Dreams About Public Bathrooms – What It Means

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We’ve all had an experience in a public bathroom. Whether it was unpleasant, enjoyable, or just neutral, it was still an experience. 

However, when we lay down in our comfy beds and hope to have a good dream, a public bathroom is the last thing that probably comes to mind. 

Dreaming about public bathrooms are not all that common and might leave the dreamer feeling quite confused. So if you’ve ever dreamt about a public bathroom, let’s figure out what it might mean!

What Does Dreaming About Public Bathrooms Mean?

Dreaming about public bathrooms typically symbolizes urges, cleansing, instincts, burdens, and in general, the need to let go. 

Dreaming about a bathroom symbolizes the same reasons you use a bathroom. You use a bathroom to eliminate waste or burdens, to cleanse your body, and you are often led there by instinct. 

For that bathroom to become public, it usually will indicate how you are feeling about whatever it is you need to let go of. 

Why a Public Bathroom?

The public aspect of the dream is brought on by emotions surrounding that situation. 

For instance, if you feel anxious or shy about using public bathrooms and are also anxious or shy about letting go of a certain something or someone—the public bathroom serves as a symbol to your anxiety.

More often than not, public bathrooms appearing in dreams are almost always connected to current emotional issues that you might be dealing with. 

They also usually include family, friends, or romantic partners. If these dreams are plaguing you at night, it might be time to flush some personal baggage that is weighing you down. 

Some questions to keep in mind: Were you using the bathroom? Were you looking for the bathroom? Was the bathroom clean? How did you feel? 

All of these questions are incredibly important to the deeper meaning behind the dream. Let’s look at some of these variables in detail that might affect what your visit to the dream bathroom might have meant. 

How did you feel in the bathroom?

The first question you should always answer when you are trying to break down the meaning behind a dream is your feelings. Were you anxious? Were you scared? Were you excited? 

All of these feelings can provide different answers. If you were scared in the dream and in general you are scared of public bathrooms, it probably means that you are afraid to let go of someone or something that is wreaking havoc on your life. 

If you were feeling shy or anxious, it might mean that it’s hard for you to let go of that emotional baggage. You might be nervous about the outcome. 

If you are happy, this means that whatever in your life is causing you problems won’t last for much longer. It shows that you are feeling excited and confident about flushing away that emotional baggage, and you’re ready for a fresh start. 

What was the bathroom like?

The second thing you should try and examine is the overall vibe and physical aspects of the dream. The gender of the bathroom is actually very important to pay attention to. 

We live in a time now where there are many gender-neutral bathrooms. Dreaming about them doesn’t typically mean anything different from normal public bathrooms. 

However, dreaming about being in a public bathroom that is marked for the opposite sex typically means you need to let go of someone who is pushing your boundaries too far. 

Being in the wrong bathroom isn’t a crime, but it can be uncomfortable. If someone in your life of the opposite sex is making you feel uncomfortable and potentially ignoring boundaries you’ve set, it is time to take action. 

The next step is to examine the physical aspects of the bathroom. The cleanliness, the decor, the overall age. If you’re dreaming about being in a dirty public bathroom that feels toxic, it might mean that the burdens you need to get rid of are toxic people. 

If the bathroom is incredibly clean and luxurious, it might mean that someone is pushing you too hard and making you reach for goals you aren’t ready to go after. 

We’ve all had someone in our lives who has either pulled us down with negativity or dragged us down by pushing us to perfection. Either way, your dream is telling you it is time to let them go!

What Took Place in the Bathroom?

The next step to analyzing your dream is to understand the events that took place. Were you using the bathroom normally? Did the toilet break and overflow? Was there a ton of people in the bathroom banging on the doors? 

If you are simply using the bathroom as you would, we now understand that it means nothing more than letting go of some emotional baggage. This can be a bad relationship or a bad situation. 

However, other events can take place in the bathroom that are just as important to the meaning behind the dream. 

Typically, if you are using a public bathroom that is really busy and people are grabbing at the door handles, you probably feel rushed and anxious. This typically symbolizes the lack of privacy you feel that you have in your daily life.

Maybe you share a room with a sibling or your roommates are cramping your style. Whatever it is, it might be time to find your own place or try to establish some boundaries to gain back your privacy. 

Dreaming about a public toilet that overflows or doesn’t flush properly typically represents how you feel out of control or overwhelmed with your burdens. 

Dreaming About Searching For A Public Bathroom

When you dream about looking for a public bathroom, the tables turn. When you normally dream of a public bathroom, it symbolizes in one way or another that you need to get rid of something.

However, when you dream about searching for a public bathroom it symbolizes your wanting to let go.

You might be frantically looking around, running from place to place, and are worried you might not make it.

Furthermore, if someone is using the bathroom or blocking you from using it, you might be concerned about obstacles that might be preventing you from letting go of those burdens. 

Related Questions 

What if I dream about an experience I had in a public bathroom?

If you dream about an experience that you had in a public bathroom, it is most likely symbolizing the fact that you haven’t let go of that memory. 

Chances are if you are dreaming about an experience in a bathroom, it probably wasn’t a good one!

However, there are some exceptions to that. Either way, these memories are potentially causing you stress, anxiety, and distracting you from what is important. 

Your dream is simply telling you to move on and let it go. 

If you see your reflection in the mirror while washing your hands in a public bathroom, it could have its own meaning.

Can a dream about a public bathroom be brought on by anything else?

Yes, a dream about a public bathroom can simply be caused by you going to bed before using your current bathroom. Sometimes we forget to use the bathroom because we are so tired and then we are just too comfy to get up.

If you wake up from a dream about a public toilet and you really have to pee, it might mean just that!

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