Spiritual Meaning of Hot Ears

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Hot ears, burning ears, and ringing ears are often defined interchangeably because they usually happen in combination with one another and are correlated.

You know what it feels like: one moment, everything was normal. Then, without warning, your ears start ringing and when you touch it, it even feels hot.

Perhaps you have experienced this a time or two. You may have had it happen to you on and off. Or it may be a continuous incident that has now started to bother you.

You may have already sought medical advice for this and have come up empty. You have then turned to another medium for an answer: what is the spiritual meaning of hot ears?

The spiritual meaning of hot ears is that you are receiving information via a different frequency than you’re used to. It could be messages from spirits, the universe, or a sign that someone is talking about you.

While it may bother you the first time it happens, you may start to realize that it is neither an uncommon incident nor an immediate indication of a serious illness.

A Word of Caution

Before immediately assuming that your hot ears are of a spiritual nature, be sure to check with a doctor about possible conditions and see that there is no other cause of hot, burning, or ringing ears.

Spiritual Meaning of Hot Ears

If you make a modest wish, it will come true

This mystical interpretation of a burning ear is something that children had usually been told about. When your ear rings, you may choose to make a wish and then ask someone near you to guess which ear had been ringing. If the individual guesses right, your wish will be granted.

It does not matter whether it had been the left or the right ear that burned, but it is important that making the wish and having another guess where the ringing is is done while your ear is ringing.

If you feel as if there are no messages or information being transmitted to you during that time, it may have been the universe giving you a reward. The next time you experience hot ears, you may want to keep this in mind.

Someone is talking about you

Ears are used for gathering information through sound, and despite being far your senses pick up on the event when others talk about you. You may then feel your ears burn and ring when you are being mentioned by others.

The intensity of the heat and the frequency of the sound alongside which side of your ear experiences it will grant you clues about what the conversation had been about.

Right vs Left Ear

  • If your right ear is burning, it may mean that good things are being talked about.
  • Ringing in the left ear generally implies that you are being bad-mouthed in a conversation.

The way the ringing comes is an indication of the range of positive or negative comments involved. If the ringing was unpleasant and high pitched, it may be that someone is mad at you.

If your ear burns as well, someone is talking about you with strong and determined opinions. 

Another experience may be that the ringing in your ear comes as a mere short tinkle or slight sound.

In that case, it may be that someone misses you. If the sound lasts longer but is of light frequency, someone may be praising you. A higher intensity of this implies an uncomfortable conversation people are having about you.

You have been sent a message

Spirits can send you messages and that information can be felt as ringing and burning in one of your ears or both.

Perhaps you knew someone who had died and they were wishing you paid attention to them. It may be that they wish to warn you about something, wish to seek your help, or simply wish for acknowledgment. 

Look around you and think about your current state of life.

Are there things or people you feel you should be wary of? Do you have an oncoming trip or are you entering a new business venture?

Think about whether your relative died peacefully or painfully as well.

Might he or she need some assistance to pass on?

If you could spare some time, you can pray for them, light them candles, or give them offerings that may be useful to them. You may also attempt to talk them into feeling at peace. 

If you have just entered a place and your ear started burning, you may wish to rethink proceeding with your business in that place. It may be a warning to not go in further.

Focus on the sensation and how urgent it feels, though, because sometimes the message may be a simple “hi.” How is the ringing in your ear making you feel?

Your spirit guide is communicating with you

If you hear ringing or experience burning of your ear during a meditative session, it may be that your spirit guide is communicating with you.

Your spirit guide may or may not have a specific message for you. It may simply be a sign that you are being watched over, something that was supposed to reassure you that you are not alone.

You’re becoming clairaudient

Some people are more sensitive than others, some progress more than others, and some have skills others do not have. You may be one of these people.

You may be clairaudient, which means you have the ability to hear things that are not of this world. The alternative is that your spiritual level may be shifting, and the ringing or burning of your ear is a simple symbol of that.

You have communication issues that need to be addressed

Burning in your ear that becomes worrisome or unbearable denotes that you have issues with communicating to people close to you.

It may be that you are having trouble expressing yourself, but it is more likely that you have not exactly been listening to others and that been causing a rift in your relationships with them.

You have been missing out.

You may also experience both ringing and burning ears at the same time. This indicates that you need to listen to others with more care.

You have been missing out on crucial times and information, and your inner self has decided to warn you about that.

Hot ears may mean you are stressed.

If the ringing on your ear is continuous and without pause, it may mean you are under a high amount of stress and you are wishing you could just turn a corner and make changes to your life.

You may want to turn that corner now and stop hesitating or staying on something that is causing you great distress.

Times of the morning and their meanings

Depending on the time your ear burns, you may be sent a message.

  • 12 pm to 3 am – someone close to you will tell you significant news.
  • 3 am to 7 am – denotes an upcoming gathering that will make you feel satisfied.
  • 7 am to 9 am – there is an amount of wealth within your reach if you dare to go for it.
  • 9 am to 11 am – foretell a betrayal.
  • 11 am to 3 pm – means someone will beg for your help over a serious matter.
  • 3 pm – 5 pm – implies you will be invited to an event that you should attend. 
  • 5 pm to 9 pm – signifies an incoming disagreement with someone close to you.
  • 9 pm to 11pm – means legal issues will bother you.


Hot ears, burning ears, and ringing ears are common occurrences that are not worrisome as long as they pose no medical threat.

Spiritually, a hot ear can mean that information is being sent to you, someone is talking about you, or you may be clairaudient. Depending on your current state in life, one of these reasons may be the cause of your burning ear.

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