Dreaming Of Getting Married To An Unknown Person

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Dreams are commonly explained as a way for our subconscious thoughts to grab our attention, to send us a message that we would normally ignore when awake. Some dreams are random, but others hold meaning, and the emotions you feel during these dreams often validate the importance of the message.

By paying attention to your dreams, you will find different meanings and significance that you can tie to your waking life. If you have been dreaming of getting married to an unknown person, do not ignore this dream, as it can hold an important meaning.

What does it mean to dream of getting married to an unknown person? Dreaming of getting married to an unknown person can have several meanings. If your dream was positive, it could be a sign that you are expecting a good change, are content with life, or are ready for new commitments. If it was negative, it could represent feeling trapped in your waking life.

There a few other possible meanings, but the one that is relevant for you will be directly correlated to your own unique perspective, experiences, and feelings, so you’ll need to pay attention to the details to interpret the message your subconscious is trying to send you.

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The Significance of Marriage in Dreams

Marriage is a common theme found in dreams, and a dream of marriage usually does not have much to do with actually getting married, unless you’re in a committed relationship and anticipating a wedding soon.

There are many different interpretations, meanings, and connotations that come with the idea of marriage, and you should instead focus on what these might be, rather than the concept of marriage itself.

Here are some of the common meanings that dreams of marriage might have:

1. New Life 

A positive marriage in a dream could be a representation of new life, and starting down a new path. You could be in a place in life where good changes are occurring and have a hopeful outlook on your future. This is closely related to personal growth and is a good sign that you are headed in the right direction.

2. Responsibility 

There is a great responsibility that comes with marriage, and your dreams about marriage could be indicating that you have taken on significant responsibility in your life. Responsibility is not a bad thing; it means you’re being trusted with something important and will receive the rewards for your hard work.

If this sounds relevant to you, it’s another sign of personal growth and your readiness to step up and take responsibility for the things that are important to you in life.

3. Commitment

Similar to responsibility, marriage is an incredibly important commitment, so it is quite obvious that a dream about being married could represent your feelings of commitment to something.

This could be for the start of a new relationship, buying a house, starting a new job, or something similar. The marriage represents the commitment you are making to a new thing in your life, and it isn’t always a negative thing unless the dream itself is negative. Pay close attention to how the dream makes you feel.

4. Feeling Restrained

Marriage is of course meant to be a joyful celebration of love and loyalty, but If your dream of marriage has more negative feelings attached to it or you yourself have negative connotations associated with the concept of marriage, it could instead represent feeling restrained and trapped.

You might feel as though you have lost certain freedoms in your life or are being forced by societal, familial, or peer pressure to go down a path that you don’t want to accept.

The person you are marrying is not important, rather the marriage itself, where you are being tied down to something you might not agree with.

5. Unhappiness

If you are already married in waking life and you dream of being married again, it could signify that you are currently unhappy in your marriage or there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

However, this doesn’t always signify a desire for something or someone new; it could be that you simply desire a restart to your current relationship. You may need to discuss marriage counseling or other ways to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

6. You’re Ready for a New Relationship

This one’s a far more literal interpretation, but if you’ve been out of the dating pool for a while and dreaming of getting married was a positive experience for you, it may be a sign that you’re ready to hop back in and meet someone new.

Dreaming of Marrying an Unknown Person

Dreaming of marriage is one thing, but when you dream of marrying an unknown person, it could stir up a whole lot of emotions you might not be ready for.

In order to determine the meaning of dreams, you need to examine your emotions and how you felt both during and after the dream. If it was a positive experience, it is fairly safe to say that the dream holds good meaning. 

However, if the dream makes you feel scared, trapped, upset, or angry, there is a good chance that the dream does not hold a good message. Just like the different meanings a dream of marriage itself holds, there are many different meanings that dreaming of marrying an unknown person might have as well.

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1. Contentment

As we’ve discussed, dreams concerning marriage don’t always have to do with love or even marriage at all in the literal sense. If your dream was positive and you felt good about yourself and the situation as a whole, this could be a sign that you are happy with yourself and where you are in life.

The unknown person you are marrying could simply be symbolic of yourself, and the marriage a sign of your contentment with being yourself – the marriage of who you want to be with who you truly are.

2. Commitment

Again, commitment isn’t always a bad thing. Marriage, for many of us, is a symbol of commitment to something important. When the person you are marrying in your dream doesn’t have a discernable identity, it’s likely a symbolic vessel for something else in your life.

The unknown person could be a substitute for a new job, house, project, or another opportunity that you feel positive about going forward with. This kind of dream is likely a sign that you are emotionally ready for this new commitment and are happy to put some effort into it.

3. Lack of Commitment

Alternatively, if your dream was negative, marrying an unknown person in your dream could mean that you lack commitment, or that you are not actually ready to commit to something long-term.

Once again, this does not even have to mean a relationship, although it could. It may mean a commitment to your work, your studies, or a new project that you have just started.

This lack of commitment is not going to get you anywhere, so evaluate your situation and see if it is worth carrying on a certain commitment if you are not actually planning on seeing it through, or if your heart is not in it.

You can often tell that this is the meaning of the dream if you feel regret and panic when marrying the unknown person in the dream, as it is not about the person you are marrying, but the commitment you are promising to make.

4. You Feel Trapped

Some people see marriage as too big of a commitment, and once you are married, you are trapped in a relationship. While this is certainly not true for most people, if this is how you see marriage, then it could mean that dreaming of marrying someone unknown causes you to feel trapped.

Evaluate your life and see what circumstances are making you feel this way. Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Is your relationship not going anywhere? Do you feel like you’re being pushed by people in the wrong direction? Ask yourself these questions to try and determine where the problem might lie if you do not already know.

5. Desire for Happiness

Dreaming of being married to an unknown person could also represent your desire to have a happy life. You might feel as though you are lacking the happiness and stability that marriage could bring, and that is what your dream symbolizes, not the actual person that you are marrying.

Take this as a sign to change your life up a bit, to do things that make you happy, and to put yourself out there to maybe find someone that you can settle down with.

You might even have this dream without you realizing that you are ready or wanting to settle down, but deep down it is something that your soul requires, and what you will need to ultimately be happy.

6. Nervous of Responsibility

This dream of marrying an unknown person might also show that you are nervous to take on any new responsibility. The unknown person in your dream signifies that it is not necessarily the person or significant other that makes you nervous, but rather the responsibility of being their partner.

Being nervous about responsibility could span over many situations; it could be a relationship that you are nervous about, new responsibility at work, or even the responsibility of a new baby. You may want to take some time to reconsider whether you’re emotionally ready.

7. Lacking Comfort

Dreaming of marrying someone unknown regularly could be a sign that you lack stability and comfort emotionally and mentally. It could also show that you feel as though you are being forced into situations and relationships that you are not comfortable with.

Being forced to do something against your will always has negatives effects emotionally and mentally, so this is definitely something that will manifest in your dreams.

You may need to take note of this and try to see if you can find ways out of these forced situations, as dreaming of this is a very heavy sign that it is having quite an effect on your mental wellbeing, and your mind is crying out for help.

8. Bad Decisions

Finding yourself in the situation of marrying someone that you do not know in your dreams could show that you have been making irrational, bad decisions, which could ultimately lead you to a scenario that is less than favorable.

Make sure to think things through before deciding on an action or making irrational, spontaneous decisions. They are having a negative impact on your life, and you need to put a stop to them.

Dreaming of Not Wanting to Marry an Unknown Person

Dreams come with many different emotions and paying attention to how you feel in these dreams goes a long way in helping you determine what the meaning might be.

If you find yourself marrying someone in your dream, but you do not want to be marrying them, it could be a sign that you feel as though you are lacking liberty in your own life, and you are not able to make your own choices.

This is quite a serious predicament to find yourself in, and feeling helpless in your own life is incredibly unhealthy.

While marriage, such as the one in your dream, is symbolic of a new life with you and your partner, being reluctant to marry might show that you are unhappy in a current relationship, and you feel forced or manipulated into being with them.

You might also feel powerless in this relationship, and feel as though your partner holds all control and makes all the decisions. This is obviously not the type of relationship you want to be in if you are having these dreams, so you either need to talk to your partner about how you feel, or make some serious changes.

Dreaming of Another Person Marrying Someone Unknown

You might not be the person marrying another unknown person in your dream. You might be witnessing someone you know marrying someone you do not know, and this could also hold some meaning.

One such meaning a dream like this could have is that you have feelings of jealousy towards that person, and the dream shows this by you being envious of their wedding. Holding feelings of envy and jealousy is not healthy and will only cause you pain. Try not to compare yourself to this person.

It could also mean that you have a desire to be married one day, but you do not see yourself in that position right now. It could be something to work towards and could form part of your goals and dreams in the future. 

Take note of where you are during the wedding in your dream. If you are watching from afar, it could show signs of jealousy, but if you are close or part of the wedding ceremony, it could be that you desire a wedding yourself or simply desire to see that person happy.

If you are simply dreaming of someone getting married in general, we have another article for you that dives a little deeper into this subject.

Dreaming of Marrying an Unknown Person When Already Married

It is very possible that you might have a dream of marrying an unknown person when you are already married. 

Dreaming of marrying your spouse when already married might just be a result of you looking back at old photos and videos of your wedding, and those memories triggered the dream. It could just also represent the love and affection you have for your spouse.

However, if you are married and you dream of marrying an unknown person, it could be a sign that you have doubts and questions about your relationship. You might want to review your current relationship and see why you might be feeling this way.

However, it might have nothing to do with your relationship, and it could just mean that you are taking on new responsibilities and commitments in your life. It should be quite easy to determine what the dream might mean, especially if you are not having big issues in your current marriage.

Don’t be too stressed out if you dream of marrying an unknown person. It does not mean that your marriage is in trouble most of the time, and if you feel as though there are issues between yourself and your partner, take this as motivation to speak to them and try to resolve any issues you might have.

Related Questions

Is It a Good Sign to Witness Your Own Marriage in a Dream?

Many consider seeing your own marriage in a dream to be a good sign. It shows that you will find a way out of certain situations or circumstances, and come out successful from it all.

If you dream of yourself preparing for your own wedding, it shows that you are actively working towards improving your life, and ensuring that you have positive conditions surrounding you each day.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Marriage if You are Single?

Dreaming of marriage when you are single could be a sign that you are now ready for commitment, and feel as though you are happy to settle down and commit to a healthy relationship.

It could also be a sign that you are wanting to find a partner to share your life with, and this could start off with a few dates, and doesn’t have to be anything serious at first.

Alternatively, it can be symbolic of self-love.

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