Best Thermometer For Ghost Hunting – 2018 Guide

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Most ghost hunters and paranormal investigators have a few key items with them all the time: an EMF Meter, a good flashlight, and a thermometer. Each has it’s own purpose, and each item is extremely important. Primarily ghost hunters use thermometers to spot cold spots, that could indicate the presence of a ghost, spirit, or paranormal being. In this article I’m going to outline the very best thermometer for ghost hunting in 2018, tell you about a few other great ones, outline why they are important, and even tell you how to use them!

Ok, let’s start by going over the best thermometers for ghost hunting, and talk about why each one is a good choice.

Best Thermometers For Ghost Hunting

If you haven’t had a chance, take a look at my full article on cold spots as it will talk in detail exactly what they are. However essentially cold spots are sudden drops of temperature in one are of a home or space. Many ghost hunters and paranormal researchers believe these are caused because spirits are made of energy. So when these ghosts manifest, they pull energy, or heat, from the air around their location, causing the sudden drops in temperature we see.

We’ll talk about this more down below, but I thought it was important to outline here so you understand why these thermometers are so popular.

Ok, so when we’re looking at which thermometers are best, you’ll notice that they are infrared targeted thermometers. These allow you to enter a space and quickly scan the area for cold spots. They also respond very quickly (usually under a second) to drops in temperature making them the absolute best choice.

Ok, now let’s get to the actual products. (These selections are based on my personal experience, research, and opinion).

EnnoLogic Temperature Gun Dual Laser Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Best Thermometer For Ghost Hunting

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This infrared gun style thermometer is the absolute best on the market for ghost hunting in my opinion. Let’s talk a little bit about all the reasons why.

Temperature Range – To start with, the EnnoLogic has an enormous temperature range, between -58°F and 1202°F (-50°C to 650°C), with an accuracy rating of ± 1%. This is absolutely stellar, and will ensure that no matter how far temperatures drop, you will still be able to get an accurate reading. Remember that when a spirit appears, it pulls what heat is available from the air around it. That means if it is already cold outside, you could easily see cold spots in the negative temperatures.

Fast Refresh Rate – The EnnoLogic powers up and display temperatures within half a second. It also refreshes multiple times a second, which will give you accurate readings while you scan a building during a haunting.

Set High/Low Alarms – This is pretty unique for a thermometer like this, but is such an exciting feature for your next ghost hunt or paranormal investigation. Since this thermometer updates the temperature readings so quickly, it can be hard to monitor the display all the time checking for cold spots, especially if you’re on the move. With this device, you can pre-set low temperatures that will give an audible and visual alarm.

Min/Max/Average – The digital display shows you the minimum, maximum, and average temperature readings all at one time, allowing you to easily get a full picture of the temperatures of the room.

Store Temperatures – Think you found a cold spot, but don’t want to stop scanning? The EnnoLogic can hold temperature readings that you can analyze later.

The bottom line is, this is the absolute best Thermometer for ghost hunting (and just about anything else), and bonus, it’s not even very expensive!

Ok, now let’s take a look at my favorite budget ghost hunting thermometer. 

 SURPEER IR5D Laser Infrared Thermometer GunBest Budget Thermometer For Ghost Hunting

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The Surpeer IR5d Is, at least in my opinion, absolutely the best budget infrared thermometer for ghost hunting on the market, for a few reason. First of all, it is really inexpensive. Second of all, it actually packs a good amount of features for its low price. Although it might be quite the quality the EnnoLogic is, I think it’s a fantastic value for the money.

Let’s cover some of it’s features.

Long Range – The Surpeer has a 12:1 spot ratio, meaning you can get highly accurate measurements even at far distances.

High/Low Temperature Alarm – Just like the EnnoLogic, the Surpeer IR5d can be set to alert you at certain low temperatures. This means you can set what you think a cold spot might read at, and automatically get an audio and visual signal when the scanner has found one.

Fast Response Time – The Surpeer thermometer refreshes quickly, under a second, making it fantastic for sweeping a room during a hunt or investigation.

Free Thermometer – This model also comes with a free simple thermometer that you can use to as a setup to measure air temperature of a room, or as a backup in case your infrared fails. It is also really useful to measure the air around you, and around your device, since your infrared thermometer is intended to check temps at a distance. Also, not all cold spots will you see at a distance, sometimes you may walk right through one, and it’s nice to have a way to measure this.

Overall, this is just a great thermometer for the money, and it won’t let you down during a ghost hunt.

Alright, now let’s briefly cover one other thermometer I think is at least worth looking at.

Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature GunParanormal Thermometer

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This is another quality infrared thermometer that you can get rather inexpensively. It doesn’t have nearly the features of my top pick, and falls slightly short of the Surpeer, but it is still a really good, and very popular digital infrared thermometer gun.

Here are some of the features that you can expect.

Laser Guidance – Certainly one of my favorite features of this thermometer is the laser sight, and it’s something I wish more thermometers had when it comes to ghost hunts. Sometimes when you’re trying to find cold spots, and you suddenly get a low reading, you’re not quite sure where you infrared thermometer gun was pointing. The laser helps a lot at knowing exactly where the cold spot was.

Scan and Lock – The EtekCity has a trigger on it that allows you to lock in temperatures. This will hold the reading for you as you continue to scan. This is an extremely useful for ghost hunters as it allows them to take a cold spot measurement without stopping their sweep.

Large Display – I also personally really like the display on this unit, it is large, bright, and gives you just the information you need the most.

Although if I were going for the absolute best thermometer for ghost hunting I would get the Ennologic, I think this is still a solid choice and worth looking at.

Ok, now that we’ve looked at the very best thermometers for ghost hunting, let’s talk a little bit about why they are important.

Why You Need A Thermometer For Ghost Hunting

First of all, if you are unfamiliar with what cold spots are, I encourage you to check out my full post on it here.

Thermometers are popular in the toolkit of just about every ghost hunter, and every paranormal investigator, and for really good reason. They are useful, inexpensive, and fun. But do thermometers actually help you locate spirits?

The concept is essentially this: In order for a spirit to manifest in whatever form it might, it must draw energy in the form of heat, from it’s surroundings, including air, and objects near it. These acute temperature drops in temperature can be measured using an infrared thermometer, and if you detect one, there is a high likelihood it is a ghost or spirit.

This is the reason that you will see professional ghost hunters on television almost always having a thermometer in one hand, if they don’t already have an EMF meter in that hand.

Here is a quick clip from the show “Ghost Hunters” showing the T.A.P.S. team using infrared thermometers just like the ones I recommend to locate spirits.

Final Thoughts On Thermometers For Ghost Hunting

The bottom line is, thermometers are a helpful, fun and inexpensive tool that makes just about any adventure more fun. They provide needed information about your surroundings. Coupled with the right EMF meter, you’ll have tons of information to find spirits on your next ghost hunt.

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