What Do Ghosts Sound Like?

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There is no definitive sound that a ghost makes. They don’t have their own dictionary with sounds and words they might use.

This makes it a bit difficult for us to understand what ghosts actually sound like.

If we don’t know what ghosts sound like, how do we know if we have heard a ghost?

This is a valid question. Ghosts are not all cut from the same cloth. There are many different types of ghosts, and each ghost will have a personality in line with what they were like on earth.

This, along with their abilities and energy, will determine the sounds or noises that they make.

While there is no guide on the exact noises ghosts make, throughout history, people have recorded and shared their experiences of the ghosts they have heard.

Through these tales and personal experiences, we can generalize on the noises most commonly heard and have put together a list of the various noises and sounds that ghosts make.


We are all familiar with the sound of ghosts moaning in agony from horror movies. This didn’t stem from nowhere.

Stuck in a cycle of misery, pain, and anguish, a moan can be a common sound produced by ghosts.

Their strong emotions manifest enough for them to be able to portray it through sound.

This video is an actual recording of what appears to be a ghost moaning and screeching.


Whispers can be heard in the quiet of the night. They aren’t always clear, and sometimes the language is not one we recognize.

This might be a ghost focussing in on you, hoping you will hear them trying to make contact.

While whispers are usually from a ghost that has a low amount of energy, they can also seem sinister, and if frequent, can become maddening.


There is nothing quite as scary as hearing footsteps in your home, especially if you live alone.

Many people report hearing footsteps coming and going throughout the night, in a house where they live alone or know that nobody else is awake.

While this isn’t necessarily ghosts stomping around upstairs, it could be the memory of a life that once lived in the house.

Chains Rattling

This sound is usually found in haunted houses with a dark history, and are associated with histories such as torture and slave trade.

Prisoners and slaves would be chained up and sometimes tortured.

These rattling chain noises are a memory of the pain and suffering they experienced before death.


Inexplicable knocking is often heard in haunted houses. It might be on a window, wall or from an unknown source.

These might be ignored at first, but frequent inexplicable knocking is a common ghost noise.


Ghosts are created from tragedy. The last moment of their lives is often fraught with fear and agony.

It is no wonder then that a common sound from ghosts is crying. Crying is often heard in haunted houses.

It is scary, terrifying, especially when it is the sound of a wailing woman or sobbing child. There is usually such sadness in the cry.

Foreign Languages

It would be a bit presumptuous of us to expect all ghosts to speak our language. A ghost could be from anywhere in the world and therefore can speak any language.

Particularly old ghosts might even speak an ancient language that has been lost from the world.


Screams are emitted from tortured or petrified souls. These could come in the dead of night when we least expect it.

People find themselves woken up from sleep to the sound of screaming, but often are confused as to whether it was a dream or if it was real.

Moving Noises

Noises of objects moving are closely associated with poltergeists, commonly called “noisy ghosts”.

Poltergeists love causing mischief, and can even be sinister at times.

They love moving things around the house, throwing things across the room and hiding items around the house.

Inexplicable sounds of objects moving around the house is a good sign that there is a paranormal presence in your home.

Signs Your House Is Haunted

If you are hearing strange noises or voices around your house, you might be curious to find out if your house is haunted.

On top of the strange noises in your house, here are some other signs that your home might be housing some paranormal beings:

Odd feelings

Some of us are very in tune with our spiritual, emotional and physical being. The slightest change could alert us that there is an outside influence taking effect. Some feelings might be:

•    Feeling as though you are being watched

•    Feeling that someone is standing close to you

•    Feeling that you are being touched, but there is no one around

•    The hair on the back of your neck standing up for no reason

•    Feeling a dark, depressed emotion, particularly when in one area of the house

•    Feeling temperature changes, or cold breezes as if someone has just walked past you

•    Feeling spiderwebs or cobwebs on your body and face


Spirits and ghosts love messing with energy and electronic devices. They find it easy to manipulate these as they are a form of energy themselves. Lights might flicker on and off and light bulbs might blow more often than usual.

Electronic devices might be experiencing more static, and being drained of their energy for no reason. The flickering light is a common tactic used in horror movies, and they do come from true stories of hauntings.


Seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye can be terrifying. The shadows disappear as you look towards them, or move out of focus, backing into a wall or dissolving away.

Shadow people are a common type of ghost that people see.

They often appear as a human silhouette, with a hood or a cloak. They tend to disappear as soon as you notice them, causing doubt among many who experience this.

Other sightings could include orbs in photographs or tunneling light captured on film. These are all ways that spirits appear on camera.

Animals acting strangely

Pets can pick up on energies and frequencies that we can’t. This makes it easier for them to notice anything paranormal in the house.

They might bark or growl at something that you can’t see, or your cat might be focussing towards an area in a room when there is nothing there.

What To Do If You Think Your House Is Haunted

Once you become aware of a spiritual or ghostly presence in your house, you may become worried and concerned about what you could do to hopefully cleanse yourself of it.

Depending on the severity, there are certain steps and precautions to take.

•    Keep a diary of everything that happens. This will help you track the activity clearer and will help a professional understand the happenings and possibly identify the type of spirit or ghost in your house.

•    Think back to when the activity started. Did something in your life change? Did you experience tragedy or trauma? Did someone dabble in the paranormal in your home? Did you visit a haunted location? All these questions might help you track back to when and why the activity started. If the spirit or ghost wasn’t already in your house, there would have been an occurrence or experience that brought it into being.

•    Call in a medium or religious figure who has experience in cleansing houses of spirits. They will be able to identify the spirit and hopefully know the procedure to follow to rid your house of the spirit. They might need additional backup if it is a powerful spirit, or if the spirit has a strong connection to you or your home.

•    Stay calm. Spirits and ghosts feed off of fear and other negative emotions. As difficult as it might be, you need to try and think positively and surround yourself in white, healing light. This will help fend off negative energy and won’t feed into the power of the spirit.

Ghostly Noises

Starting to notice strange and unusual noises around your home can be frightening. Muted whispers and loud knocks, all are noises that ghosts are notorious for making.

Don’t panic, instead, try and look back on any other strange occurrences that have been happening around you and your home. You might see a pattern, which could help you find peace in the fact that you aren’t imagining it all, and that there might be an actual paranormal presence in your house.

Record all the noises you hear. Share them with others. This is how we gain knowledge in the paranormal realm. It is shrouded in so much mystery, so the more we share, the more we know.

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