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The SB7 Spirit Box by ITC Research is one of the most popular pieces of ghost hunting equipment on the market, and for good reason, it is reasonably priced, well reviewed, and often seen in the hands of professionals.

Now there are many pieces of equipment that ghost hunters and paranormal investigators always have with them, like an EMF meter, and infrared camera, and a Spirit Box.

First let’s talk a bit about what the SB7 Spirt Box is, and where you may have seen it, then we’ll go into details about how and why it works.

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SB7 Spirt Box Review – Use On Reality TV

If you follow many of the popular ghost hunting shows, you have probably come across this device. In fact it is used extremely often by the crew of the popular reality show Ghost Adventures, and they seem to have real success with it. The P-SB7 first was used by the crew in 2009 when they did a really long live stream. They were investigating the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia, and the use of the device in this particular episode caused it to go quite viral.

You usually see the P-SB7 Spirt Box being used by a crew member named zach, who usually just calls it his SB7, as spirit box probably sounds a bit cheesy to some.

How Does The P-SB7 Spirt Box Work?

The device was created for the purpose of capturing and outputting communications from spirits. In order to do this, it uses an adjustable forward and backward frequency sweeper, that is has a unique “white noise” type frequency in the background. In order to accomplish this, it has an automatic, adjustable sweeper based on different millisecond intervals.

As you can see from the video down below, you can adjust this interval in different intervals, like 100 milliseconds, 150 ms, 200 ms, etc. This is unique to this device.

Using these intervals the SB7 sweeps 119 different FM frequencies ranging from 75MHz to 87.9MHz, as well as a full range of AM frequencies. You can hook up just about any type of audio speaker or headphones to this (in fact the Amazon listing at the time of writing this comes with a nice orbital bluetooth speaker.)

The device also records the audio output and the frequency sweeps. This is helpful for more detailed post-investigation analysis because you can go back through the audio (like is demonstrated in the video below) and evaluate the findings. This also allows you to more easily do critical analysis of what you heard, and try to determine if it was indeed the voice of a spirit, or just the output of an AM/FM radio station.

Check out the video below for a great demonstration of how the P-SB7 Spirit Box works.

Using The SB7 Spirt Box For Investigations

The reason that this device is so popular, is the excitement and information the device provides while doing investigations or research. The video down below is from Huff Paranormal and is a great demonstration of the device used in real life.

They are using a detuned version of the SB7 that has any input from radio stations, as well as static, removed. You can see that as they walk around with the device, they get small bits of words and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). In the video they slow down, and sometimes even reverse the sound in order to interpret it.

You can see though if you watch through some of this how valuable a spirit box can be, and how addicting these kinds of searches are. The gentleman walk through a graveyard, and utilize their own beliefs and spirit guides to help communicate with the spirits in the area. They utilize the SB7 attached to a small speaker in order to hear and interpret the replies.

Here is the video from Huff Paranormal demonstrating the SB7 Spirit Box being used.

Is the SB7 Good for Ghost Hunters

The device was made specifically for ghost hunters, but works well for both novices, and professionals (like those on popular ghost hunting reality shows). A few reason that it is so popular for these investigations:

  1. It’s relatively inexpensive
  2. It’s small enough to be hand held
  3. Can be connected to a handheld speaker or to headphones
  4. Backlit display for use in dark environments
  5. Has proprietary FM sweep that gives access to over 100 new frequencies

You’ll continue to see spirit boxes just like this one used by novices and professionals alike as it offers so many features and insights during investigations.

Add Ons for the SB7 Spirit BoxNoise Canceling Headphones

At least at the time of writing this, if you buy the SB7 on Amazon, it actually comes with a pretty quality orbital bluetooth speaker and cord to plug directly into the device. This is important for a few reasons. One, the speaker on the device itself, although adequate, has a fairly low volume and can be difficult to hear if you’re outside or there is noise around. Also, the speaker for the device is on the back, making it even more difficult to read.

If you’re alone, or there is not anyone else that needs to hear while you are investigating, I would consider getting a pair of quality, but inexpensive, noise canceling headphones so that you can really hear clearly. I would recommend these Sony ones from Amazon.

Either way, if you’re going to get a quality Spirit Box like the SB7, I would make sure that you have a good speaker or good pair of headphones to go with it.

Faraday Pouch for Spirit Box

Many users also prefer to get a faraday pouch that completely blocks EMF frequencies, so that you will not receive any AM/FM music or talk radio stations at all. This can help you communicate by giving a clearer and less interrupted sound.

I like this one from Amazon, and it is plenty large to fit the device.

Customer Reviews of SB7 Spirit Box

“I purchased this item a few years ago for hunting ghosts and spirits. It has quickly become my favorite and most important tool when it comes to spirit hunting. It seems to make it easier for them to use to communicate. I have had a lot of activity with this. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to seriously research the paranormal”

“I live in a valley community surrounded by huge mountains, and I only pick up a few very faint radio stations so I was skeptical how well it would work. I can’t tell you how pleased I am by what i’ve been hearing! I have a lot of relatives and friends who have passed at a young age and they have been coming through using their names and always saying my name to validate. They often give me messages to pass onto a loved one who is struggling with their death and it helps them so much. My husband can’t even deny what I have been receiving and he is my biggest skeptic. I’ve noticed that the more I use the device, it seems that the voices continue to come through clearer and clearer. A huge thank you to who ever developed this device.”

“The first time I used the SB7 Spirit box, I started to hear answers to my questions within 2 minutes. It might be because i’m especially sensitive to this communication, but this thing has worked so well for me. Even though on FM it can sweep 100ms, 150 to 200ms is easier in my experience for them to communicate with. If you run the slower speeds I feel like you get some bleed over from other channels. My second session I was hearing some voices clear as day, even one laughed; so I know one of them enjoyed the conversation. I even asked them if they could hear our voices, and the answer I got back was “yes.” So if you have a critical mind, you may not get the reaction you want. So keep calm and be non-judgmental, literately!”

Final Thoughts About The P-SB7 Spirit Box

Overall I think there is really good reason why the SB7 from ITC research is one of the most popular paranormal communication devices on the market. It is extremely reasonably priced, provides tons of features (many of them unique to the device) and is simple to operate.

It not only provides realtime listening capability to communications from spirits through voices and EVP, but also allows you to record it for later analysis.

I personally think we’ll be seeing quite a bit more of this device by both novices and professionals alike.

I do want to warn anyone that has never used a device like this, that it really does work. Many people purchase something like this expecting it to be a toy, and it absolutely is not. Many a spirit box have converted a skeptic to a believer. So, do not purchase and use something like this if you are not actually prepared for communication with the dead, as that is likely what you are to get.

If you’re looking to purchase one for yourself, this is the best place to get it.

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