Dreaming of Someone Else Killing a Spider

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If you dreamt of a spider, you are not alone. They are quite common and their meanings are universal. Depending on their size, shape, and color, your dream could signify good things or unfortunate things.

What if you dreamt of something peculiar like someone else killing a spider? Generally, dreaming of a spider translates to one of these: you are being conned, your trust is wavering, something is worrying you, you are feeling trapped, or your emotions are all over the place.

Alternatively, though, it could also mean money is coming—but since the spider was killed in your dream, it may not be likely. 

Dreaming of Someone Else Killing a Spider – What It Means

You’re killing deceit

Dreaming of someone else kill a spider for you denotes that an individual will shine a light on an aspect in your life that you didn’t even realize was there. He or she could either bring into your awareness that you were being manipulated or you were being manipulative.

By the death of that spider through someone else’s doing, the deceit that was surrounding you dies, too.

You’re overwhelmed by emotions and are being rash

When you dream about a giant spider, it means you feel like your life and even your self is out of your control right now. If someone else kills this spider, it could mean you will lose a significant career opportunity due to you being overwhelmed and your therefore rash actions.

You’re gaining freedom from feeling trapped

If you have been trapped, perhaps in a job you didn’t like or a relationship that was no longer working, the entrance of an individual in your life will free you. Someone else killing the spider in your dream means an individual would be your means to feeling free.

You’re being warned of something coming

If a spider crawls on you and someone kills it, take note of a warning someone in your waking life tells you. Something that could put an aspect of your life in danger is coming.

The dead spider means you will pass through it, but preventing the ruin from coming is better than letting it occur when you’ve been warned.

You’re lacking information and are being refused more input

If in your dream, spiders fall on your head and someone else kills them, it means that you lack information on how to deal with certain things.

The input you need is there, but you are being obstructed by someone. This is limiting your knowledge and ability to solve the issue.

You’re trying to run away from responsibility

If you dream of a spider chasing you, you are running away from responsibilities at present.

If someone else kills the spider chasing you, someone close to you is shielding you from liabilities and maturing by yourself. You need to grow unless you wish to remain immature and irresponsible for years to come.

If you’re afraid of spiders in waking life

If this dream was a nightmare for you because you feared spiders, the spider represents your anxiety in waking life.

If you are in a problematic situation, having relationship troubles, or continuously receiving misfortune, someone else killing the spider denotes that someone will come along and help you through your problem. 

Perhaps the person who can help you is already there. This is your higher self telling you to learn to accept help when offered or to ask for help. We live in a shared world. You are not alone.

Once help comes, with someone’s support mixed with your efforts, you will get past whatever trouble you are in now. 

If someone else kills the spider by stepping on it

If you were fearful of and only focused on the spider, you might not have seen who stepped on the spider. If the spider was on its way to you, it means someone had just directly or indirectly gotten rid of misfortune or a manipulative person before it even fully got ahold of you. 

If the spider was growing bigger or turning scarier the longer you stared at it, it means someone will directly or indirectly help you face your fear.

Meanwhile, if someone steps on a still-standing spider on your dream, it means the thing or person obstructing your path and making you unable to move forward is now gone. 

If a spider crawls on you and someone kills it

If someone kills a spider that is crawling on you, you need to look after your health. This is especially true regarding your health that people could influence, like cardiac arrests or accidents.

This dream means that someone could push your buttons and lead to you being ill, and this health problem would cause you big troubles.

If someone squashes a spider in your dream

A spider being squashed in your dream by someone else means a partnership would occur and that would bring you good luck or good news. 

If you see a dead spider that someone killed

Your higher self is warning you not to do business or enter a relationship with an individual that is about to come or an individual you were already doubting.

This is because if you do, misfortune will occur that this person would be responsible for. Your business could be ruined or your relationship could be hectic and ties could be cut severely.

If you dream of someone else killing multiple spiders

If you know the person who killed multiple spiders in your dream, you may want to warn them to slow down. They are succeeding but at the expense of their physical, mental, and emotional health.

If it’s someone close to you, you may want to ask him or her on a weekend vacation with you to take a break from overexertion.

If you were in a spider web and someone kills the spider

Dreaming about being stuck in a spider web means you are feeling entangled in a clingy relationship or your mother. If the spider is there and someone else kills it, it signifies that trusting another person could lead to your freedom.

If you are the spider that spun the web and somebody killed you, be careful. You may have success, but not without trapping other people. This is a warning that someone thinks you’ve been manipulative and unfair, and he or she wants justice.

If you dream of a spider on your bed and someone else kills it

Dreaming of a spider on your bed means there is a woman trying to dominate your life. Spiders usually denote mothers on this note, though it could also mean lovers.

Your bed is your safe place, and to see the spider there means you are feeling invaded. Someone killing the spider on your bed means someone would help you break free from the chains the dominant female had cast on you. It could perhaps be your lover trying to unshackle you from your mother, or vice versa.

Dreaming of being chased and killed by a spider

If you are chased and then killed by a spider in your dream, this is your higher self telling you to breathe. Your thoughts are erratic and your outlook is negative at the moment, and you need to keep those and yourself in check because it will overwhelm you if not.

If someone else kills the spider after it killed you, then it is a sign telling you it is alright and you will do well to depend on another human being for support.

Color or Spider Type

If someone else kills a spider that is color:

  • Green: Joy is coming to your life.
  • Black: A black spider dying denotes that the time of fear is now over.
  • Yellow: Strange and unfortunate events will be brought by an individual you know.
  • Red: Be wary of those whose goal is to make you as unhappy and dispassionate as they are.
  • Blue: You will have a difficult time moving on; someone will keep reminding you of the past.
  • White: It means your healing and recovery would take longer. It can also signify an entrance to a state of depression due to a circumstance since the white spider symbolizes hope and it had just been killed by someone.

If someone else killed a spider that is:

  • Striped: Illusions will now be shattered.
  • Hairy: It will be hard to identify what is what.
  • Spotted: More stress will come, caused by someone.

If someone else kills this type of spider:

  • Black widow: Your life would be back in your control again with the help of someone.
  • Tarantula: Someone will help you overcome your fears and negativity. 
  • Jumping Spider: Someone is hindering you from finding a solution.


In general, dreaming of someone else killing a spider means someone will be there to either help you get past your fear or obstruct you from solving your problem.

Depending on the specifics and circumstances of the dream, your higher self may be congratulating you or warning you. 

It’s always wise to keep a dream journal to make it easy to interpret and analyze your dreams, so if you haven’t started one yet, now would be the best time.

Writing down always helps you remember more details; and the more specifics you have, the easier it will be for you to determine what it means if someone else killed a spider in your dream.




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