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Dream analysis can be a fascinating path to take. There are so many different symbols and meanings found in our dreams, and working through these to figure out what they mean can be so enlightening.

Our dreams are a way for our mind to communicate things to us, things we might not be able to process while awake. It does its best to send a clear message, but sometimes it can be hard to work out what seemingly random dreams might mean.

Cats are such a symbol found in dreams, and they could mean many different things depending on how they are found and presented. One such dream that you might have is a dream about cats in a house.

What does dreaming about cats in the house mean? Usually, dreaming of cats in the house means you are stuck emotionally, perhaps even depending on a lie. Or it could mean you are living in a fantasy; you need to wake up and realize what you might be perceiving is not real. However, dreams are individual, so your dream could mean something else.

There is no one-size-fits-all meaning for dreams, and this is true for dreaming of cats in a house. However, there are some basics to base the meaning of the dream on, and then work out how it might apply to you.

Here is all you need to know about dreaming about cats in a house!

What Does Dreaming About A House With Cats Mean?

Everyone has heard the term “crazy cat lady”, of the old woman who lives alone with way too many cats in her house.

If you happen to find yourself in a house that fits that description in a dream, then pay close attention.

Dreaming about a house with cats inside could be a real sign that you are living in a bit of a fantasy. You may not be seeing things for what they truly are. You are likely a victim of deluded thoughts, whether on purpose or without realizing.

It shows that you could be emotionally reliant on believing in lies rather than facing the truth. This could be quite dangerous.

This could be because you are living in less than favorable circumstances, and you would rather follow a false idea of what your life is like rather than accept the hard truth and attempt to change things for the better.

While living in fantasy might give you the comfort you need to get through each day, it can have serious consequences. Having a dream of cats in a house could be your inner self trying to tell you to wake up from the fantasy.

It might be incredibly hard to let go of delusions and fantasies, but having the dream is probably a sign to let go of the fantasy and to be brave enough to face reality.

Facing your reality will not be easy, but it will be the first step in healing and moving forward, and possibly even moving away from the reason you had built up a fantasy to live in in the first place.

What Do Cats Symbolize In Dreams?

Encountering animals in dreams can hold a variety of meanings.

Seeing cats in a house in a dream symbolizes that you are living in a fantasy.

However, there are a few other things that cats might symbolize. This will depend on how the cat is presented and how it acts in a dream.

Here are a few different cats you might see in a dream, and what they could mean. Remember that these aspects may tie in with seeing cats in a house, and the way the cats in the house act could add meaning to what the basis of the dream is.

Health Of A Cat

Many believe that cats are a symbol of intuition. How the cat acts in your dream might represent how open you are to your intuition.

If you notice a sick cat in your dream, this could be a sign that you are not nurturing and relying on your intuition enough. Perhaps you rely more on intellect and not enough on instincts.

Take this as a sign to trust what you feel, and to go with your gut more when faced with a situation. Take time to learn how to listen to your intuition, and you just might see a healthy cat in your dreams in the future!

Aggressive Cat

Cats are closely associated with femininity, and often hold this symbolism in dreams. If you come across an aggressive cat in your dream, it might show that you are uneasy with some aspect of your feminine side, regardless of gender.

This can be quite a wide range of issues, and only you would be able to work it out best. However, if you are afraid of the aggressive cat, it could suggest that your femininity scares you.

An aggressive cat might also mean that you feel threatened by someone in your life who is malicious or acting ‘catty’. You might be afraid of this person or feel like they could be threatening you.

Lost Cat

Dreaming of a lost cat is a good sign that you might feel as though you have lost your independence, and that someone or something is stopping you from feeling free or feeling like yourself.

If you find your cat in the dream or rescue the cat, it could be indicating that you are reclaiming your independence and that you are feeling yourself once again, gaining control of your own life. Searching for the cat is merely you searching for your independence.

Playful Cat

Seeing a playful or frisky cat in your dream shows that you need to act more playful or carefree in your own life. This cat could also show your desire to feel loved and needed.

A house with lots of cats who are playing could mean that you might be showing a different side of yourself to others and that you are aware that you are being untrue to them.

Take note of this and instead work to show more of your real self to others, instead of putting up a false persona that isn’t natural to you.

Wild Cat

A wild cat could indicate that you are associating with someone who might be dangerous or that you have an ongoing dispute with someone.

If the cat fights you, then take it as a warning that something bad is coming up, such as someone cheating you or taking from you. The cat biting you shows that you might have lost something, something which was very close or sentimental.

If you manage to cuddle or hug the wild cat, it suggests that your enemies can be tamed and that you can overcome the difficulty between the two of you.

What Does Dreaming Of Kittens In A House Mean?

Dreaming of cats in a house shows that you are living in a fantasy world, with self-made delusions. The cats represent this as well as your need to break free.

Dreaming of a house filled with kittens has a similar meaning, but shows that you are scared and vulnerable. The kittens represent your vulnerability and fear of the life you are trying to protect yourself against with your delusions.

These kittens are seen as helpless, and this is most probably how you see yourself, whether in certain or all aspects of your life. This is a horrible situation to be in.

You know your delusions are not helping you with anything more than getting through the day, and you think you are helpless.

Take strength from the dreams, work through any issues and try to live in reality, bettering your life wherever you can.

How Do I Stop Dreaming Of Cats?

The best way to stop dreaming about cats is to work out what the cat dreams might mean, and then solving these issues in your real life.

Your mind is great at picking up on unhealthy situations and practices and relays these through dreams to you. You just need to pay attention and work out how you might solve these issues for yourself.

There is power in working through your problems, and your dreams might be the perfect starting point to figuring out your first step.

Related Questions

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Cats?

The spiritual meaning of cats does vary, but generally, cats symbolize femininity, power, creativity, independence, curiosity, and intuition.

With all these meanings, you would have to work out which relates to you best, and how it might apply to your life. Look for other symbols and context in your dreams to try and work this out.

Is it Good Luck to See a Cat in a Dream?

It is difficult to say whether seeing a cat in your dream is good luck or bad luck. It all depends on the context of your dream, and what the dream might mean.

What Color Cat is Good Luck?

Nowadays, seeing a black cat cross your path is considered to be unlucky. However, a few decades ago, cats were considered to be good luck. They were well-loved and even featured on postcards!

Seeing a black cat in your dream might very well be a sign of good luck if the dream is positive.

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