5 Best Free Ghost Apps of 2019

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If you are a newbie looking to head out on your first ghost hunt, you probably don’t want to spend a ton of cash gearing yourself up to catch the existence of the paranormal.

Or maybe you suspect your house of being haunted and don’t have the equipment to prove you’re right.

Luckily for you, there are some really great ghost hunting apps that you can download to your phone, which supposedly help you track and capture the existence of ghosts nearby.

Gone are the days where you need to be a trained medium to know if there is a ghost around or to communicate with them. Now you can simply download an app and get investigating.

What You Need For Your Hunt

So in order to successfully use your ghost hunting apps, there are a few things you need:

A smartphone – This seems a little obvious, but you won’t be able to download a ghost hunting app without one! There are great apps for both Android and iOS, just make sure to check which apps can be downloaded to your phone.

A spooky location – Find a place that is notorious for ghost appearances. You can either search up local areas around you or take a chance at finding a ghostly presence in your own home. Caution – if you find the presence of a ghost in your home, it might freak you out and disturb your sleep!

External power bank – Ghosts are notorious for draining power from energy sources. There is a chance that if a ghost is around, it might try and drain the battery from your phone. Keep a power bank charged and ready in case this happens, there is nothing worse than being on the cusp of an encounter, only for your phone to die!

The 5 Best Ghost Hunting Apps

Here are the 5 best ghost hunting apps of 2019 to get you started. There are quite a few of them online available for download, but not all of them are effective or real. These are the top 5 to try out:

Ghost Radar – Spud Pickles

What makes Ghost Radar so great is that it is so simple and easy to use. It is an effective, yet basic, ghost hunting app. 

The app has a radar on the screen. It measures the quantum fluctuations around you and your devices, and the GRC reads it to determine if there is a ghost present. If there is, a green dot will appear on the radar, indicating the whereabouts of the ghost. 

If the ghost attempt to communicate with you, the word it uses will appear on the screen, for example, “push” or “hello”.

The app is easy to use and has no unnecessary frills. It simply detects the ghosts around you using the energy in the room, shows you where the ghost is and then lets you know what message it is trying to pass on to you. No frills-ghost hunting at its best!

Ghost Locator – Sebastien Mougey

Ghost Locator is a little more on the fun side and does offer up some information on a ghost nearby than most other apps do.

There is a radar on the screen, which shows you when you have a ghost nearby. You simply have to flick the switch on or off.

What makes this ghost app so interesting is that if you find a spirit nearby, you can click on the image on the radar and it will give you information such as the weight of the ghost, how old it is, when it died and how old it was when it died. 

As an addition to the app, there is the Ghost Herald, which is a publication run by the creators of the app. There are interesting stories and facts to be found in this publication. To make it more interesting, however, if you enter a cheat code, 666, you are able to track the devil. Most of the time it is standing real close to you, so the validity of this is yet to be decided.

Ghost Communicator – Andrew Gronek

Ghost Communicator is another app that utilizes a radar to indicate the presence and location of a ghost nearby. Using the app, you will have to place your finger over the fingerprint in order to connect.

The app doesn’t have any dots on the radar to show the actual location of the ghost, but instead, it will show you what the ghost is saying. It usually only communicates one word at a time, but this is often enough for a ghost to get their message across. It is better to use in smaller spaces, allowing the ghost to come to you, instead of walking around with no indication of where the ghost may be.

Ghost Detector – Purple Penguin.com, Inc

This is a classic app that is easy and simple to use. It claims to utilize advanced algorithms that configure your smartphone and enhances its sensitivity. Using the app, you can measure EVP and EMF, instead of quantum fluctuations used by other apps. 

There is a radar on the screen that detects ghosts around you, and if one is found, it appears as a blue dot on the radar. The ghosts are also able to send messages through to the app, often in quick succession. The multiple words sent through does make it easier to decode what the ghost is saying, making it a better line of communication.

Ghost Observer – AKEV

Ghost Observer is a step above the radars used in other ghost finding apps. You use the camera on your smartphone to give you a real-life image of the scenes in front of you. 

The image in front of you is transformed into a ghostly spectrum on your screen, with the app pointing out any spiritual forms that might be right ahead of you. It can also relay messages from ghosts, and with a $1.99 upgrade, it will translate the ghostly messages for you.

What makes this app cool is that you can view the ghosts in real time, and see their location right in front of you. It can be spooky at first, but after time it is fun and easy to use. There is also a radar on the screen that shows the location of the ghost as a dot, so you know when you are approaching one and when to look out for it on your screen. It will also let you know what type of ghostly presence you are encountering, and you can take some screenshots of the view on your screen.

How to Know When a Ghost Is Nearby

If you find yourself skeptical about ghost hunting apps, there are some other signs you can look out for to help you know for sure that there is an actual paranormal presence around you.


Ghosts love to mess with energy sources. If you notice lights flickering, turning on or off, or electronic devices acting up or being drained of energy, this is a good sign that a ghost is nearby. Just like you see in the horror movies! Always be sure to stay calm though, your fear could just entice them even more.


If you are hearing some unexplained or random noises around you with no logical source, a ghost may be trying to get your attention. Ghosts bang items, knock on surfaces and make footstep noises to try and alert you of their presence. Most of these noises are noticed at night, as the world is quiet and sound travels much easier, but they can also be present throughout the day. Ghosts don’t conform to our clocks and seasons, it all just depends on how alert we are, and when we are actually paying attention to them.


Spirits and ghostly energies are able to manipulate the temperature in certain areas. This could feel like a sudden, unexplained cold breeze blowing past you, or a drop in temperature in the room. A theory for this is that ghosts suck the energy, or heat, from the air, in order to gain energy and possibly catch your attention. So if you feel a drop in temperature for no reason at all, it might be a ghost sucking the heat from your surroundings. Keep a thermometer close by so that you can track these temperature drops, just to cement your suspicions.


If a ghost has enough energy, they might be able to gently brush the back of your neck or poke your arm. If this happens, it might be a gentle sign from the ghost that they are nearby. Don’t doubt yourself; instead, look for other signs of a supernatural presence.

Ghost Hunting Apps

Brush up on your ghostly knowledge and download one of the ghost hunting apps to your phone. Stake out a spooky area, or even your room, and hopefully, you will catch some evidence of a ghost nearby.

Don’t push too far though; you never know what might be lurking behind the boundaries of the unknown.

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