3 Best Video Cameras for Ghost Hunting

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Have you been inspired by some supernatural force to go out and partake in some ghost hunting? Do you have the urge to capture paranormal activity on tape, to prove the existence to others who are more skeptical?

Whatever drives you to capture ghosts and spirits on tape; you will be happy to know you don’t need those ridiculous setups that ghost hunting team’s use on television.

You can embark on your own ghost hunting mission with a good, affordable video camera, and hopefully, capture something out of this world.

What makes a good ghost hunting camera

A video camera used for ghost hunting is going to need to be specialized in a few things. After all, you aren’t recording your friends at a party; you are looking for beings that don’t really exist in physical form, in the dark. Sounds easy right?

Night vision – Ghost hunting more often than not takes place at night, in the dark. Obviously then you will need a video camera that has night vision capabilities.

Being able to pick out very faint objects in pitch black dark is really important, otherwise, you might as well give up the ghost hunting stint altogether.

Night vision capabilities are usually measured in “minimum lux”, which means the minimum amount of light needed for the image enhancers and lens to produce an image that is actually viewable.

The best night vision cameras need a minimum lux of 0.0001. However, you shouldn’t need one this high-tech to be able to catch a ghostly image or two, so one that is more affordable should be fine.

There is no point splashing out and bankrupting yourself on a high-end camera when you don’t actually need it.

Rather stick to something you can afford, with a decent minimum lux, and use whatever money you have left over to buy some other ghost hunting gear.

Long battery life – Ghost hunting takes place during the night 99% of the time. While you might spend a bit of the night carrying your camera around actively seeking out ghosts and trying to communicate with them, you will find that the majority of the camera time will be placed on a tripod recording in a room.

This is when most ghost activity is caught on film when there is no human presence, just a camera recording through the night.

Your video camera will obviously have to have a good, long battery life. Imagine missing the world’s best ghost video because your battery died a minute before the ghost appeared?

Check that the video camera you are buying has a long battery life, preferably one that is rechargeable as well.

Durable – Admit it, no matter how hard-core you are, or how experienced you are at ghost hunting, seeing a ghost will still scare the heebie-jeebies out of you.

You might scream like a little girl or freak out completely and drop your camera or knock it over, which is why your video camera needs to be durable and stable.

A camera that breaks the first time it is dropped during a ghost hunt is pointless. A good camera case also goes a long way in ensuring that your video camera remains safe during any spooky accidents.

Static camera – If you are mounting your camera to a wall or setting it on a tripod, you want to make sure that it is secure and safe in place.

A video camera that doesn’t mount securely will just plop to the floor and shatter. This really isn’t an obstacle you want to overcome in the middle of a ghost hunt.

Good lens – A camera with a glass lens will work better than a camera with a plastic lens. Make sure the video camera you buy has a good glass lens.

Stabilizer – Things can get quite shaky when you are experiencing a close-encounter. It is worth making sure that the camera you buy has a stabilizer.

This will stop your shakiness from affecting the recording.

Most cameras nowadays come with a stabilizer but just remember to check when you make a purchase.

A good ghost video won’t be worth much if it is completely ruined by the shakes.

The 3 Best Video Cameras For Ghost Hunting

Now that you know what to look for in a video camera when it comes to ghost hunting, here are some of the best cameras to use. Some are a little more expensive than others, but everyone has a different budget.

At the end of the day, these cameras should get the job done, no matter the price. They all have most of the capabilities needed to capture that elusive spirit that you have been after for a while, and they should do so while being stable, durable and reliable.

Cleveland Paranormal 4K Ultra HD Infrared Night Vision and Full Spectrum CamcorderCleveland Paranormal Company Camera

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This is the real deal for affordable, easy to use ghost hunting cameras. In fact, it was created purely to be used as a ghost hunting video camera. For new ghost hunters, it is probably the best buy you will make. It also tops my list for best full spectrum cameras for ghost hunting

It is the only 4K camcorder that switches from infrared to full spectrum with the push of a button.

The camera has a wide angle lens and an extra battery that ensures your camera never dies in the middle of a ghost hunt.

WiFi capabilities mean you can remotely watch and control the camera from your Android or iPhone.

It has a 4K Ultra Sony Emor CMOS Sensor, one of the only cameras of its kid to have one.

This camera has everything a budding ghost hunter needs and most of what an experienced ghost hunter needs as well.

It is a steal at its current price and should last you a long time through your ghost hunting career or hobby.

It features capabilities that no other video cameras have, all suited to hunt down those ghosts.

Panasonic HC-V380K Full HD CamcorderPanasonic Full HD

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This camera features Ultra-Sharp 4K Ultra HD recording, and it even includes in-camera editing for 1080p displays. The EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) makes the camera feel and work like a semi-professional video recorder.

The HDR button helps easily transition between displays when needed.

The 20x zoom, 5 Axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization, and Image sensor all help to create and record clear, crisp videos that won’t miss a thing.

This really helps when trying to record ghosts that barely appear. The stabilization will also stop the camera shaking when your hands aren’t so stable.

Watch the recordings remotely using the WiFi capabilities, and edit videos on the camera itself (dolly zoom, slow/quick motion, 4K post cropping, stabilization, and zoom).

For ghost hunters, this is a good choice. It is pretty pricey but is just as good as a semi-professional video camera and will hopefully capture the appearance of a ghost if they choose to show themselves.

Hausbell Infrared Night Vision CamcorderHausbell Ghosthunting Camera

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The Hausbell Camcorder is one of the most versatile for ghost hunters. It comes with a Wi-Fi function that enables users to remotely view what the camera is recording. That way, you don’t actually have to be in the creepy abandoned building to be watching what your camera is recording. You can use your tablet or smartphone to remotely control the camera. The camera has a 30FPS 16X digital zoom and a 270-degree rotation, so it shouldn’t miss a thing.

It is easy to carry around and is fairly lightweight. You won’t be weighed down by some old tech, everything you need in a video camera is found in this neat little device.

Ghost hunting in modern times

Luckily, we have been born into an era of technological advances. We don’t have to lug around tons of gear to try and prove the existence of ghosts, only for it to be blurry or not usable at all.

Now, we have dainty little camcorders that fit into the palm of your hand. Their size, however, is no indication of their power.

These video cameras can record using High Definition, Infrared and Night Vision. Everything needed to capture an elusive spirit.

Some ghosts may even have caught up with the times and are now aware of the video cameras used to hopefully record them.

They might recognize these devices and be shy of them.

The small size of the newer recorders meant they are inconspicuous and even easy to hide. They can be mounted to a wall or fixed onto a tripod.

Probably the best part of it all is that most of the video recorders come with WiFi capabilities.

Using your smartphone or tablet, you are able to remotely control your video camera, or watch what it is recording in real time.

This way you can leave your camera in that creepy abandoned building overnight and watch what is going on, all from the comfort of your warm and safe hotel bed.

Video cameras for ghost hunting have come a long way, and time will only tell what other amazing features might be created to help in the quest for capturing ghosts on camera in the future.

Hopefully, we can make believers of everyone!

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