7 Best Salts For Protection – Buyer’s Guide

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Salt has been used for its protective and healing powers throughout time, and it is still widely used today to ward off bad energy and to keep homes and people safe.

There are a few different ways that you could use salt to protect yourself, and a few different salts that you could choose. Plain salt sitting in your cupboard can help with basic protection, but there are some other types of protective salts that help with more specific purposes.

Which are the best salts for protection? When using salt for protection, you can’t go wrong with plain salt. However, if you feel you need some added protection or something a little stronger, you should look to use black salt, or salt which has been created for a more specific purpose.

To help you make the right choice when buying a salt to protect yourself and your home, or to use for a special occasion coming up, here is what you need to know to choose the best option, and the best protective salts you can buy.

Does Salt Provide Protection?

Salt has many different uses spiritually, and even as mundane as salt might seem, it is incredibly powerful at warding off bad spirits and energy.

One of the most popular ways that salt is used for protection is by being left around the home. People who feel that their home needs purifying, or feel that there are negative energies in their space, leave bowls of salt in corners of their home or line windows and doorways with salt.

This salt is believed to cleanse the area, chasing away any bad energy and not letting any in. Salt can also be used when out of the house too, so your protection does not have to be in your home only.

You can place some salt into a small bag and carry it around with you when you leave home, or even for longer trips when you are out traveling. This salt can be infused with different herbs like sage to increase its protective power even more.

For when you feel as though you need a stronger energy banisher or more protection in your home, you could use black salt, or a specially made protection salt. There are also salts made for different events, such as bringing good energy to a wedding and warding off bad luck.

Salt has been renowned for its protective properties for centuries, and its protective power is just as strong today as it has always been.

Buyer’s Guide – Protective Salt

When buying protective salt, you need to keep a few things in mind to help you choose which salt would offer you the most protection, and serve its specific purpose best. Here are some of the factors to consider when buying protective salt:

1. Purpose Of The Salt

You need to know what you are going to be using the salt for before choosing which would be the best for you. If you are looking for general protection to use in your home or to keep on you when out, then plain salt would be fine to use.

For stronger protection and to ward off negative energies you feel go a bit further than plain salt, you could choose to use black salt, which is considered to be stronger.

To cleanse yourself and rid yourself of any negative energies and emotions, you could look to use an infused bath salt, which you can soak in the bath and use specifically for yourself.

Other salts are made for specific purposes, such as a salt to use on your wedding to only allow positive energy in. You need to know what you need the salt for before choosing which would be the best option.

2. Infusion

Plain salt works really well for basic protection, but there are some salts that are infused with different herbs and essentials oils that offer increased or more specific protection.

There are many different herbs and oils used to ward off certain energies, to invite in good energies, and to offer certain types of protection. If you have a specific herb or two in mind, you could always look for a salt infused with this.

3. Quantity

Consider how much salt you need for protection. If you are just looking to keep some salt in your pocket when you visit haunted locations or when trying to connect with spirits, you won’t need that much salt.

However, if you are wanting salt to keep around the house, whether in bowls in corners in your home, or to sprinkle around all the openings and boundaries in your home, you will need a lot more salt.

7 Best Salts For Protection

Here are some of the best salts for protection that you can buy and use either in your home, when traveling, in the bath, or for a special event to ward off bad spirits and energy, and to keep your space and mind cleansed.

ProductKey Features
1. The 5th Ele Black Salt For ProtectionBlack salt, rosemary, velvet bag
2. Maldon Salt, Natural Handcrafted Pyramid CrystalsPyramid crystals, natural and unprocessed
3. Urban ReLeaf Blessing SaltDead Sea salt, edible, dissolvable
4. Uncrossing Bath SaltsMixed with warding herbs and oils
5. UnaLunaMoona Wicca Black SaltBlack salt, velvet bag, rosemary infused
6. Ritual Bath SoakHimalayan pink salt, rose quartz
7. Pursoma Moonlit RitualPink lotus aroma, also helpful for sleep

1. The 5th Ele Black Salt For Protection

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This black salt offers strong protection against bad energies and works well to drive away evil spirits, and to seal off your home or personal space from harmful spirits.

The salt can be used in your home, deposited around the house to form a protective barrier, or carried around with you in the beautiful velvet bag it is provided with. Along with the salt and the velvet bag, you are given an instruction card on how to best use the black salt in your home.

To increase protection, the black salt contains rosemary, which is a herb that has long been used to offer protection and ward off evil spirits. This also gives the black salt a pleasant aroma, so you won’t mind it sitting around your house or carrying it around in your pocket.

Use this salt if you need some extra help warding off evil spirits, or to act as a strong barrier against negative energy if you are contacting spirits.

2. Maldon Salt, Natural Handcrafted Pyramid Crystals

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Plain salt can be a very powerful protective mineral, but if you want something a little more special than table salt, this Maldon Salt is a great option.

The salt is handcrafted into pyramid crystals and is a very sought-after product. As the salt contains a perfect natural mineral balance, and contains no additives or having not gone through heavy processing, it is as natural as can be, which makes it that much more powerful.

It is a great salt to use to infuse with herbs and essential oils to increase the level of protection, and it is a good protective option to keep around the house, warding off negative spirits and keeping the energy of your home neutral and balanced.

Natural and with no preservatives, you can make the most of the natural power of this salt. Whether you choose to use it around the house, to use it during spirit connections, or as travel protection, it will work as a great protector and boundary for the spirits and energies you want to keep away.

3. Urban ReLeaf Blessing Salt

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The Urban ReLeaf Blessing Salt is perfect to use at special events, such as weddings, baptisms, blessings, and housewarmings.

The salt comes straight from the blessed Dead Sea in Israel and contains healing minerals that help to protect, anoint, detox, purify and balance where it is used.

Use the salt to add positive blessings to special events and to help strengthen your spirit. It can either be sprinkled around a ceremony, or added to food to be eaten.

The salt is fully edible and easily dissolved, which gives you a good way of ingesting the healing and protective minerals, and sharing it with family too. 

If you are looking for a salt to use on a special occasion, this should be your first choice. Straight from the Dead Sea, the salt holds many minerals and protective properties that will offer protection to all of those who use it.

4. Uncrossing Bath Salts

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Sometimes, dotting salt around the house or carrying it around with you might not feel like enough. You might feel like you need something that can help to soothe your spirit and soul, at the same time as warding away bad spirits and energy.

That is where the Uncrossing Bath Salts come in to help. The bath salts have been infused and mixed with different herbs and essential oils which are particularly powerful when it comes to warding off negative energies, and even negative curses.

All of the bath salt packs are hand-blended and made to order, which gives the salt much more power, as it is not mass-produced, and the blend is made with purpose and intention.

The salt is natural and sourced from the Dead Sea, with all of the herbs and essential oils being natural and picked for a specific reason too.

Give yourself some time to soak in this protective blend of herbs and sea salts to give your energies and boundaries more power of protection, and to ward off any bad intentions that someone may have put on you. It is the best way to soothe and rejuvenate your wards and energies.

5. UnaLunaMoona Wicca Black Salt

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The UnaLunaMoona Wicca Black Salt is powerful at removing negativity, evil spirits, and any hexes from your home or your life. Not only does the salt offer protection, but it works to balance the energies in your home.

With the black salt kit, you will receive 2 ounces of black salt which has been handpicked and specially formulated to protect against evil spirits and a beautiful velvet pouch for when you want to carry the salt around with you.

Made from a special recipe that has been passed down through generations, this black salt is one of the most potent you can find to buy and can help to provide empath protection as well.

The black sea salt is infused with rosemary, which is a strong ward against evil, and two secret ingredients which increase its potency and protection.

6. Ritual Bath Soak

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The Ritual Bath Soak is made from Himalayan pink salt, and rose quartz which contains 84 trace minerals, all of which play a role in protection and rejuvenation.

Not only does the bath soak provide a relaxing and luxurious bath experience, but it provides you with the right protection and wards to stave off any negative energy and spirits.

The salt can be used in the bath, for when you feel like you need to soak in positive energy, or the salt itself can be used around the home, or carried with you, as a ward against evil.

When used in the bath, the soak helps to draw out any toxins and negative energy, and then deep cleanses the skin, and deeply cleanses your spirit and your energies.

The aromatherapy the bath soak offers is beneficial as well, with a deep masculine base that builds up protection and boundaries, and soft feminine florals which help to revitalize your energies and soothe your soul. These scents come from bergamot, orange zest, grapefruit, rose petals, jasmine, sandalwood, and musk.

7. Pursoma Moonlit Ritual

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Pursoma Moonlit Ritual Bath Salts help to give you a relaxing and soothing bath, but the bath salt is also just as powerful at providing protection, either used around the house or used to soak your body in.

The bath salts have a stunning indigo hue, with aromas of pink lotus. All of these elements create the perfect environment to ward off energies and negative spirits and to build up your boundaries and wards to prevent any bad spirits from trying to make contact.

Only natural ingredients are used, such as natural sea salt, as well as minerals, which are all so effective at protection. The bath soak is beautiful and effective when used in a bath, but the sea salt and natural minerals also make it a great option to use when contacting spirits, or to keep in your pocket when traveling away from home.

On a more practical note, the bag is re-sealable, which makes it so handy to keep packed away until you need some added protection in your home. You will love the protection, aromas, and auras it brings to your home.

Related Questions

What Is The Spiritual Purpose Of Salt?

Salt signifies loyalty, fidelity, value, durability, and purification. The idea of salt being used for purification has continued through centuries, with it being a popular mineral used in certain rituals and practices, helping to ward off bad energies and spirits, most often in Wicca or Witchcraft.

Can I Put Salt In My Doorways?

Salt can be placed around the entrances and openings of your house, such as doorways and windows, to prevent any evil spirits from entering. This is often done when it is believed someone is trying to curse you or send negative energies your way.

It is also done once a house has been cleansed, for when the bad spirits have been banished and you do not want them to be able to enter the house again. Salt is effective and powerful at preventing the presence of bad energies and works well to ward them off and chase them away.

Can I Use Salt To Protect Myself In A Séance?

Many people choose to keep salt with them when contacting spirits. You never know which spirit might try to contact you, whether it is good or bad, so the salt works to prevent bad spirits from making contact and taking hold.

However, the best way to avoid anything attaching to you is to properly close the séance and never invite anything to stick around.

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