Dream Interpretation: No One Listening

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Dreams are messages from your subconscious, and they clue you in on feelings you may or may not know of. You can even use them as predictors of oncoming events in some cases since your higher self is much more aware of things than your waking self.

What does it mean if you dream of being ignored? The interpretation of a dream where no one is listening varies from person to person and factors such as who was ignoring who as well as the other symbols that appear in the dream.

How To Interpret Your Dream

Recall as much as you can about your dream where no one listened to you or someone. The details you can remember are vital information for interpretation because they would not even be there in the first place if they did not symbolize something for you.

Keep in mind, though, that exact dream meanings are different from each person depending on the status of their waking life. 

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Dreaming of Someone Ignoring You – What It Means

The meaning of a dream where someone is ignored by a lover would become different if he or she did not have a lover in the first place. If you have a waking life lover and he or she ignored you in the dream, it could denote feeling devalued and unloved at the moment.

If you do not have a lover in the physical world, it indicates the fear of being ignored instead.

The same goes for perhaps having an animal with you in the dream where no one was listening to you. In your point of view, it may indicate that you have something to rely on despite feeling alone, yet another person may interpret this dream negatively and even see the animal as a symbol of something he or she fears.

Dreaming of not being listened to denotes various things from feeling devalued to fearing neglect and becoming aware of a bad habit to the refusal to acknowledge something. The meaning also changes depending on the circumstance of the dream.

You may have dreamt you were ignored in the middle of a conversation, before a conversation, or after a conversation. You may have dreamt you were screaming and yet no one noticed. You may also have dreamt of crying and having no one listen.

Feeling of unimportance

Your dream of not being listened to by being ignored could signify your current state of mind. You may feel that you are not as important as you should be in your waking life.

You may feel irrelevant and excluded in events or the daily lives of the people you like. You may also feel like your efforts at work are not being acknowledged and your opinions are not valued.

Another factor to consider is the place and event where you were ignored in your dream. If you were ignored in a conversation, on a date, at a party, or on a gathering, it implies that some parts of your relationship with people are being blatantly ignored.

It could be by you, by the individual, or by both of you. If the event happens with food around, it means that you have been ignoring a health-related problem.

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Lack of independence

Dreaming no one listens to you represents your fear of being by yourself. You may be used to depending on people in your waking life, and recently have noticed that things are shifting where you can no longer rely on them.

Your anxiety seeps into your dream world and makes itself known to you so that you can learn to adjust to it.

Refusal to accept something

If you are the one not listening to someone in your dream, it means you are refusing to acknowledge something. You may not like what is happening, or you may not like a person, comment, habit, thought, or attitude. You may feel like it is not worth your attention or you simply cannot stomach its truth.

Dreaming of ignoring your boss, mentor, doctor, or an officer denotes your preference to ignore any authority figure as well as your struggle against rules and discipline.

Oncoming trouble

If you dream about your family ignoring you and you are already in bad terms with them in waking life, you may be challenged more soon. They may bring bigger problems to you and you will have to settle those matters for them yourself. 


Your subconscious notices things you may not even see and has better foresight than you. Dreaming about no one listening to you can be interpreted as feeling disappointed by the people you are with on your waking life.

You may feel like an event happened because they did not listen to you in the first place. This may be the failure of a project or the boringness of an outing.

You may also have this dream due to feeling a considerable amount of disappointment because you realized that a person you held in high regard was actually narrow-minded. You may have comprehended this gradually, yet it still came as a surprise to you because you did not want to see it fully.

This dream can also be interpreted as your subconscious showing you how you were literally feeling and asking you to take a break. Try recalling how you have been acting in your waking life to see if this rings true.

Have you been following people around a lot more than usual these days? If so, try pulling the brake on your actions. Continuing to follow those people will only result in continuously feeling like you are not being listened to.

Awareness of your faults 

Your guilt can seep from your waking life and haunt your dream world. You may have purposely done something and it cost a consequence that you feel sorry for. No one listening to you in your dream signifies the punishment you think you deserve for your mistake.

Screaming But No One Listens – What It Means

If you’re literally screaming in your dream and people STILL aren’t listening, here is what it means for your emotional state.

You’re frustrated

The interpretation of a dream where no one listens to you even if you scream signifies frustration that no one in your waking life has acknowledged.

You may have felt bad about a business matter, a decision, or how an event went through. You may have told your lover, your workmate, or your friend, and they may have simply brushed you off.

Being mad at the dream yet purposely not being heard denotes your frustration about people’s lack of acknowledgment of your thoughts.

You feel helpless

If you dreamt about frantically trying to get someone’s attention and no one was listening to you, you may be feeling helpless about a situation. You may think something can be done about that situation and yet your opinion is not thoroughly considered and simply dismissed. 

Unnoticed When Crying – What It Means

If you are crying in your dream but it goes unnoticed by others, there are two specific meanings behind this.

Awareness of issues

The exact meaning of this dream will depend on why you were crying in the dream and how no one ended up listening to you, but the general takeaway is that you have become aware of issues that others have yet to see.

You may be sad about this and clueless about where to go now, so you are projecting this worry into your dream world, too. 

If no one was listening to you while you were crying in your dream because you have hidden away from people or chosen to do the crying quietly, seek someone to talk to in your waking life.

Let them know what has been bothering you so that they may actually lighten your load, rather than carrying the burden by yourself via withdrawing from people. 

Emotional buildup

Dreaming about not being listened to while crying and spouting the reasons denote that you are bottling up a lot of issues in your waking life, and it is building up and breaking you from the inside. Like in your waking life, no one is listening to you because you have not sought a listener and have kept it to yourself.


The dream interpretation of no one listening to you varies from feeling devalued to fearing the loss of comforting dependence and becoming aware of a fault to the refusal to acknowledge some things.

You may also have this dream because you have been withdrawing from people and then feel like you are not being listened to. Be sure to factor in the other symbols that appeared in your dream and base your interpretations on those. 

Your waking life plays a huge role in understanding this specific dream because this dream plays on the factor that your subconscious is more aware of things that are happening and emotions that you are feeling than you really are in your waking life. 

Now that you know what dreaming about having no one listen means, you may want to do something about it to ease your emotions. The first step to soothing yourself may be to acknowledge you have a problem.

The second and best thing you can do is to grant yourself the attention it seeks, and the third would be to get in touch with other people and try comforting yourself from there.






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