4 Best Ouija Board Apps [Of 2021]

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The Best Ouija Board Apps

Yes – that’s a thing now.

The wonderful world of technology. There is an app for nearly everything out there – and now you are able to communicate with spirits using your mobile phone or tablet.

Surprisingly enough, you can download Ouija board apps and use them to communicate with a lost loved one or to connect with a spirit you have felt around you.

In this article, I’m going to show you the 4 best Ouija Board Apps you can download in 2021.

People connect with spirits for many different reasons.

To answer unanswered questions, to solve mysteries, to find out the identity of the spirit or even just for a bit of fun.

Using Ouija board apps during summoning lets the spirit give you definite yes or no answers and even spell out exactly what they want to say.

There really isn’t any misinterpretation of signs and symbols when using the Ouija board. It allows the spirit to give straight, direct answers.

Ouija boards back in the day

Ouija BoardOld fashioned, actual Ouija boards are wooden blocks with yes or no options inscribed, as well as each letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9.

‘Summoners’ place their fingers on a ‘planchette’ – a heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic that is directed by the spirit to the yes or no options, or to the correct letters to spell out words.

There are some absolutely beautiful traditional Ouija boards you can still get online. I have this one from Amazon and am absolutely in love with it

But if you’re looking to be less hands-on, there is an App for that!

Ouija board apps function using the same principles, but the app does all the work for you.

The spirit should connect through the device and use the screen to spell out their answers. Seems simple enough right?

What Does A Ouija Board App Do?

Much like an actual Ouija board, the Ouija board app has the same set up with yes or no options, each letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9.

It has a planchette that will move along the screen to the correct answer or letters/numbers.

The theory is that spirits should be able to move the planchette on the app the same way they would do it with an actual Ouija board.

If all goes well, a spirit should answer your questions using the app. You will need to type in your questions into the app and if a ghost is present, then your planchette should spell out your long-awaited answers.

How To Prepare To Use The App

As with normal summonings or séances, you need to make sure that you are only inviting in good energy.

By opening the door to communicate with spirits, you may be unknowingly inviting negative energies through.

It is always safer to perform these summonings in groups. This increases the strength of the resistance to negative forces that may try to get through.

Surround your area with candles, crystal, and herbs that offer protection and white light.

Meditation is also a great way to prepare you for these sessions. Meditation builds up your positive energy, helps you cover yourself in white light and also helps make your intentions clear.

Through meditation, you should be able to confidently open a session knowing you and your soul are safe.

These steps should be taken when using the app as well. No matter how many people may claim the apps are bogus, there is still a chance that there is a spirit trying to get through who jumps at this opportunity to speak to you.

How To Make Sure You Use It Properly

If you believe that you are performing an actual séance, you know that there are certain things that need to be done to ensure it goes smoothly.

Firstly you need to be sure that your intentions are clear and good. Going into a séance with unclear intentions opens you up to bad exposure. 

Secondly, you need to conduct the summoning in a safe space. Both you and the desired spirit will feel more comfortable in a safe space.

Once you have prepared, you will then have to summon your spirit. It is much safer having a spirit in mind that you wish to summon to communicate through the Ouija board app than just catching whichever spirit passes through.

This can be dangerous as evil spirits can be tricky in their ways of getting unsuspecting humans to do their bidding.

Call upon your spirit by name and ask them to enter the session only with good intentions.

Hopefully, if it works your spirit should start answering you’re typed in questions on the Ouija board app. Ask away!

Alright, now if you don’t want to get a real Ouija board, and want to try the apps instead, here are the absolute best Ouija Board apps on the market.

4 Best Ouija Board Apps

1. Spirit Board

Spirit Board App

Spirit board is available for download for iOS. It is probably the most popular Ouiji board app on the market, and the quality seems really high.

Before you start using the app, the developer suggests you darken the room and light a few candles.

A typical Ouija board display, the planchette should move to spell out answers when a spirit is contacted. In order to start a session you should ask “is anyone there?” and then take it from there.

The app creators recommend that you move the planchette to “goodbye” in order to properly close a session.

The app is free, however, to unlock all of the features and disable adds, it costs a few dollars. 

You can download the App Here. 

2. Ask OuijaAsk Ouija App

This app offers a more modern, time-saving take on normal spirit communication. It has a pretty basic, clear display of the alphabet and yes/no answers and states that all you need to do is simply ask your question.

No other prep work necessary.  Simple, easy spirit conversation.

The app doesn’t seem to always work, as when I was using it I often got a question mark regardless of the question.

The app is only available from the google play store, so if you have an iPhone you’re out of luck.

You can download the App Here.

3. Oui-Jä – The Genuine Ouija Board

So this app isn’t for the novices or those scared to walk a little further into the spirit world. It offers the usual Ouija board functions, but also claims to speak to the darker side of the unknown. It comes wrapped up with ominous music and slightly darker intentions.

The reviews for this ouija board app are pretty poor in general so I’m not sure what you’ll think, but it’s free to try and go ahead and give it a download!

You can download the App here.

4. Dead Voice Board Simulator

A little different to the other apps, this one doesn’t require you to type your questions into the app.

You place your fingers on the phone and ask your questions out loud. If there is a spirit present, they will answer your questions through the phone.

This is a good app to use when summoning in a group because everyone can have a finger on the phone and ask their own questions.

You can download the App here.

Shut Down The App When You Are Done

No matter whether you are using a proper Ouija board or just an app, your intentions are to open yourself up to spiritual contact.

The device is just there to facilitate contact. You are the vessel that possesses the energy to open up to the other side, and you need to make sure that you close that door when you are done.

Leaving it open poses a dangerous opportunity for unwanted spirits to enter into our realm, and once they are set free it is really difficult to send them back to where they came from.

At the end of every session, vocalize that you are ending the séance and ask any spirits around to leave, and for the spirits to leave on good terms.

This way you are closing the door for any other spirits to make entry. Remember it is your intention, not the device that allows spirits to travel to you.


All necessary precautions still need to be followed, even when just messing around on a Ouija app.

Take summoning seriously, and don’t take any chances. Contrary to popular belief, Ouija boards aren’t bringers of evil. Used right, they can be a tool that helps people get the answers they have been longing for and the closure they need.

Finding the right Ouija board app can really help you explore the spirit world with ease, and to do so wherever you feel comfortable.

It may take you time to find the app you get the best results with, but be patient – you will know for sure when a spirit is communicating their message through to you using an app – how convenient!

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