one single piece of Cherry wood. It has been uniquely designed, and along with the precise laser engraving, it has a really authentic look and feel.

The wood has been oiled naturally to keep the feel and energy of the wood, and the smooth surface allows for the planchette to travel along it easily.

The planchette comes included with a built-in magnifying glass, making it easier for you to quickly read what the spirit is trying to communicate.

The board itself was handmade by artist Eric Thibodeau, and each board is individual and unique. Being handmade, it carries real energy about it, something mass-made Ouija boards lack.

It comes with all the standard engravings, along with beautiful illustrations. Yes, no and goodbye, all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-9 are included on the board.

It allows you to summon spirits and communicate them in a classy way, and successfully as well. It is also made with Beatus Lignum, which means blessed wood in Latin, allowing you to have extra protection during seances.

The workmanship is incredibly detailed, and it can even pose as a décor piece in your home when not in use!

All these Ouija boards cover a range of needs and experience, and some are safer to use than others.

Think of your experience with spirits, and how much contact you actually want to make or invite in, and then decide which Ouija board would suit you best. 

Try to keep things as authentic as possible, as this authenticity brings about wonderful energy which attracts spirits and allows them to make contact easier, than when using mass-manufactured Ouija boards that just don’t do the same.

Rules to Follow When Using A Ouija Board

While many people think that Ouija boards are just fun and games, but making contact with the spirit world can be a dangerous act.

You never know who is waiting on the other side, jumping at the chance to make their way through to our world.

Because of this, you need to protect yourself and find ways to keep positive vibes throughout the communication.

There are also certain rules to follow during the communication.

Spirits deserve a certain amount of respect, and in order to have a safe communication, you need to remember this.

1.    Never taunt or tease a spirit in order to get them to communicate with you through a Ouija board. This could end badly.

2.    Don’t ever ask a Ouija board or spirit the date on which you will die.

3. Don’t always trust a spirit. Yes, they can communicate with you through a Ouija board, but it does not mean they are speaking the truth.

Don’t believe them straight away if they say they are a lost loved one or a small child in need.

This could be a malevolent spirit trying to gain your trust in order for you to open up to them

4. Always use a Ouija board with a partner, never alone. The more people using the Ouija board at once, the stronger the energy to connect with a spirit.

If you have a large group of people, it is okay for some to sit back and just watch the session, as it might become too crowded with everyone trying to place a finger on the planchette. Their energy alone will be enough.

5.    Never use a Ouija board inside your house. If something goes wrong, a malevolent spirit might be released into your home, and once they are there it might be hard to get rid of them.

6.    One person in the group should take the lead. This person will ask all the questions.

Having one person do this will allow them to familiarize with the spirit, make contact, and not confuse the spirit by many people asking questions.

While this person might be the one asking the questions, the energy from the other people in the room will help keep them safe.

7.    Do not try to interfere when the leader is asking questions. Avoid asking “is it working”, or laughing if nothing happens.

This can all bring negative energy to space which can actually interfere with the process and close the lines of communication.

You just need to place your fingers on the planchette and direct your energy to the board and the leader.

8.    Never make jokes or ask silly questions, this could irritate the spirit and turn them against wanting to continue communicating with you.

9.    Have one person in the room keep track of questions and answers. Instead of the leader being distracted by trying to keep track of what the spirit is spelling out, a person should be assigned to write all letters, words or numbers on a notepad, and read it out to the group when it is done.

Do not guess answers though, wait until the planchette has stopped moving until you read the answer out.

10.    Never leave the planchette on the board when the session is done. Remove it and separate it from the board. It is considered extremely bad luck to leave it on the board once you are done.

11.    If you become weary and need a break, ensure someone else keeps their fingers on the planchette to keep a connection with the energy you have accumulated during the session.

12.    Remember to always close off your session by saying goodbye. You need to have a clear signal that your session is over and you want the spirit to leave.

13.    Try and use your Ouija board in a location that is dark and not noisy. Use candlelight to illuminate your session, just enough so you can see what is being said on the board.

White light from a candle also offers protection from evil spirits.

14.    If you make contact with a spirit and they start working their way letter by letter through the alphabet or counting down the numbers, end the session immediately by saying goodbye.

This is a strong sign that you have made contact with a malevolent spirit who is trying to escape the board.

15.    Another sign you have contacted a malevolent spirit is when they start using the planchette to create a figure of 8 or an infinity symbol. End the session immediately by saying goodbye and remove the planchette from the board.

16.    If you suspect you have made contact with a malevolent spirit, immediately end the session by saying goodbye and leave the space, this will help cut any energy you had between the group and the spirit.

17.    Never use a Ouija board in a cemetery.

18.    Do not use a Ouija board if you are suffering from depression. These emotions draw in negative spirits and you might be more susceptible to manipulation. The same goes for using a Ouija board when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

19.    If you want to get rid of your Ouija board, do not burn it, this could cause more harm. Instead, store it safely away with the planchette separate from the board.

History of the Ouija Boards

Ouija boards have been around for a long, long time. The first mention of a Ouija board can be found in China, around 1100AD.

Mentions of it can be found in documents from the Song Dynasty, where mention of planchette writing is found.

The method was initially known as Fuji. It was a means of communicating with the dead, a form of necromancy, but it was only ever done under special supervision and following proper rituals.

It was eventually forbidden by the Qing Dynasty.

It is said that many entire scriptures found in the Daozang are entire works of planchette writing. This method was not only used in China but can also be found in spiritual writing in ancient India, Rome, Greece, and medieval Europe.

As time went on, people became more into spiritualism, no matter the harsh stigma attached to it.

Spiritualists looked for a different means to communicate with the dead, and after the American Civil War, the popularity of speaking to the dead grew as families wanted to speak to loved ones who had died in the war.

As a result of this, the first Ouija board was created in Baltimore, Maryland, in the year 1890. While there were many different spirit boards being used prior to this, this is the date where the Ouija board we know today was created.

How Does a Ouija Board Work?

A Ouija board is a means to contact a lost loved one, or a spirit in your presence. A planchette with a clear window is placed on a flat surface which displays letters, numbers, yes and no.

Participants place their fingers onto the planchette and make a connection with a spirit by asking questions. T

he spirit will connect with the participants and use their energy to move the planchette around the board to spell out answers to questions, or give numbers as dates, etc.

There are many variants of Ouija boards created, but they all work on the same concept.

How to Use a Ouija Board

Never attempt to use the Ouija board if you are not feeling well or are feeling emotionally unbalanced.

Choose a time when you feel in good health and a sound mind. Keep positive intentions in mind and don’t use drugs or alcohol when attempting to communicate with spirits.

You should also use a Ouija board with a partner or a group of people, to further protect yourself.

1.    Choose one person in the group to ask all the questions.

2.    Participants should place fingertips on the edge of the planchette. Do not overcrowd it.

3.    Warm the planchette up by moving it around in circles on the board.

4.    The chosen person should ask a question. Start off simple with something such as “is there a spirit here?”

5.    The planchette may move in response to your question, spelling out an answer to the question asked.

6.    Have one person write down and record all answers from the Ouija board and spirit.

7.    Ask more questions as the session continues.

8.    Always end the session by placing the planchette on goodbye and telling the spirit the session is over and ask them to leave.

9.    Pack the planchette and Ouija board away, but do not leave the planchette on the Ouija board as this is considered bad luck.

Best Ouija Boards of 2019

As exciting as it may seem to be able to contact spirits and receive answers to questions using a Ouija board, remember to respect the process and do so with caution. Once you understand this, choose your Ouija board and get questioning!

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