Dream About Being Blind – What It Means

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Being blind is a real fear for many of us, and finding yourself blind in a dream can be terrifying. You might be caught off guard if you find yourself sightless in a dream, but there is meaning to this.

If you find yourself blind in a dream or you dream about going blind, it’s a good idea to pay attention to what the dream might symbolize.

What does dreaming of being blind mean? There are many different ways you might dream of going blind, or of others around you being blind; each has its own meaning and context. However, being blind in a dream usually suggests that you are refusing to see the truth in a situation, that you are turning a blind eye to something.

Dreaming of being blind can be a sign that you need to pay attention to what is around you, and to stop avoiding the truth.

There are different dreams you might have about being blind, so we have explained a few of the most common so you are able to make some sense of your dreams.

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Being Blind In A Dream – Meaning

Being blind in a dream could have a few different meanings. The first and most basic meaning is that you are not accepting the truth in a situation, and as the saying goes, turning a blind eye.

You could be ignoring reality and refusing to accept what reality might be. This dream is a warning to stop doing this and to accept whatever the situation is, no matter how hard it will be.

Avoiding reality and the truth never works out well, so try your best not to continue deluding yourself.

Being blind in a dream could also mean that you could be behaving recklessly. That could lead to something you might regret. This could lead to a relationship with someone important falling apart; you could lose any chance at reconciliation due to your behavior.

Blindness might also represent that you are feeling guilty about some of your actions, and how you are trying to push this guilt aside. If you are trying to avoid dealing with the pain of your guilt, you may be “blinding” yourself from seeing or accepting it.

Your blindness in a dream, and the loss of sight, is a metaphor for you ignoring important things in life, whether it be the truth in a situation, your behavior, or guilt that you might hold.

You are knowingly ignoring something wrong or upsetting to you. This never ends well. Your dream is trying to get you to change that.

Your inner self is asking you to open your eyes and accept the truth around you, taking in the responsibility for your actions and your life. Turn it around by moving forward, not shrinking back from the truth.

Dreaming Of Being Blind In One Eye

You might not find yourself completely blind in a dream, but instead, only be blind in one eye. While this can be just as terrifying, it does hold a different meaning than being completely blind and might be sending a different message.

Being blind in only one eye could show that you do not trust certain people in your life. You might be doubting their intentions, or they have disappointed you in some way.

You ever hear of sleeping with one eye open? This is kind of like that.

You might not even have taken note of this, but your subconscious could have picked up on subtle signs that the person is may not be trustworthy, in general or in one aspect.

Your mind may be trying to relay this to you by bringing them up in a dream, with you being blind in one eye.

Take this dream as a sign to be warier of people you are unsure of and to listen to what people say and pick up on any cues that they might be less than trustworthy.

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Dreaming of Others Who Are Blind

Sometimes you are not the one who is blind in a dream. When you dream of encountering other people who are blind, these situations can actually mean a variety of things.

Dreaming Of A Blind Man

If you are not the blind person in your dream, but you dream of a blind man, it is actually considered to be good luck!

For quite some time it has been believed that dreaming of a blind man means that you will have some good luck, and that you can look forward to good fortune.

It could also mean that you might find luck in areas where you were previously unlucky and that you can expect a change of fortune.

Just remember that dreaming of a blind man is not a sign that you should go wild and gamble away all you have, even though this is sometimes considered a good sign when gambling.

The dream is there for you to have some fun, but to walk away when you need to, and to hold onto the fact that you can stop playing at any point.

You don’t want to risk a fortune on a dream that could have multiple meanings.

If you are not a gambling person, the blind man might mean good luck in other aspects. This could be in your career, love life, or in another situation. It is a good dream to have!

Dreaming Of A Blind Woman

Dreaming of a blind woman holds a different meaning than dreaming about a blind man.

A blind woman in your dream could mean that there is someone gossiping about you, or spreading lies about you behind your back.

This may be someone that you are close to or someone that you have gone out of your way to help in the past. This person does not have good intentions and is looking for a way to harm you.

This is often driven by jealousy, so you do need to be careful around this person.

Dreaming Of Man With One Eye/Blind In One Eye

Seeing a man with one eye, or a man who is blind in one eye means that you are hiding something from those around you. This could be a mistake that you have made or a lie that you have told. 

You are avoiding admitting this mistake, and it is slowly eating you up inside.

You will not be able to hide the truth for long, and seeing the man with one eye, or who is blind in one eye, in your dream might show that your time of hiding the secret is running out.

Take the dream for what it is, find the courage, and admit any faults or mistakes. It is the best way to be able to move on.

Dreaming Of Woman With One Eye/Blind In One Eye

Dreaming of a woman with one eye, or who is blind in one eye, could mean that you are stressing yourself by focusing on the wrong things in life.

It is more than likely a representation that you may care more about your image, and how people perceive you, rather than the more important things.

This is a sign to move away from worrying about your image and how others see you, stop trying to focus on things that don’t matter in the long run, and instead put your energy towards the things that count.

Dreaming Of A Blind Child

If you dream of a blind child, it could mean that there are people around you who tire you out emotionally, who are draining you.

Their behavior might involve complaining and negativity. You may be better off not having them in your life or limiting the time you spend with them.

There is the potential for these people to ruin your happiness and to stop you from being motivated, and you do need to decide whether or not they are worth having a place in your life or not. 

If you are having this dream, there is a good chance that you have made this choice already, but you are hesitant to act on it.

Dreaming Of Being Blind – Review

Finding yourself blind, or seeing another blind person in your dream, can be alarming. However, through the fear and worry, take a step back to try and figure out what your dream might signify.

Above are a few different dreams you might have with yourself or someone else who is blind, and what these dreams might mean. Pay attention to them, and relate them to your waking life, and how you might be able to better your circumstances and relationships.

Related Questions

What does it mean if I dream of not being able to open my eyes?

If you are unable to open your eyes in a dream and feel like they are stuck closed, it could be a sign that you are missing something in your waking life.

There is something you aren’t noticing or something you do not want to notice.

What does it mean to have blurry vision in a dream?

Having a blurry vision in a dream suggests that you are not seeing something for what it is, or there are secrets and some confusion in your life.

It could also suggest that you think someone close to you is hiding secrets from you, and that you aren’t able to work out exactly what they might be keeping hidden.

What does it mean to dream about eyes?

Dreaming about eyes represents your soul. Seeing your own eyes in your dreams could represent your love and your ability to see the blessings in your life.

There are many different meanings that eyes might hold in a dream, whether it is blindness, clear eyes or however else they might present. Eyes are the windows to the soul, so pay attention when they show up in your dreams!

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