Best Dowsing Rods For Ghost Hunting

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You’ve just decided you would like to go ghost hunting. You’re absolutely positive that you’re are ready to catch the next paranormal phenomena to enter your grandma’s basement.

However, you realize that you forgot a dowsing rod. Now what? Where do you even begin to look for one? 

If you’re in the market for a dowsing rod but aren’t sure what one is best, you’ll be an expert on dowsing rods by the end of this article. 

What is a Dowsing Rod?

A dowsing rod, also known as a divining rod, is used primarily to find water wells, various metals, and even gemstones underwater. 

However, in some past cases, people used them to track missing people who were buried in unmarked graves. This makes dowsing rods an incredible item for ghost hunting because it can see the unseen and guide you to various energies. 

People have been using sticks, twigs, coat hangers, and wires for years as dowsing rods. Traditionally, they were called Y-rods because they were a Y-shaped branch or twig from a tree or a bush.

Depending on the person using the Y-rod, the kind of tree used will differ. Hazel, witch-hazel, willow, and peach tree twigs are the most commonly used. 

With a Y-rod, the twig should move in a twitching like motion when it comes across the conductor. 

What Makes a Good Dowsing Rod?

There are a few aspects that make a rod better than others. Firstly, you must have two identical pieces that are the same length. They should be no longer than two feet and no shorter than one foot. 

Some of the most functional dowsing rods have an L-shape on the end to make a comfortable handle.

Without a doubt, the most popular and effective material for a dowsing rod used for ghost hunting is copper. 

Copper is quite expensive but it is one of the better options due to its conductivity. It’s the second most conductive metal on planet earth, which makes it great for finding different energy sources. 

Copper rods are truly one of the most powerful conduits into the world of spirits. 

Now that you know what makes a good dowsing rod, there are a few more aspects of dowsing rods you should know. 

To make sure you get the best results possible with your dowsing rods, be sure to know how they work and how to get the most out of them. After all, the best dowsing rod you can use is the one you’re most comfortable with. 

How To Use A Dowsing Rod

In this section, we’ll cover everything you need to know when using a dowsing rod. This includes your stance, grip, mindset, energy usage, and more. 

Get Familiar

Once you have your dowsing rods, it’s incredibly important to get familiar with them. Learn how they feel, how they move when you move and how they stand when you are still. 

Ask the rod questions while taking it to various spots to see how it reacts. Take the dowsing rod into areas where you know wells are present to understand how the rods will react. 

Then, make sure you take them into an area that has definitive ghost activity to learn how it will react to that type of energy. 

One of the best methods to practice is to have a friend or family member burry a piece of relatively conductive jewelry or a water bottle somewhere in your backyard. You can practice using the rod by walking around until you get a reaction. 

Your Stance

When using a dowsing rod, it’s recommended to stand relatively still, legs spread slightly and arms held close to your sides. Keep the rod extended out in front of you. 

Relax your legs, relax your arms and take slow and deep breaths. When using your dowsing rods you can think of it and treat it like a meditation. 

You want to be relaxed with a clear mind. If you are stressed, the rods are going to react differently than they normally would. 

The Grip

Much like your stance, your grip on the dowsing rods is incredibly important. Everything about this experience needs to be relaxed. 

The minute you start to get tense, the rods will react in a way that you are not expecting, therefore they will produce results you don’t want. 

You should hold the rods tight enough that they won’t fall, but loose enough that they can move freely in your hands when they conduct.

Hold the rods so that rods are parallel to the ground. You want to hold the rods in this position until you start moving. 

Once you’re ready, you can lightly tilt your hands so that the rods are now pointed downward on a subtle angle. Make sure they aren’t pointed downward more than ten degrees or gravity will pull them right from your hands. 

This is where your grip becomes extra important because it’s working with the pull of gravity. Not too loose, and not too tight. 

The Mindset

We’ve already discussed the need to keep the body relaxed and the mind empty. However, it is just as important to go into it with no expectations. 

Entering any type of ghost hunt with a head full of expectations is never a good idea. When you ask a question don’t expect a certain answer, and when you walk into a certain area don’t expect a certain reaction. 

When it comes to ghost hunting, expectations are trouble. The mind is a powerful thing and your energy alone could potentially cause those dowsing rods to move.

The ‘X’ Shape

Take the rods to a place where you know there is ghost activity. Walk around closely until your rods start to form the shape of an X. 

The rods cross and uncross in the shape of an X when magnetic fields, ghosts, water, and other elements beneath the ground are conducted. Once that has happened, you know there is some strong energy coming from something such as a ghost. 

Once you have found the strongest energy source, drop one of your rods on the spot and ask the ghost if they would like to talk. 

This is where your understanding of how the rods react to yes or no will be important. Depending on the answer the rods give you, continue with your questions respectfully or leave the spirit alone. 

Yes or No

Once relaxed, it’s time to establish how the rods will react to simple yes and no questions. You will need to ask the rods a series of questions to get an understanding for this, but once you are done you can start ghost hunting. 

Typically, if the dowsing rods swing open that is a yes. If they cross into an x that is a no. The best way to establish a yes or a no is by test runs. 

Find some kind of material like a water well, a coin, a gem or metal of some sort and place it on the ground. 

Get in your position and start talking to the rods. Start by asking the rods to lead you towards the object. As you start walking, they will react to the conduit and from there you can establish your yes and your no. You’re almost ready to start ghost hunting!

Never Share

It may seem harmless to let your buddies use your dowsing rods. However, these rods are incredibly sensitive to different energies and do adapt to how you use them. 

You should never let your dowsing rods be used by another human being, no matter who they are. The energy of a different person will confuse the rods and you’ll get various results that could throw off your hunt. 

Keep your rods to yourself and take good care of them for the best results. 

Conserve Your Energy

When you start ghost hunting, be wary of how many questions you ask at first. Especially in the beginning, you will want to take it slow. 

The spirits will be using your body and all of your energy sources in order to connect with the dowsing rod and communicate back to you. 

The more spirits you reach out to and the more questions you ask, the more likely you are to exhaust yourself. Take it slow, only ask a few questions, rest up, and move onto the next spot. 

Picking A Good Dowsing Rod

When looking for a good dowsing rod, you should start with the material. 

Natural materials such as twigs and sticks will work just fine but the best results are done with copper. Copper is such an amazing conduit, if you can afford it, there’s no reason not to go for it. 

Spirits can sometimes be quite sensitive to different materials and will avoid materials that are toxic. When looking for a dowsing rod, make sure that the copper is 100% through and through. 

The last thing you want is cheap materials that are coated in copper. These usually contain high amounts of lead that are incredibly toxic to humans. Whether you ingest it through your mouth, the air, or water, it can be fatal. Ghosts will want to avoid it and so should you. 

Additionally, copper is incredibly smooth and lightweight. You will be less likely to experience any type of fatigue from walking around holding them all night. 

The smooth feel of the rods will help to avoid splinters, cuts, and scrapes which might be more common when using twigs and sticks. 

Taking Care Of Your Dowsing Rods

When it comes to tools that work with energy, taking good care of them is an important aspect that is often overlooked. You can’t just throw these rods in your dresser drawer after a long night of ghost hunting, you have to treat them like gold. 

Energy is a sensitive thing. Little tiny specs of dirt and bad energies can interfere with results. Not only should they be cleaned and stored well, but they also should be charged with your positive energy.

If you are working with copper, wash your dowsing rods in warm and soapy water. Don’t use any harsh chemicals and don’t let them soak.

Dry them off immediately with a really soft and non-abrasive cloth. Be careful not to scratch them up with steel wool or a rough drying rag. 

Recharging Your Drowsing Rods

The best way to recharge and infuse your rods with your energy is to keep them around you. Keep them close to you during the day and sleep near them at night. 

If you happen to be in a bad mood or think any negative energies might be negatively affecting their ability to work, you can cleanse them.

The process of cleansing your dowsing rods is simple. Simply place your dowsing rods into a ziplock bag with sea salt. 

Make sure the roads are coated in the salt, seal it shut and let the rods rest in the bag for a night or two.

Remove the rods the next morning, clean them off with a non-abrasive cloth, and you are good to go ghost hunting!

The 5 Best Dowsing Rods

Now that you know a little more about dowsing rods, it’s time to start ghost hunting! First things first, you will need a good set to use out on the field. Here are our top picks of the best dowsing rods available in 2019.

1. Intuitive Doodlebug Dowsing Rod Set

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One of the best dowsing rods available online is the Intuitive Doodlebug Dowsing Rod set by FPK products.

These dowsing rods are made out of brass and feature copper and tortoiseshell on the handles. 

These dowsing rods are 13.5” in length and the handles are 4.5”. This is the perfect length for a dowsing rod because they are over 12” long but under 15”. Anything above 12 inches and under 15 inches is highly sensitive and will be more likely to pick up on any energies in the area. 

In addition to the rods, the product includes a pendulum. The pendulum is made out of crystals that contain similar benefits as Ruby and Zoisite. 

The company claims that this combination will help improve your ghost hunting abilities by increasing your own body’s energy field. 

2. Copper Dowsing Rod

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The most impressive dowsing rods are almost always made out of copper.

Any metal will do just fine, but the conductivity in copper is hard to argue with. This set is no exception. 

Made by FM&OT, these dowsing rods were designed specifically with ghost hunting in mind. They are made entirely in the United States. However, the included pendulum is imported from an undisclosed country. 

This dowsing rod set is priced on the lower end, but the quality is not. The handles are 5” long and are made out of copper. The rods are 13” and also made entirely out of copper.

There are no copper coatings, hidden traces of lead, and no cheap materials trying to be covered up here. 

Additionally, the company has included instructions on how to improve your dowsing skills. They also include two glass bottles that you can fill with water or other materials to improve your dowsing accuracy. 

3. Boao 2 Pack Dowsing Rods

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Next up is the affordable dowsing rod set by Boao. These rods are extremely well priced and make a great option for any beginner. 

They are made entirely out of solid alloy from the handles to the rods themselves. 

These rods are incredibly compact which makes it very easy to sleep with them and keep them close by, which increases their functionality. 

The rods can retract between 5.90 inches and 21.65 inches. This is great because you can pick and choose how much space you need between you and your hunting grounds. While 13” is one of the most ideal lengths, if you need that extra space you have it.

This set comes with a velvet storage bag to keep your rods protected and comfortable. It may seem odd, but the way you take care of your dowsing rods is just as important as the rods themselves.

Storing them in a velvet bag keeps them from getting scratched up.

4. Copper Dowsing Rods with Bag & Booklet

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Here we have another copper dowsing rod set. It is no surprise that two copper sets have made our list since copper is without a doubt the best material for dowsing rods. 

These rods are made by a company called It’s Your Journey, LLC. They are made with top of the line materials and more affordable than many others. 

The rods come in at 9 inches long which is kind of short for a dowsing rod, but would be a great set for those tight spots. The handles are about 4 inches long which is quite average. 

The rods come with a storage bag to keep them safe and a booklet to learn how to use them. 

While the rods themselves are made out of solid 1/8 inch in diameter copper, the handles are made with a copper tubing so that the energy will flow smoothly. This isn’t as ideal as solid copper throughout, but the handles aren’t all that important so they will still be effective. 

5. Enchanted Jewelry Divining Rods

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Last but not least, we have the dowsing rods from Enchanted Jewelry. These rods made the list for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the company is incredibly reputable and know their stuff. 

Furthermore, the design of the rods is incredible. They are made with copper, although we are unsure if it’s solid or coated. 

The rods come in at 12” long and have a 5” handle. They are pretty heavy which can be beneficial and also problematic. If you have weaker wrists, we wouldn’t advise you to buy these ones. 

However, heavier rods can be beneficial when hunting in bad weather or if you are a heavy walker. They are less likely to move because of wind or because of how your body moves. 

These rods get a lot of praise because of the design. They look great, but function even better. The rods move incredibly smoothly because of a ball-bearing-like construction. 

Combined with a good grip, this should allow you to get the most accurate readings in sensitive environments. 

When buying a dowsing rod, you definitely want to look at how the rods move. If the attachment is cheap it can sometimes be too loose or too stiff which will alter your results. 

Related Questions 

Is a dowsing rod better than a pendulum?

A dowsing rod and a pendulum are actually two different products, but they are quite similar. 

While a dowsing rod responds to ghosts by swinging in and out of an X shape, the pendulum swings back and forth. 

They are both capable of yielding the same type of results with a different sort of method. A pendulum can be used for dowsing, but many have claimed that the dowsing rod is more direct. 

Are there any ways to confirm the dowsing rod picked up on a ghost?

Unfortunately, there is no way to ever know if what we are in contact with is truly a ghost. 

However, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to get the most accurate answer possible. 

For starters, find some maps that will show water sources and any underground structures or wells in the area. They shouldn’t be hard to come by if you contact the city or property owners. Even doing a quick search on Google can help you figure out what might be under there. 

If you have eliminated a well, the next step would be to figure out if there are any other conductive materials down there such as gems. Do research on the local area to figure out if that general area has any minerals that would be commonly found. 

If you can’t access any of that information, your last step would be to dig. Dig as deep as you can legally dig and see if anything is down there. If not, you might just have yourself a ghost. 

Any history around that site should be researched to figure out if it’s a burial ground or if there is a known haunted area in that region. 

Last but not least, use other tools to confirm your findings. An EMF reader, infrared thermometer, and voice recorder are a few great tools that can help you determine if what you are dealing with is a natural phenomena or a ghost. 

A lot of ghost hunters will point the EMF reader in the direction where the dowsing rods reacted to see if there is any other activity in the area.

If you are getting EMF signals in the middle of the woods, it is worth looking into. 

Is copper more effective than hazel twigs?

When it comes to conductivity, copper is definitely more effective. However, when it comes to dowsing, there is some speculation. Some have claimed that the material is only as effective as the dowser.

You can use the best copper in the world, but if you don’t have a good method, don’t practice, and are uncomfortable or tense the entire time, you aren’t guaranteed to yield any results – good or bad. 

If you are really relaxed, have mastered the perfect stance and grip, and have practiced in different conduits for a few days or even months – a twig might yield more results than you could have ever expected. 

It is more about practice and understanding than it is materials and tools. 

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