Dreaming About Someone Else Losing Teeth

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Generally, dreaming about losing teeth denotes fear. In our waking life, our teeth are symbols of attractiveness and health.

Without teeth, communicating and eating would be hard. Losing teeth in your dream then shows your fear or how you have lost or are about to lose something.

What if someone else lost their teeth? People from the past said it meant death, but it carries a different message in our modern world. The general theme of the dream is the same: fear and change.

The difference and exact interpretation of your dream depend on the details and symbols that came to you in that dream.

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Dreaming About Someone Else Losing Teeth

Before starting to decode your dream, recall as much of it as you can first.

Are there specific details or symbols that stood out on your dream about another person losing their teeth? How did you feel in that dream? Were you happy they lost their teeth or were you panicked? Did you lose your teeth, too?

Writing information down your journal makes it easier for you to review your dream as well as keep track of patterns that could help you understand your higher self better.

What It Means

You are being warned to stay away from the person

If your dream self had just stared at the person losing teeth in shock, your higher self is warning you to stay away from that individual and limit your interactions with him or her as much as possible.

This is either because misfortune will befall both of you or extremely hard times are coming for the other person.

The person you dreamt of needs your help

Dreaming of approaching someone who lost teeth in your dream and reaching out to him or her, especially if you are close to this person, signifies that this individual needs your support. He or she is powerless right now and your subconscious is asking you to lend a hand.

You are dissatisfied and want more

If you are passive while watching the event happen, it means you are dissatisfied in your current relationship or state and are wishing to reach out for more. This is your higher self trying to tell you you are lacking something in life and should do something about it.

You are becoming too emotional with others and are resisting it

Dreaming about someone else losing teeth means that that individual is trying to emotionally connect to you but you are finding it challenging to let him or her in. You are refusing to feel vulnerable, and so would rather pull away at the expense of hurting them. It also signifies your refusal to share emotional truths.

You may feel like the person who lost the teeth are not following their destiny

This is especially true if the individual that lost teeth in your dream had golden teeth. Your subconscious has this opinion that the person is not on the right path to where it could see him or her really thriving.

You feel like power has been taken from you

Even though you have dreamt about someone else losing teeth, this individual could also represent you, especially if he or she was unrecognizable yet familiar. Dreaming this means you feel oppressed and unable to control something important in your life right now.

Your higher self is showing you there are things you can’t control

If in your waking life you are dealing with a big issue that can’t seem to be solved no matter what, this is your higher self giving you a sign that it’s alright to let go. There are things that are beyond our control.

Like what happens in your waking life if you lose your teeth, it does not mean you can’t surpass this issue or survive after the event has passed. Your higher self is telling you to let things come as they should and simply brace yourself. Focus on the things you can actually control instead. 

You are unsure about how to solve certain life problems

Someone else losing their teeth in your dream could also mean you and your partner are tangled up in problems you both have no solutions for. Having this dream means you are extremely worried about these problems.

You are having identity issues

If you see another you in your dream and that you lose their teeth, this means you are becoming uncertain over things that you used to be certain of, especially regarding your self and personality.

Like in waking life, losing teeth does not mean it is the end. Dreaming of this means your higher self is trying to tell you that you will be alright and you just have to trust yourself on this because, without teeth, all that’s left is pure you.

You are already good enough right now. There is no need to obsess over it. 

Something is not balanced in your life or you need to change something

Someone else losing their teeth in a dream could also mean you need to change an aspect of your life if you try to catch the falling teeth. Successfully catching the teeth denotes that you already have a couple of ideas in mind. If you pursue those, one or a few of them would settle you.

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Other Meanings of Dreaming about Someone Else Losing Teeth

If the teeth are pulled

If you pulled someone else’s teeth out in your dream, it means that you are forcing someone to hide a deep secret for you. If you dream that someone else took their own teeth off, it denotes that you think they are hiding secrets and will not spill them anytime soon.

Dreaming about someone else taking your teeth means you fear someone will take something you value away from you. It could be something intangible like connections and friendships or something tangible like money and possessions.

If the teeth fall by themselves

Dreaming about someone else losing their teeth suddenly means you and him or her have lost something you both valued. If the teeth fall by themselves naturally, though, it means a new start or the birth of something.

If the teeth rot

If someone’s teeth are lost due to rotting in your dream, it signifies a gradual change is happening that could lead to a loss. Something you value like your relationship with a lover or your faith on something is drifting away from you. 

If the tooth breaks in your dream

Dreaming about another person’s teeth breaking means you believe they are unnecessarily overdoing things, be it on work or at home. You may want to be less harsh to this individual and perhaps talk to them about what you’re seeing and offer them advice.

If the teeth are damaged

If the teeth in the dream are chipped but not entirely lost, this either means someone is damaging another person’s personal image or he or she is becoming self-destructive.

If the teeth crumble

Crumbling teeth in dreams denote that you are losing control in your waking life. Things are progressing and there is nothing you can do to stop it. This could include an unavoidable breakup, a demotion, or a big misfortune where you become lost, moneyless, and hopeless.

If the tooth is lost but another grows

Dreaming of someone else losing teeth yet growing it back again means that even though your waking life trouble feels unavoidable, you can do something about it and take charge of the situation.

False teeth

Dreaming of someone whose teeth fell and are replaced by false teeth indicate lies are abound. This could mean the person in your dream is lying, or you are being lied to. 

If your dream was recurring

If you repeatedly have this dream, it means a change is needed in your life. What have you always wanted to do?

Cultural Meanings

  • Greek: Dreaming about anyone losing teeth signifies death or illness of someone close to you.
  • Chinese: Falling teeth denotes deceit.
  • Biblical: Falling teeth signify lack of faith or wisdom.
  • Islamic: Painful loss of teeth means loss of something valuable. Natural loss of teeth signify worthless deeds. Catching falling teeth denotes the entrance of richness.
  • Psychologist Carl Jung: Teeth falling out signifies rebirth or a new beginning.
  • Psychologist Sigmund Freud: Losing your teeth is a manifestation of sexual fear.


Dreaming about losing teeth signifies fears are present and overwhelming, yet at the same time shows that life will and can go on, and birth or rebirth can even occur.

Remember to update your dream journal, write the dates down, highlight the symbols that visited, and note the emotions that you had while dreaming.

Doing so will assist in turning you into an adept in dream interpreter, especially on the dreams you have.





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