Dream Of Someone Trying To Kill Me And My Family

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Dreams of someone trying to kill you or your family can be absolutely terrifying. Dreams come in all shapes and forms, but they are all representations of what we have experienced during the day, and sometimes, have hidden messages that we need to find meaning in.

So what does it mean when you dream about someone trying to kill you or your family? Dreams about someone trying to kill you or your family relate to having lost control in life. You might feel as though you are in complete control in life, but deep down you have doubts about this. Take notice of this, as it might help you work on personal issues you never knew about.

Understanding your dreams opens yourself up to understanding yourself better as well, and gives you better insight into what your deeper worries and concerns might be.

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Understanding Killing Dreams

Most dreams are happy, pleasant, and full of fairly decent experiences. When a dream such as one of someone trying to kill you, or kill your whole family happens, it can really shake you to your core.

Someone attacking and killing you, and then your family, is most of our worst fears, and almost all of the time when this happens in a dream, you feel completely out of control, and that there is nothing you can do to stop the inevitable from happening. 

Dreams such as this can be traumatic. Even though you know what you dreamt never really happened, your emotions and how you felt were real, and this can stay with you for quite some time.

It can be quite difficult to dissect these dreams. Not only is this because we don’t all have a good grasp of dream symbolism, but because the dreams can be painful to work through as well. We don’t want to have to relive the traumatic events over and over, even if they weren’t real.

You might be left with some questions after dreaming of someone trying to kill you or your family. These could be:

  • Whether you are hurting someone else in your life
  • If you are being too defensive in your life
  • If there are patterns of behavior that you need to change

These might be valid questions you need to ask yourself after such a dream, but it can be difficult to pinpoint exact meanings.

Dreams Of Being Killed

Properly recalling and dissecting your dream can help you better understand the meaning behind it, and sometimes this is essential in moving forward, no matter how painful it might be.

Being attacked in your dream, and having someone chase you while you run away is terrifying. Sometimes, these dreams don’t necessarily end up in you being killed, but you know the chase is done with intent to kill you, and that is scary enough on its own.

In the dreams, your effort to protect yourself and your family is futile, and no matter what you do and how fast you run, you never get away, you have absolutely no control.

Dreams are often an outlet for our emotions, and when we cannot process these emotions in real life, we interpret them differently when they appear in our dreams. So your dream of someone trying to kill you or your family has significant meaning to repressed emotions.

Here are some possible meanings that dreaming of being killed, or your family being killed, might have:

Avoiding a situation – Sometimes, dreams of this nature might relate to a situation in life that you are trying to avoid. No matter how hard you might be trying to avoid the situation, or avoid a certain person, you just cannot get away.

This is usually true for people who would make your life difficult, or who could be dangerous. It could also relate to stressful situations that you are wanting to avoid. This is usually easy to figure out if there is a person like this in your life.

Fear of failing – If you do not know the person trying to kill you, and there is nobody in your life who might be trying to harm you, then the dream could be a representation of you being scared of failure. 

The attacker in your dream could represent a quality you are afraid of, one which you are trying to escape. It might be that you are afraid of failure for something coming up in your life, or that self-esteem issues are holding you back.

Loss of control – Usually, dreams of you and your family being killed mean you feel at a loss with control in your life. This could be anything from not having control of family issues, to not having control at work.

You cannot stop the person in your dream from killing you and your loved ones, and this feeling of hopelessness rings true in your real life.

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Remembering Details

It is so important to try and remember as many details about your dream as possible. This could really help you decipher the dream. To do this, many people keep a dream journal next to their bed.

As you wake up, quickly jot down the dream and any details you remember. You will be able to refer back to this when the time comes to find out the meaning of your dream.

Important details during dreams such as this would be who the killer is, how he approaches his victims, and how he actually performs the killing.

It is also a good idea to recognize the type of danger. Your mind might be subconsciously warning you of something you might not have noticed in your waking life. If it is a dream of a stalker, it might warrant you looking for an obsessive admirer in your life.

Managing to escape the danger, or disarming the killer, even if it is the third or fourth time you have had the dream, is a good sign. It shows that you are making progress and taking back some control.

Notice how you are being killed:

  • If you are being stabbed in the back, you might be lying to yourself or being untrue to someone in your life.
  • If you are wounded in the heart, it could show that you are ignoring significant emotions.
  • Having your throat cut, or your family’s throat cut, could also mean that you feel you cannot speak for yourself, or your family has lost their own voice.

These are all horrible details to think about, but they are so important to better understand your dreams.

Take Note Of The Nightmares

As traumatic as these dreams are, they are always great indicators of something else happening that needs your attention. Life can be busy, sometimes sending messages through dreams is the only way an issue grabs our attention.

A dream of someone trying to kill you or your family is serious, and it deserves some deciphering to figure out what the deeper problem might be. 

If it is a recurring dream, keep a dream journal, and record every detail. You might notice some changes, which could signify that the situation is getting better or worse.

Related Questions

What does it mean if someone is trying to shoot me in my dream?

If someone tries to shoot you in your dream, and even if they are unsuccessful, it might suggest that you are anxious about someone or something in your life that is working to make you fail or which might be inflicting change.

Can nightmares be warnings?

Nightmares can be warnings, especially if they are violent dreams. This can be horrible for people who suffer from REM sleep behavior disorder, which causes them to kick, scream, and thrash during their sleep.

Pair this with a violent dream and it can be a traumatic experience for you and if you have a partner. Do not ignore these dreams, there could be an important meaning hidden between the nightmares and violence.

What causes strange dreams?

Strange dreams are often caused by stress or changes in your routine and life. If you are exposed to stress or anxiety right before going to bed, such as watching a scary movie or reading bad news, this could cause strange and vivid dreams.

Avoid any stressful or worrying situations right before bed to prevent yourself from having any strange or scary dreams. You will have a better sleep for it!

Dreaming Of Being Killed Or Someone Killing Your Family

Dreaming of someone killing you and your family is incredibly stressful, it is a dream that nobody wants to have, but sometimes it is the only way for your mind to let you know that something is wrong.

Pay attention to your dreams to pick up on any signs or messages that might need attending to.

As traumatic as these dreams might be, you need to go through them to pick up the details needed to sort an issue out and decipher what changes need to happen.

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