Signs From My Deceased Dog

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Losing a beloved dog can be the most difficult thing to get through. They really do leave such a positive mark in your life, and oftentimes, can be your best friend.

If your dog has passed, on, you might be utterly distraught. You might give anything to have a sign that they are okay, and that they are still there somehow. You might even be picking up some unusual signs that remind you of them.

Can a deceased dog send signs? Deceased dogs can send signs from the afterlife, especially if you both had a strong connection. Whether you believe in signs or not, feeling as though your dog is letting you know that they are still there, and are okay in the afterlife, might help you achieve some sort of closure.

There are some signs to look out for that your dog might be trying to send you once they have passed on. Below are some of the signs to keep an open mind about that show that your dog is trying to communicate with you.

Can Dogs Give You Signs After They Die?

Many people believe that their dogs have sent them signs once they have passed on, and this really is a personal belief.

Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, or the ability to be able to communicate with those who have passed on, even animals, it does not change the grief.

For many, believing in an afterlife helps to recover from a loss, and believing that there is a way to communicate with a dog who has passed on. It gives the feeling of comfort, knowing that they are okay and in a good place and that you are still connected somehow.

Whether or not you believe in this, you might be surprised at some of the inexplicable signs around you, and when you pay attention, you might just start to believe that your dog is trying to communicate with you.

Signs Your Deceased Dog Is Communicating With You

There are some signs to keep an open mind to that your dog might be trying to communicate with you. These might come as single signs, or a few that you notice over time.

Try to be receptive to these signs and pay attention to them. It could be the comfort and closure that you need, which is an incredible gift to receive from your dog.

Dreams Of Your Dog

One of the most common ways that our pets try to communicate with us is through a dream.

Most of us might write this off as just another random dream, but it might very well be your dog communicating with you and letting you know that they are okay.

The dream you have of your dog might even feel different, and this is because it is more of a visitation than it is a dream. The dream will be filled with peace and can feel incredibly real. It will seem vivid, like real-life.

While your dog obviously cannot talk, they might communicate via telepathy in the dream. This could be a message you hear in your mind or just an overwhelming feeling of love. This dream might feel so real that you forget your dog has passed when you wake up.

Experiencing a dream like this is a wonderful gift, and the feeling of peace and love can stay with you for quite some time. Just remember to be open to the dream, and to try to remember it for as long as you can, knowing that your pet is okay and at peace in the afterlife.

Smelling Your Dog

Your dog would have had its own scent, whether it be their fur or the shampoo that you used to give them a weekly bath. Scent is a very common way for people and even pets from the afterlife to communicate with us.

Scents can vary from a passing hint of a smell to a very strong aroma that follows you around. Whichever it is, smelling your dog around the house is a sign that they are still with you.

There is no particular scent that may occur. It could be the smell of their wet fur, the smell of their shampoo, their flea collar, their breath, their pet food, or even some more unpleasant smell!

Hearing Your Dog

How many times have you heard something in the distance, and doubt whether or not you have day-dreamed it or if it was real?

Often, these sounds can be signs from your pet and might be their way of sending a message to you from the afterlife, even if it is just a sign that they are okay.

You don’t realize how much sound your dog might fill in your house until they are gone, and this silence can often be deafening. However, you might find yourself hearing some noises in your now quiet house, and it could be your dog. 

Here are some noises that you might hear once your dog has passed on, which could be signs they are communicating with you:

  • Nails tapping on wooden floor as they walk around
  • Their name tag jingling as they walk or move
  • A gentle snore
  • A happy bark to say hello
  • The sound of toys being played with
  • Playful arguing with other pets

All pets have their own special sounds, and if you hear the sound that only your dog used to make, find comfort in the fact that they are trying to communicate with you.

Seeing Signs Of Your Deceased Dog

Thinking of seeing the ghost of your deceased pet can be scary, but that is not the intention of these sightings, and sometimes a sighting sent by your dog does not even have to be of them.

Your dog might want to show you that they are still around you, and try to send you signs that they will always be close by. These signs can be sent in a variety of ways and might be a fully obvious sign, or something subtle and shadowy.

Often with these sightings, you see them in your peripheral and when you turn to look they have disappeared. However, the signs might even appear as symbols or numbers that might take some deciphering.

Here are some signs and sights to look out for beyond seeing the ghost of your dog:

  • Sights in nature such as a close flying butterfly or bird
  • Recurring numbers that hold significance
  • Seeing an animal who looks just like your deceased dog
  • Finding small objects around your home, such as stones, coins, or feathers

It is not likely that you would see the ghost of your dog, but instead, you might see other sights and symbols around you, and when you see these, you will get an overwhelming feeling of peace and love and know that it is a sign sent from your dog, as long as you are open to receive them.

Feelings From Your Dog

Your dog might be able to send you certain feelings and energy. As they will be operating on the spiritual plane, sending energy might be easy for them to do.

There are some physical signs that you might feel from your pet. These include:

  • Goosebumps out of nowhere
  • A cold chill or wind when all doors and windows are closed
  • Tightness in your chest
  • Shiver down your spine
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Static electricity
  • Scratchy throat
  • Feeling of sadness
  • Feeling of peace and warmth

You might even wake up from a light sleep thinking that you feel your dog jump into bed with you, or feel your dog crawl into your lap. You might even be washing dishes and feel the brush of fur against your legs, only to look down and see nothing there.

Don’t push these signs aside as random or without meaning. Your dog is putting the effort in to send you a message, so be receptive to them and know that they are near.

Related Questions

What is a Good Way to Honor My Deceased Dog?

Dogs hold such a special place in our lives and hearts, and it is natural to want to feel like you can honor your dog once they have passed on, much like you would with a human.

There are many ways to honor your dog once they have passed, and what you do will depend on the special relationship you had with them. You could place a painted stone or paver in the garden to create a special memorial for them or even a plaque on a tree.

You may also do activities you used to do together, such as walking in your favorite place. Another way to keep them close is to wear their name tag as a necklace.

Lastly, you could honor their memory by making a donation to an animal shelter, as a parting gift from your dog. Passing the love you feel on to benefit another deserving pup may even help you feel better if you are still grieving.

What is the Rainbow Bridge?

Many believe that the Rainbow Bridge is a meadow that connects to heaven or the afterlife, which is where dogs go when they pass on.

When a dog passes, they go to the Rainbow Bridge meadow, which is as beautiful as can be, and the dog is restored to perfect health and is free of any illness and injury.

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