What Does Seeing A White Figure Mean?

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I’ve gotten this question before, and I didn’t quite know how to answer it. This was partly because how spirits appear to us is not always indicative of who those spirits are, or why they are still here.

Some believe that a white figure, white ghost, or white spirit can be your, or someone else’s guardian angel. Seeing a white figure can mean many things, so let’s dive what we do know.

No matter what we think or believe, it would see to be that these white figures in almost all anecdotally reported sightings, have had good intentions.

But I want to dive into this a bit deeper and see what knowledge there is out there about these white figures.

What Does Seeing A White Figure Or Ghost Mean?

In fictional and cartoon portrayals of ghosts, they are often white, but this is not completely arbitrary.

In fact, white is the most common color reported for visual representations of spirits, with over 10,000 documented cases of white figures being seen.

The most commonly reported form is that of a “white lady.” often described in flowing gowns, and sometimes without a face.

Many reports will place them outside of cities and buildings, many people will even see them from their vehicles as they often inhabit areas outside the cities including dark and secluded roads.

I learned all of this, by the way, from my absolute favorite non-fiction book about the history of ghosts.

Some people would say that when you see a white figure, ghost, or spirit, what you are in fact experiencing is a paranormal phenomenon known most often as ecto-mist.

The video below is a fairly good example of what ecto mist is, but essentially it is a term to explain the often witnessed white mist, smoke, or orbs that often accompany other evidence of paranormal beings, spirits, or ghosts.

It could be assumed that often when people believe they have seen a white figure, they may have in fact seen a manifestation of ecto-mist in a similar form to a human figure.

Take a look at this video to see a fairly good example of what ecto mist looks like, and get an idea of why it could be confused as the appearance of a white figure.

When White Figures Are Most Often Seen

If you analyze the testimonies of people who report having seen a white figure or white ghost, you’ll notice that the individuals who witnessed this will often say that they were immediately overtaken by the feeling that the spirit had something urgent to say, and that they felt like the figure was surrounded by an energy of trauma, heartbreak, or loss.

They are often seen in remote places, like along the side of road appearing to passers-by.

Examples Of Famous And Often Seen White Figures

The Ghost of Newstead Abbey

Newstead Abbey in Nottinghamshire, England was the home of the famous and long remembered poet, Lord Byron.

Later in life, Lord Byron sold the home to an old friend named Thomas Wildman. Thomas and his wife lived in the home for a long time and watched over it and it’s beautiful grounds.

Nearby, a young lady named Sophie Hyatt lived who loved the grounds very much.

Since she loved the property and was a devoted and loving fan of Lord Byron, the Wildman’s gave her permission to explore and walk the grounds whenever she wanted.

Sophie was extremely shy and introverted, and she was both deaf and mute.

She did have very strong reading and writing skills though, and she carried with her chalk and a small board in order to communicate with people when necessary.

The relative that Sophie lived with eventually passed away, and Sophie was left with nowhere to live and no one to care for her.

She did know of a distant relative who lived in America, but she had no way to communicate with them.

With no other options left to her, she decided she would try and make it to America and find this relative to take care of her.

She left a note for the Wildman’s, explaining the plan she had to go to America. The couple loved Sophie very much and were upset to hear this.

They wanted to tell Sophie that they would care for her, and she could Stay at the Abbey she loved so much for as long as she liked.

They sent a rider to stop her before she was able to board the ship, but when the rider made it to the town square, he was confronted with a large crowd all huddled around something.

As the rider approached, he saw Sophie’s body lying on the ground. Unable to hear what was around her, she was trampled by a horse and cart.

The White Figure of Sophie Hyatt has since been reportedly seen roaming the grounds of Newstead abbey that she loved so dearly.

If you want to read the full story, check out this book on Amazon.

The White Figure Of Pomeroy Castle

Pomeroy Castle was the home of Ralph de Pomeroy, and was a gift from William The Conqueror for supporting him during the Norman Invasion.

As the legend goes, Lady Margaret Pomeroy, who was married to Lord Pomeroy, was the lady of the castle. Her sister, Eleanor was a cruel and vindictive sister but lived in the castle as well.

When Eleanor’s husband left for war, Elanor began to grow attracted to Lord Pomeroy.

Jealous of her sister, Elanor locked Lady Margaret locked her sister deep in the dungeon and barely kept her alive for over 20 years. Eventually, Eleanor grew tired of keeping her alive and let her starve to death.

To this day, people still report seeing the white figure of Lady Margaret walking the dungeons and the ramparts of the castle.

What Does Seeing A White Figure In A Dream Mean?

This is nearly impossible to interpret, as it can mean a great many things depending on the life you’ve lived and the circumstances you find yourself in.

Many people say that consistently seeing a white figure in a dream there is something that is happening in your life, that you are not giving the time or attention you know you should be giving.

This is only one interpretation of seeing a white figure in a dream, and there are many more possible interpretations.

Final Thoughts On Seeing A White Figure

Seeing a white figure is extremely common for those individuals who have the unique ability to see spirits around them.

Whether it’s actually ecto-mist, or the spirit of someone who has not been able to move on, white figure’s or ghosts are extremely common.

Have you seen a white figure? Let me know in the comments, i’d love to chat about it!.

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