Dreaming About Someone Else Breaking Their Arm

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Dreams give light to our own insights about our waking world. They convey messages our higher self wishes us to know. They are usually indirect and sometimes confusing, hence the need for dream interpretations.

What does it mean to dream about someone else breaking their arm? It could mean various things like you feeling powerless or needing a break or someone you know going through a hard time and being incapable of helping you or even themselves at the moment.

Take the time to write down your dream. If you haven’t already, start a dream journal. This makes it easier for you to access, understand, and interpret your subconscious’ messages to you.

As always, write as many details as you can because while dreams and their meanings are universal, the specifics of it make it personal and unique only to you.

Dreaming About Someone Else Breaking Their Arm

We are used to having our arms attached to us, and hence in our daily lives, we barely pay it any heed except as needed. To have the arm or arms as the highlight of our dream means there is a significant message that it is trying to portray. 

To dream about someone else breaking their arm can be positive or negative.

Dreaming of broken bones can mean your higher self is trying to tell you to take a break or warning you that something will go wrong and it is beyond your control.

It can also only be your subconscious trying to make you aware of how helpless you feel on a situation and it is telling you to breathe.

Someone else breaking their arm can either be an omen that someone you know will enter or is in difficult times and would need support or the someone in the dream could be a reflection of a part of yourself that feels helpless and restricted, showing up as another individual because you have been refusing to recognize it.

What It Means

They wish to help but feel powerless

Arms, in our waking life, are often used to lend helping hands. In the dream world, if the arms play a big part, it is a symbol of reaching out and taking care of people.

Seeing someone else break their arm in a dream then means that the individual you saw is currently undergoing conflict, especially within the self or versus external circumstances he or she can’t control. 

Dreaming of another person breaking their arm means he or she wishes to reach out but cannot.

A broken arm means an inability to do anything, so you may want to take it easy on the person you saw in the dream. They are already being hard on themselves for feeling they are not doing enough.

They need your help or some sort of protection

If you dream about someone else breaking their arm because of you, directly or indirectly, you are causing him or her pain in the waking world.

It could be that you are letting him or her carry too much of your burdens, be it emotionally or physically, and now your higher self is telling you to give the individual a break or a breather at the very least.

If you dream about someone breaking their arm because they were trying to defend themselves for something, they may need you to protect them from harm.

Perhaps they are being emotionally burned out, or they are encountering a challenging time.

They’re feeling helpless or restrained

This dream can also signify that the individual feels restricted and helpless. It could mean the person feels like freedom is nonexistent at the moment, and even regular movements are hindered. 

You are seeing a reflection of yourself through that someone

It is also possible that seeing someone else break their arm in a dream is seeing a reflection of yourself feeling helpless but refusing to acknowledge it.

Your subconscious is trying to bring your pain into your awareness but in a milder way until you can learn to accept it and do something about it. This is especially true if the individual that broke the arm in your dream gives you a different feeling.

Other Meanings

If someone else breaks your arm

If you dream about someone else’s arm breaking and then that individual breaks your arm in return, you may want to find that individual and apologize.

If you have no idea about the tension both of you have in your waking life, you can ask him or her for lunch and talk through it calmly.

Avoiding the person until the hostility is gone is possible, too, but talking it through is better since you breaking their arm in the dream means you have put a lot of burden on him or her, too.

If you repeatedly dream of someone else breaking their arm

Repeatedly dreaming about someone else’s arm breaking means you absolutely need to pay attention to either you or that person’s current speed on things and how you, him, or her are treating yourselves.

You need to take it easy on you or the individual or you will end up with some bodily illness at the rate you are living. You may also have to talk some sense into the individual or take some time to reflect on how you have been living lately.

If the arm was amputated

If someone else’s arm broke because it had to be amputated, think back to whether the limb was lost on purpose or by accident. If someone else’s arm was cut off to stay alive, it denotes that the person has taken too much workload and would need to unburden himself or herself by letting go of some tasks.

Otherwise, the result would be a failure in completing all the tasks and perhaps even a sickness.

If someone else’s arm broke due to an accident, it means that he or she may lose support on an aspect of his or her life. This could also apply to you losing support, especially if you are close to the individual on your dream.

If the arm was injured

Dreaming of another person’s arm breaking because of an injury like a gunshot signifies he or she feels like he or she can neither control life nor social affairs at the moment.

If the arm was bruised

If you dream about a bruised arm, even though it was someone else’s arm that got damaged, it means you have an underlying emotional pain that has yet to be resolved. Your higher self wishes you to make peace with it because it continuously gives you pain.

If the bones were broken

Seeing broken arm bones in your dream means you have not been spending enough time taking care of your loved ones. If you saw and recognize another person break their arm and have the bones poke out, you may want to start spending time with that person.

If there is a hole in the arm but no blood

If you see someone with a clean hole in their arm, it means something is off about work but you have yet to figure out what. It is your subconscious showing you how bothersome that is and how it wishes that mystery was solved.

If the arm is burning

Dreaming about someone else’s arm burning in front of you, especially if they were trying to reach out to you, means that that person had been trying to help you but you have continually refused. This shows how the individual is agonizing over your rejection.

If you rip someone’s arm out

If you dream about ripping another person’s arm straight out, it means you are mad with something he or she had done in the waking world but are not able to show it.

If the arm is bitten by a dog

If the arm in your dream breaks because of a dog or an animal bite, it means someone you know will betray you or become aggressive to the point that you will feel that struggling is useless.

If an arm-wrestling occurs

If you arm wrestle with someone in your dream and their arm breaks, it means a power struggle occurred between the two of you, and now you have won.

If arm hair is involved

Since recalling whether an arm is hairy or not is something specific, dreaming about a hairy arm breaking means money will be lost. It could be the person you have dreamt about that loses it, or it could be you. 

If an arm is around a shoulder

Dreaming about someone else breaking their arm and you putting your arm around that individual’s shoulder or vice versa signifies that despite burdens at the moment, both of you are supporting one another and staying strong.

If you see a fake arm

If you dream about a fake arm replacing someone else’s broken arm, it means he or she is now ready to take on the world again. If he or she failed before or lost an opportunity before, it is about to be given to him or her once more and this time taking it will be a success.

The Left or Right Arm – What It Means

  • Right Arm: Breaking the right arm in the dream means someone’s masculine energy or outgoing nature is being challenged or restricted.
  • Left Arm: Breaking the left arm in the dream denotes dissatisfaction regarding nurturing someone or being nurtured as well as the weakening of feminine energy.


The exact meaning of someone else breaking their arm in your dream depends on your waking life circumstances, your emotions within the dream, and the specific symbols that showed up.

Often, it means you or the individual in your dream are feeling burned out either by taking too many tasks or not feeling like you’re not giving enough. Either way, you or the individual needs to slow down and take a break because you can’t help anyone if you can’t help yourself first.





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