Dreams About Things Growing Out of Skin

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Dreams about things growing out of your skin can be disturbing. Aside from hair and perhaps acne, nothing else normally comes out of your skin.

So, what does it mean to dream about things grow out of skin? Depending on what thing comes out of you, it could denote transformation, fear, oncoming problems, confrontation, or the end of a conflict within yourself.

The common things that can come out of your skin in your dream are plants, grass, mushrooms, insects, bugs, worms, maggots, spiders, hair, or moles. While each dream means different for each person, their general interpretation helps you uncover the message they bring.

You can also use them to piece together the specific meaning of your dream by looking up what the other symbols that appeared meant.

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Plants Growing Out of Skin


Plants are one of the most common things that can grow out of someone’s skin in a dream. The meaning of receiving this dream varies, but the main thought is that you are growing.

It could involve your attitudes that are changing or need to be changed, or your actions that are evolving over time. It could also represent your different roles and stages in life.

  • You are entering a new point in life

If plants grow out of your skin, it denotes you are entering a new stage in life. Fresh plants are a good sign in both the waking and dream life, as they are new beginnings and the opportunities they have are endless. In your waking world, this might mean that you are mulling over a concept introduced to you and are just about ready to accept it.

  • Your perception has shifted and you are transforming

If someone had hurt you or if you had just been through a hopeless situation, dreaming of plants growing out of your skin means you are ready to forgive now. You may have found enlightenment and it changed your perception of things, which made you more hopeful. The plants are excellent symbols of your transformation.

  • If plants grow out of your face

Your higher self is literally bursting out of you in this dream. You are excited about an upcoming event, and you can feel yourself growing. You are learning a lot about yourself, and it is getting you giddy.

  • If plants grow out of your hands

If plants grow out of your hands, your subconscious is trying to ask you to be more compassionate to yourself and to others. You are being asked to open yourself to much-needed healing, as you have been feeling deprived lately.


Grass growing out of your skin in your dream means you are comparing yourself to others a lot. It may be that you envy them, or you feel better knowing you are better than them. Depending on how your skin looks like in your dream, you may feel positive or negative about yourself in regards to this. 

If you pull the grass out of you in your dreams, it signifies your higher self going against the comparisons. This indicates you are finding it bothersome to compare yourself to others and would like to stop doing that now.


Dreaming of a mushroom growing out of your skin means you are worried that you may be making the wrong choice. You may be at a crossroads in your waking life, and you are afraid that your decision may lead to a setback.

This is your fear from the waking world seeping into your dream world. If you ate the mushroom in your dream after it grew out of you, it means you have now decided to take the risk and you will recover no matter what happens next.

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Insects Coming Out of Skin

Generic Insects

This is a typical nightmare that plague many people. Insects coming out of your skin in a dream generally means you are bothered by the rumors people made against you and the backstabbing that has been happening. It is getting under your skin and then coming out, and you are starting to feel paranoid and distrustful to everyone in your waking life.


To dream of bugs coming out of your ear means rumors are upsetting you, or you have heard something you should not have and are bothered by it. Dreaming of bugs coming out of your hair denotes confusion over something that has recurrently been weighing on your thoughts. Bugs under your skin signify extreme disturbance over an event.


Dreaming about spiders growing out of your skin means that you are feeling manipulated at the moment. It could be by your mother or a female close to you. 


To dream about cockroaches coming out of your skin implies your disgust over some issues in your waking life. If you killed the cockroaches in your dream, it means you will get over the matter soon. If you were panicking and could not kill the cockroaches, it signifies how your mind and vision are clouded by fear, which disables you from seeing possible solutions.


Fleas coming out of your skin in a dream could be a simple nightmare of your fear of your pet’s flea seeping into your dream world, or it could be an omen of someone close to you pushing you into an unnecessary fight.


If a parasite comes out of you, it is an indication that you are being too dependent on others. You may have been asking for help a lot and yet has not given any back to anyone.

Worms Under Your Skin


Dreaming of a caterpillar coming out of your skin indicates that you are in the process of growing in the path you chose, but are not quite there yet. Caterpillars are also symbols of rebirth, so to see one come out of you represents your self that will undergo transformation.


Dreaming of a leech come out of your skin represents your disgust over something you have done.


If you dreamt of maggots growing out of your skin, take note of which part of you they grew out. Its growing site can tell you what you have been hiding and what is now out in the open for everyone to see.

The maggots that came out of you in the dream represent the issues you have been ignoring. They have been bothering you but you have chosen to not deal with them and simply let them sit.

Dreaming of maggots growing in your hair indicates that you have been accumulating negative thoughts and it has now been too much for you to keep. If left unchecked, these will continue to fester and grow, so your subconscious is asking you to solve this.

Maggots coming out of your eyes denotes that you are denying the truth and refusing to face and work on solving problems.


Dreaming about worms growing out of your body, while scary, actually means your repressed emotions are now crawling out of you and you are prepared to deal with them. If the worm crawls on your skin, it indicates discomfort about someone relying too much on you.

Body Growths On Skin


Hair is a natural part of you, so dreaming about it grow out of your skin is nothing to worry about. Dreaming about hair growing on your body implies that you are healing as well as developing natural defenses for problems that you may encounter.


If you dream of a mole growing out of your skin, it means a new family member is arriving in your life. It could be through birth, marriage, adoption, introduction, or even a friend becoming part of your household.


Dreaming of pimples surfacing on your body signifies disappointment and stress.


Dreams about things growing out of skin may be disturbing, but it often merely denotes the addition of a factor in your life. The factor could be a positive thing or a negative thing.

You may be in the process of a transformation and the growth of something on your skin signifies a fresh start. You may also be in the process of healing and seeing something come out of you indicates that you are facing your internal issues. 

Things coming out of your skin can sometimes mean you have been avoiding issues, but are now being forced to look them in the eye and acknowledge them.

If they particularly burst out of your skin, it means the problems would present its ugly face in front of you whether you like it or not. You will do well to prepare and brace yourself so that you may overcome it.

Be sure to take note of your dreams in your journal, so that it will be easier to access and interpret your recalled dreams. It will also help you see patterns, and determine whether or not those are important.








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