Dream Of A Dead Person Calling You On The Phone

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It might be alarming receiving a phone call from a deceased person in your dream, but this is a dream that many people experience and is something that you should not ignore.

There are so many emotions that might be stirred up if you are contacted by a lost loved one in a dream, even if it’s just through a phone call. It could be grief, peace, or even hurt. Although some of these feelings might be hard to go through, you do need to take the dream seriously.

What does a dream of a dead person calling you on the phone mean? There are in fact a few different meanings that a dream with a dead person calling you on the phone could have. It could be to ask for or give forgiveness, to settle unfinished business, to bring a warning, pass on a message, or to give closure.

It is important to hear what the dead have to say in your dream, so be sure to listen.

If you dream of a phone call from a deceased person, try and remember what they tell you over the phone, and what emotions you feel. This will help you better determine what the dream might mean!

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The Reason For Dream Visitations

For many, dreaming of being contacted by a lost loved one might seem like a random occurrence, or they might just think that it is how they are processing their grief.

While this might be true, it could also mean that this lost loved one might be sending you a message.

There is always unfinished business when it comes to the dead. They might feel like they need to send a final message, give you their blessing, or offer you some comfort.

They can do this through dreams in a way that your mind would find easiest to interpret, such as a casual phone call from them.

Here are some reasons a deceased loved one might contact you through a phone call in your dream.

Settling Unfinished Business

Death is often sudden and unexpected. As a result of this, the dead and the living are often left with many unresolved issues.

A dream phone call from a dead person could be them trying to settle this unfinished business. This could be absolutely anything, but this often happens quite soon after their death.

They might not be able to rest or find peace unless they settle this last bit of business with you, so take note of what they are saying and see how you can help.

Give Or Ask For Forgiveness

Healing and forgiveness surpass the boundaries of the living and the dead, and just because someone has passed on, it does not mean that they could not still give or seek out forgiveness.

You could receive a phone call from a dead person in a dream that feels as though they need to forgive you for something you had done while they were still alive. This might be a feeling of calm and peace. It is important to accept this forgiveness.

The dead might also be seeking out your forgiveness. Sometimes this could be for something small, and sometimes it could be for something bigger that they had done to you.

Forgiveness is never easy, and it is completely up to you whether you choose to forgive this person or not. Forgiveness from you might be what they need to pass on, and it might take weight off of your shoulder. But it is your decision to forgive, and you should never feel forced into it.

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To Offer Guidance

A lost loved one might be trying to contact you through a dream in order to offer guidance and to help you through both difficult times and day-to-day life.

The lost loved one might phone you in a dream when you are feeling low and looking for guidance. This visitation through a phone call could be just what you need to wake up feeling motivated to move on and make the right decisions.

They might also appear to you in a dream telling you on the phone to make the leap and decide to do something you have been debating about. This could be the push that helps you better your life.

When a lost loved one offers guidance, be comforted by the fact that they still care. They are taking interest in helping you make your life a little better and giving you the support that you need from the other side.

You might brush these off as having unusual dreams, but consider the fact that it could be your loved one guiding you, just as they did when they were alive. It might bring you extra comfort as well.

To Bring A Warning

Phone calls from the dead are not always to bring good news, guidance, and comfort. These phone calls could be a way for them to send a warning to you.

The warnings that the dead could give you over the phone could be for a wide variety of things. It might to steer you away from a bad decision, or to send up some red flags about a person in your life. They would have the ability to see things that you don’t, so do not take these warnings lightly.

Another warning that the dead often give through dream visitations is health warnings. They are not bound to the same rules that we are when living, and they are able to pick up on so many different things which we are not.

This sometimes gives them the ability to pick up on health issues as well, and their visitation could be them trying to warn you of these health issues.

The health warning could be for something you might be suffering from, or it could be a health warning for someone you love. You might not want to approach this loved one and tell them the dead has told them to have a health check.

Try and do it gently, but don’t ignore the warning.

To Pass On A Message

You might not be the intended recipient of the message the dead person is trying to pass on, but simply a messenger for them.

The person who is supposed to receive the message might not be open enough to receive communication from the dead. Or they could be ignoring the dreams and brushing them off as just that.

For this reason, the dead person might be trying to contact you to get you to pass this message on to that person.

This could also happen when there is bad blood between the living and the dead person, and there is a blockage in communication because of this. While you should try to pass this message on if you can, avoid becoming too involved.

To Give Us Closure

Closure is very difficult to gain when someone suddenly dies and you are not given a proper farewell. Moving on and dealing with grief needs closure, and sometimes closure can be achieved through a dream.

A loved one calling you on the phone in a dream is a gentle way for them to contact you, without having to appear and maybe frighten you, and for them to give you the goodbye and the reassurance you need to let go, and to find closure.

This type of dream often comes with a feeling of peace and calm and will leave you feeling good once you wake up. The longing for them will still be there, but you will be better equipped to deal with it.

Related Questions

What Does A Ringing Phone In A Dream Mean?

If you dream of a phone ringing, it might be a message that there is an issue that needs addressing. You might have been avoiding this issue, but your subconscious is now saying that it can no longer go unattended.

A ringing phone might also represent a disconnect between you and someone in your life, and your refusal to answer the phone, or them not picking up on their side, shows that either one of you is not prepared to take the step towards reconciliation.

Why Do We Have Visitations In Dreams?

Most visitations happen in dreams. This is because our mind is at rest when we sleep, and does not have such intense barriers up, protecting us from outside influence.

With our barriers down while we sleep, the dead find it easier to make a connection to be able to send us messages or to get in touch with us.

Can You Have A Visitation From A Pet?

Many people have reported having visitations from their pets. This could be in so many different forms, whether it is seeing them fully in your dream, or smelling their scent, hearing them run around the corner, or feeling them rub past your leg.

This is usually their way of sending you comfort and closure once they have passed.

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