How to Find Spirits around You – The Essential Guide

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Believe it or not, there are ways that you can choose to find spirits around you. Most people think that it is always the spirit that chooses to appear, but by following certain steps or by adopting a certain mindset, you can find the spirits around you, and even see them, all on your own.

Some people think that they can feel a presence around them. They might catch a shadow in their peripheral, hear certain sounds in the middle of the night, or just have a sensation that someone is around them.  Needing to confirm this suspicion, people look to make contact with the spirit themselves.  It may be a loved one trying to pass on a message, or a lost soul looking for recognition.

Either way, making contact with the spirit that has been around you will give you the reassurance that you aren’t imaging things, and there is someone trying to reach you from the other side.

Others wish to just dive into the unknown and want to make contact with any ghost or spirit they can find. They actively go out and search for spirits to reach, whether just to prove their existence, or as some form of an adrenaline rush. Being able to contact spirits yourself gives you a key to a whole new world of knowledge and sensations, but it should only be approached with caution and respect.

Contacting spirits can help close many books and bring through many messages that have been lost with the passing of a loved one, but it also comes with danger and risk. You never know who you might be contacting on the other side, and once you open the door for contact, it is very difficult to shut. There are precautions that need to be taken before attempting to contact a spirit from another realm, to protect yourself and those around you.

Contacting Spirits Safely

Protect yourself

Before attempting any sort of connection or communication with spirit, you need to make sure you are protected. Ensuring your energy and spirit are safe will ensure a more successful and protected séance. One of the best ways to do this is to meditate beforehand. Meditation will charge up your energy and surround you in white light.

If you believe you have a spirit guide or angel, it is also worthwhile to contact them to ask for protection. Ask them to guide you safely through the communication and to keep you safe from any harmful or malicious spirits.

Many people also use crystals, herbs and candles to protect themselves and the space around them. Doing some research will help you determine which the right protectors to use for you are. One of the most popular combinations is amethyst crystals and white candles. People find this combination to be calming and protecting and it offers up a white light that guides them safely through séances. The more you protect yourself during the séance, the less likely you will be to let a malicious spirit make contact.

Find a Safe Space

You need to be completely comfortable when contacting spirits. Any negative feelings or uncertainty might attract the wrong company. There should be no distractions or clutter taking up room in your safe and sacred space. Crystals, herbs, candles and plants can help transform an ordinary area into a sacred space. Always keep pen and paper in your safe space, in case you want to write any important messages down.

If you want to connect with a certain loved one or family member, it might be a good idea to connect in a place that is familiar to them. This could be a certain room in a house or even their favorite park. They might be more willing to connect in a place they feel familiar and safe with as well.

Have Clear Intentions

You need to enter into any sort of communication or connection with spirits having clear intentions. You should even voice your intentions out loud. This might seem a bit silly to some but it is the best way to ensure that you – and any other presence – understand what you are setting out to do.

Know what you want to do and what you are hoping to achieve, and word it something like this:

I am seeking to connect with (insert name). Please, may my spirit guide protect me and guide me towards any messages that may be sent for me. May my spirit guides keep me safe and surrounded in white light. Let only good intentions pass through this session.

Voicing your intentions makes them more clear to you as well, and this really does help with having the right energy, strength, and clear-headedness when entering into a séance. Leaving your intentions open leaves you open to contact from any kind of spirit, to do what they please.

Listen to Messages

The messages you might receive during a contact might not be as direct as you would have hoped or expected. Spirits send messages in many different forms. You need to be open to receiving messages in different ways.

Answers might even come through in physical sensations – tingles, certain sight, sounds or feelings. Each spirit would have a different way to communicate, and each person has a preference on how they want to communicate with spirit.

There are several ways that you can communicate with spirit, and ways that allow you to receive messages. These include automatic writing, pendulums, and Ouija boards.

Pendulums are good for beginners, as they aren’t too daunting and are easy to use. However, you can’t receive detailed messages through pendulums.

Automatic writing is used quite often during séances. The receiver holds a pen to paper and lets the spirit guide their hand as to what is written. This mostly lands up in scribbles, but often important messages are found in the writing.

Ouija boards should only be used by professionals. An Ouija board has letters and numbers printed on it and a piece that a spirit guides to spelling out messages on the board. Ouija boards are infamous for making contact with bad spirits if not used correctly, so they really are only for experienced ghost hunters.

Make Sure the Door is Closed

Closing the door at the end of a contacting session is so important to ensure that no uninvited spirits make their way through. Once you have finished your session with your desired spirit, ask out loud to close the door. Something like:

I ask now that the door between the living and the dead be closed. Cleanse and protect this space with light, love and good intentions.

Even if no contact was made during the session, you still have to close the door. You never know if there is something lurking just on the border.  Using sage, crystals and bells can help properly close the door and end a session.

Thank the spirit for making contact; this will hopefully encourage them to communicate with you in the future.

How to Make Contact

Whether you are aware of spirits around you or are looking to seek any spirit out, there are ways that you can successfully communicate with those around you.

Recognize spirits around you – Learn to recognize the signs of a spirit around you. A change in air density, change in temperature or an unusual vibration in the air – these are all signs of spirits present.  Knowing when a spirit is present cuts down the time you would have to spend looking for them.

Open your mind – Spirits aren’t in physical form, so it makes sense that it might be easier to see them with our mind. Seeing isn’t so much as having a solid visual in your mind, but rather an acknowledgment of their presence, a feeling of them being there, or even certain sounds only you can hear. If you are receptive to these signals, the spirit will find it easier to contact you, and these messages might be clearer because of it.

DreamsSpirits find it easy to communicate through dreams. You aren’t as aware and your subconscious mind is at ease. There are no barriers up for them to fight. If you are receiving unusual visuals or messages in your dreams – do not ignore it. Seek the spirit that is trying to contact you. Keeping a dream journal might help you make sense of what might seem like random visuals and signs.

Spirits Around You

Contacting the spirits you feel surrounding you, or seeking to connect with someone who has passed, can bring comfort, reassurance, and knowledge that most people never have the opportunity to gain. Practicing safe and sacred sessions is key to ensuring no malicious or bad spirits make their way through.

Contact a lost loved one, find the comfort you need or have your questions answered. Never ignore your instincts, if you feel as though someone is trying to make contact, reach out to them. Do so safely and responsibly, and it may be the best and most out of this world experience you will ever have.

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