Dreams About Organs Falling Out

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Dreams offer insight into what our subconscious thinks about our waking life and can sometimes even be premonitions.

What does it mean when we dream about organs falling out? The meaning of this dream can vary depending on the specific organ that fell off as well as the other symbols that appeared and the things you have in your life right now. 

Each organ that you dream of have their specific meanings, and if you take the symbolisms that came with them as well as the events you’ve encountered into consideration, you can interpret them as accurately as possible.

Remember, all dreams are unique to each individual despite their universal denotations.

Your body is your identity in the dream world, and you have had organs fall out in this dream. They may not immediately be omens of accidents occurring or illnesses oncoming, but they may be warnings and messages telling you to focus on parts of your life associated with the organ or suffer its consequences.

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Organs Falling Out – What It Means

Organs can either be external or internal. Dreams about body parts falling off can denote your worries about some aspects of your life, or be warnings from your higher self about your health.

When the organ falls off but it’s still attached to your body somehow, it usually means it can either be avoided or fixed.

The alternative where the organ completely drops from your body could indicate that it is too late to do anything about it and the best you can do is to brace yourself. 

Note the organ or organs that fall off in your dream and write down as many details as possible for a more accurate interpretation.

The other meanings of this dreaming this particular scenario could range from needing to let go to being warned and merely being fearful of something to being shown a subconscious feeling. 

You need to let go of old ideas

It could also mean that your subconscious is trying to tell you it’s time to let go of your old beliefs or patterns that are holding you back. You may find it hard to separate yourself from those as they have become a part of you now, but holding on to them will do you nothing.

Try asking yourself if there’s something you keep going back to or are hesitating about.

You are being warned about an oncoming illness related to that organ

If you’ve noticed unusual symptoms lately like perhaps fatigue, nausea, headaches, bowel disruptions, cramps, swelling, bloating, or recurrent local pains, your higher self may be asking you to get yourself checked or focus on that body part.

It may be that you haven’t been paying enough attention to it or you have been abusing it.

You need to consider what the organ represents in your waking life

Since each organ in your dream symbolizes something, take note of that and think of what it falling off means to you personally. How do you feel about that body part?

Look up the specific organ’s meaning, too, and then connect it to being detached from you. It could mean freedom, a sudden or oncoming disability, or a time for a change.

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Dreams About Other Body Parts

While uncommon, dreams about external organs detaching from the body can leave you quite shaken or confused. It is not every day that people are detached from their parts, especially the external body parts unless accidents happen.

Your subconscious may be telling you about something you’re fearing, asking you to slow down, or giving you a warning.


In the dream world, your head represents your personality and your thoughts. If you’ve found yourself separated from your head, either by being already headless or having it just suddenly fall off, it means you are not doing and saying the same thing.

This may be that you have made promises yet have done the opposite of what you vowed, or have done something yet claimed another thing.

It could also denote that you feel like your rationality is off these days, and your perception of the world is askew. You may feel like you lack the ability to understand things as well as plan ahead of events in your waking life.

If your head fell off because of heaviness in your dream, your higher self is trying to show you that you are over-thinking and worrying at the moment, and it is clouding your judgment and ability to move forward. 

To dream of ripping someone’s head off or having someone rip your head off signifies your stubbornness on facing truth and confrontation. Dreaming of your head fall off does not necessarily denote death, but rather reminds you of thought and inside issues you need to work on.


To see your eye pop out and fall off in a dream indicates you may not have been using your eyes in your waking life. You may have fallen into monotony and barely observed your surroundings or relationships. If your eyes are injured before it falls, it also signifies your avoidance of either truth or intimacy. 

Removing someone’s eyes in a dream and then letting it fall means you are feeling hopeless about an individual ever knowing the real you. Eyes are representatives of knowledge, awareness, and understanding, so dreaming about this organ falling represents the lack of those three things.

If you still had vision and saw your eyes despite having them fall off, it means you are not entirely blind to things yet and your situation can still be fixed with ease.

It may be challenging to deal with your issues if you dream of your eyes falling out and then everything goes black and you had to grope around your surroundings. 

Dreaming about seeing yourself through your fallen eyes, with an eyeball-less head denotes you are worried there are truths in you that even you yourself cannot grasp.


A dream involving the detachment of your nose indicates you feel suffocated to the point where you would do anything to escape.

If other people are present in your dream and they witness your nose fall off, though, it means you are being too nosy. Seeing someone else’s nose detach denotes someone is lying to you.


Seeing your ears in your dream, especially if it falls off and you end up holding it or it ends up on the ground, is your subconscious telling you to listen. You may not have been listening to anyone or anything but your own thoughts.

If you had a closer look at your ear in your dream and see wax, it means you have been closed off to everyone’s suggestions; while seeing that your fallen ear is oddly-shaped means you are in the middle of deception.

If someone pulls off your ear or you rip someone’s ear out, it denotes being forced to listen and follow instructions depending on whose ear fell.


This dream indicates you are either refusing to talk or are being held under a vow of silence.


Dreaming about your teeth falling out, be it by accident or on purpose, sudden or expected, signifies oncoming changes in your waking life. 


If you dream you are in the middle of a conversation and your tongue suddenly falls out, it signifies your untruthfulness. An unusual-looking tongue means you have also been badmouthing somebody, and ripping someone else’s tongue out means you loathe someone in your waking life but cannot express it freely.


Lacking arms in a dream signifies feeling inadequate. You may feel like you are unable to help yourself or others, and you may also feel limited in your waking life.

Losing your left arm denotes lack of fun while losing your right arm indicates lack of nurture. You might want to observe your surroundings and see who or what you have been missing.


Losing fingers in a dream means losing control in your waking life. You may be allowing situations to influence your behavior and daily living. If your forefinger falls off, it means you are feeling your authority challenged. 

Your middle finger falling out means you are being rash and throwing caution to the wind, perhaps even making enemies along the way. Be cautious as you may make enemies or decisions you cannot control later on.

Dreaming about your ring finger becoming detached from you means you are fearing something regarding your relationship, while your little finger falling off denotes a lack of communication.


This dream highlights your feeling of power loss.

Dreams About Internal Organs Falling Out

This is usually a nightmare when it happens. You can either get chased, killed, injured, butchered, get into an accident, or just suddenly have your internal organs fall off out of nowhere.

Each organ represents an aspect of your life that you are worried about and need to take a break from or something that you have been neglecting and need to remedy now.


Similar to the head, the brain represents knowledge. Dreaming of losing your brain signifies high mental stress, as well as the feeling of not being validated enough. If your brain falls off but gets replaced in your dream, though, it means your long-held perceptions are soon to change.


If this happens in your dream, your subconscious is asking you to breathe because you are feeling too suffocated by circumstances in your waking life right now. It could also denote your loss of inspiration and creativity, as well as entrance into a lifeless mode of living.


Your heart is the center of your emotions in the dream world. Dreaming of your heart falling off, especially if you can recall seeing blood, means you feel like you are lacking support from the important people in your life right now.

Dreaming of having a heart surgery signifies a change in relationships, and eating a human heart symbolizes you trying to heal an emotional wound.


If you dream that your own intestines leave your body, it indicates you are feeling hopeless about your current situation. Tearing someone else’s guts out denotes how far you are willing to go to achieve your end goal.


Since the gallbladder produces bile that helps process food and yet we can live without it, losing your gallbladder in your dream is your subconscious telling you that you will be alright even after you have let go of your strong emotions, especially if that emotion is holding you back and affecting you negatively.

Growth will only come when you move past the negativity weighing you down.


Kidneys help in cleansing your body, so this nightmare means it is time for you to stop neglecting yourself and take that well-needed break to cleanse and reset yourself.


The liver is your body’s purifier and defender against toxins that you may or may not willingly put in your body. Dreaming of this organ falling out means you need to think about how you have been treating your body and how your health may have been suffering because of that.

You may also want to have a checkup or resort to healthier ways of living from now on.


Dreaming about organs falling out is disconcerting, and no matter what your interpretation comes out as, the takeaway lesson of this dream is to learn to pay attention to the aspects of your life and self and take better care of them.



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