Can Ghosts Communicate Through Our Dreams?

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Have you ever wondered if ghosts or spirits can communicate with us through our dreams?

Inside each and every one of us is a little bit of curiosity for the unknown. Whether or not we choose to explore it, we cannot deny that there are mysterious forces at play around us each and every day.

Some people follow their instincts and explore the parameters of the unknown world. Pushing the boundaries of the veils hidden between light and dark. For fun, knowledge or a more sinister cause, some seek answers and assurance from sources outside our realm of being.

Sometimes, these beings seek to contact us.

How exactly can we hope to communicate with apparitions that live in the peripheral? How could they let us know that they are still here among us? Do they have a specific message to give, an instruction to pass down, or are they looking for reassurance that they haven’t been forgotten?

Throughout history, people claim to have been contacted by ghosts through their dreams. Many people push these encounters aside as an over-active imagination or simply a vivid dream, but the answer isn’t nearly as simple as that – no matter how much they want to convince themselves otherwise.

How are we supposed to know the best ways for an inconceivable being to communicate, when we can hardly agree on whether or not such a being exists in the first place? This is why it really isn’t that far-fetched to imagine that spirits can contact us through our dreams. It would make sense for them to come to us in our most relaxed, peaceful state.

Spirits contact us through dreams for many different reasons. They might be helping console a grieving family member by letting them know they are okay, they might be offering help or guidance, or even passing on instructions for a task left unfinished. Remember that it is extremely rare that a ghost is out to try and hurt us

Losing a loved one is something extremely difficult to come to terms with. We might not even be aware that we are longing for a sign that they are okay and at peace. Spirits, however, pick up on this. Once their human body has passed on, they are left with their spirit alone, and not many options on how to communicate with us.

Dreams are the most common way for ghosts to make contact. While we are asleep, we are at our most comfortable state. Our conscious mind is at complete rest and is more relaxed and giving less resistance to outside forces. Spirits find it easier to enter our consciousness at this point and do not need to put up much of a fight to get through.

As we are used to dreaming, we are more comfortable seeing something out of the ordinary during our sleep than in the waking day. Seeing a loved one appear to us while we are asleep is definitely much more comforting than having them appear to us in the middle of the day. Our minds are more open to processing and receiving this information in our dream state, and we are more likely to pay closer attention to the details when we are in a dream.

Spirits will usually communicate with symbols, signs, scenes, and words. This can be totally confusing at first, but everything is there for a reason, and everything would have been chosen for a specific purpose. They would want to give a very definite, very precise message, but have limited resources, time and energy to do so.

What To Do If You Think A Ghost Or Spirit Is Trying To Communicate With You

If you experience a dream with different symbols and signs, it is best to decipher them than take the message at face value. There are many books that can guide you through signs used by spirits, many professionals who study this field, as well as many different resources on the internet. Often a symbol will mean something completely different than what you first assumed it too.

Keeping a dream journal will help you keep track of these dreams. As you wake up after a dream, or even in the morning, write down everything you remember in detail. Keep the journal next to your bed so that it is the first thing you do after waking up. Write down every detail you can, often it is the smaller signs and symbols that are the most important.

Many people doubt whether or not they are being visited by a spirit or if they are just having strange, vivid dreams. People who experience these dreams regularly say that you will definitely know if you have been visited, just try not doubt yourself too much and trust your instincts.

A dream visitation will be peaceful and calm. The apparition – that of a loved one or someone else who has passed, is usually surrounded by light. They will offer encouraging words of comfort and maybe a message for you or someone else. Sometimes spirits choose people to convey a message for them. This happens when that chosen person is more open to receiving the spirit in a dream, so is more likely to receive the message and be able to pass it on than they intended recipient may be.

Be careful about opening yourself up to these visitations too freely. You may look forward to being visited by a lost one in your sleep, but becoming too open to these could invite some darker forces to come and play. Keep yourself protected. In your mind, think only of who you would allow in and ask for guidance and light to protect you while you sleep. Once something more sinister has worked its way in, it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of it.

How Do Ghosts Try To Communicate Through Our Dreams?

There are also many different ways that spirit might be signaling to us that they are trying to make contact. If you are experiencing these dreams and notice one or more of the below happening, you can assure yourself that somebody is trying to make contact with you.

  • You hear your name being called – we all turn around now and again after hearing our name to see nobody standing there. This can often be a spirit using all their energy to get our attention. It almost sounds as if it has been called in your head, and you can’t find the source of the sound. Don’t ignore it. Rather, try and focus on this voice when it happens. There may be more to the message.
  • You sense a presence – you can feel someone watching you, someone follows you into a room, but it isn’t an ominous feeling. Spirits can make their presence felt. It won’t be a suffocating feeling or one that feels dangerous, instead, it will just be a feeling of someone else occupying your space, even if you can’t see them. Don’t be afraid; just be happy that you have someone by your side, watching over you.
  • Objects move around – sometimes spirits are able to move small objects around. If you see a small item fall or move out of the corner of your eye with no explanation, it could be a spirit trying to make contact. Hopefully, it is nothing expensive that ends up breaking – but what a better way to get your attention.
  • Lights flicker – spirits are able to manipulate electricity and energy. They manage to alter the flow of electricity and make lights flicker. As scary as this might be at the time, just remember that it is coming from a loved one, who just wants you to know that they are there.

Spirits, apparitions, and ghosts try different methods to get their message across. The most direct and effective way is by contacting us through our dreams. They are able to talk or give signs of what they need to say, and we are often able to remember this information. Pay attention to these dreams, and any other signs that may be happening around you. Follow your instincts and don’t doubt what you suspect. There might be a very important message waiting for you, or it might just be that little bit of comfort you need in order to get closure.

Spirits are all around us. They are stuck between our earth and an afterlife. They are lonely. Watching your family move on from your passing is an experience we can’t even begin to comprehend. There might have been unfinished business that they left behind or a chapter they left open. It is completely understandable why they would want to try and make contact. Comforting a lonely wife they left behind, giving wisdom and direction to a lost son, or even just making their presence known – spirits have a purpose to play in our world.

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