Bad Haircut Dream – What Does It Mean?

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Dreaming of a bad haircut is never fun. Dreams feel so real, and while asleep, you really do believe that your hair looks like it’s been hacked up with a weed whacker.

As horrible and awkward as these dreams might be, they do mean something, so you’ll need to pay attention to work out what the significance might be.

What does dreaming of a bad haircut mean? Generally, dreaming that you have a bad haircut could mean that you’re being careless in your waking life, whether it be socially or at work. You may not be thinking decisions through, and the bad haircut shows as a consequence of this. It could also be symbolic of change.

Don’t be discouraged if neither of these sounds quite right to you. There are other possible meanings that dreaming about a bad haircut might have depending on your circumstances and the details of your dream, so keep reading to find out which might be relevant to you!

The Spiritual Meaning of Hair

Like everything, hair holds a spiritual meaning, which is why it is a symbol commonly found in dreams. Hair is closely tied to your identity. This could be your identity with your physical body or spiritual self.

This is part of why it is sometimes considered that a person is losing their identity or their sense of self when they begin to lose their hair.

Some believe that our relationship with our hair can be considered superficial, and shedding it might be a way to cut ties with all superficial things. Others believe hair holds negative energy and cutting it can be a release of that weight from your shoulders and the start to a new life.

Hairstyles have many different connotations that are ingrained in our society. They have the power to change our entire outward appearance and cause people to look at and even treat us differently. So, the haircut you want might be indicative of who you are as a person.

Your hair could represent this connection to your identity, your past, your individual path, and free will. Anything happening to your hair in a dream could represent things affecting you in your real life.

Bad Haircut in Dream – What Does It Mean?

The meaning of a haircut in a dream does vary, but a bad haircut usually has a fairly specific meaning. Haircuts also speak to our vulnerabilities, and the area in which you feel vulnerable will be personal to you.

Having a bad haircut in a dream often shows that you are not making good decisions in your waking life. A bad haircut is a result of these bad choices, and how you feel after the bad haircut is representative of the consequences you could face due to bad decisions.

It also might mean that you feel as though you are losing confidence or your power to make decisions. There might be a situation in your life where you feel as though your power has been taken away from you, and you feel incapable of making your own choices.

A bad haircut could also indicate that you feel cut off from your intuition and that you do not feel connected to your spiritual self. This could cause feelings such as confusion and anxiety, and you might feel as though your passions do not excite you anymore.

Another common interpretation of a bad haircut in your dream could symbolize a big change in your life that makes you anxious and that you have negative feelings toward. This could mean a breakup, a move, a new job, or losing something precious to you.

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The Length of Hair in Your Dream

How long your hair is after having a bad haircut could be a good indication as to what the dream might mean.

As hair is tied to our sense of being, it makes sense that hair length could be an indication of a few different things. Try to take note of how long your hair is after your bad haircut when dreaming, and look at the below different lengths and meanings to try to find out what it could represent.

Short Haircut

A short bad haircut in a dream, after usually having long hair, could show that there is a major shift in your life and that you are going through a major change that makes you feel uncertain. You could also feel as if you’ve lost something or someone important to you.

The bad feeling you have after a bad haircut where your hair is cut short could mean that there are challenges up ahead that are going to put your confidence to the test.

You will need to learn to take control over your life and set boundaries for negative people and energies surrounding you. If not, you will feel overwhelmed and as though you cannot cope with what you are going through, causing you to feel stuck.

Trimmed Hair

Trimming your hair doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if this turns out badly in your dream, it is a sign that you have been neglecting your emotional, physical, or mental health.

You need to take this as a sign to reconnect with yourself and to connect with who you are again. Let go of any negative energy that is holding you back from taking care of yourself and try to move on from any stressful events or people that might be keeping you down.

Shaved Hair

Having your hair completely shaved in a dream might be horrifying to you. Your hair might be a big part of how you portray and express yourself, and with it shaved off, you might feel some very strong emotions.

Usually, a dream where your hair is shaved off indicates that there is a new chapter in your life coming up and that you can expect a significantly big change in your life.

Feeling negative about your hair being shaved could show that you are very nervous about this change and that you do not feel in control of what is about to happen. Again, you could also feel as if you’re losing something important and it’s out of your control.

Unfinished Bad Haircut

If your bad haircut stops halfway in your dream, it possibly means that you are struggling to focus on things in your waking life. You keep becoming distracted from what is important, and because of this, you are not following your dreams and achieving your goals.

This could be an indication that you have too much going on at the moment, and you are battling to settle and focus on one thing.

Take this as a warning that you need to try and organize your life better, cut out unnecessary stresses, and try to stay focused on a few things, instead of letting yourself become distracted by many different things. This will lead you nowhere.

Giving Yourself a Bad Haircut

Not only does a bad haircut, and the length of your hair, hold significance in a dream, but who is cutting your hair has meaning as well. In some cases, you might be the one giving yourself a bad haircut.

In a dream, cutting your own hair shows that you are taking control over your own life and are determining who you are and what you want to achieve. If you give yourself a good haircut, it shows that you have a good relationship with yourself and feel confident making your own decisions.

If the haircut turns bad, it might be a sign that you feel as though you have self-sabotaging behaviors. It indicates that you are the one standing in the way of living a healthy, happy life, and even if you do not realize this, your subconscious is trying to send you the message that your behavior needs to change.

Cutting your own hair, and it turning out bad, also may show you that you are stubborn and believe that you are always right. You might feel as though you need things to go your way and you don’t trust other people to get things done properly.

This is an unhealthy attitude to have, and you do need to start trusting other people more if you want to move forward.

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Dreaming of Someone Else Cutting Your Hair

Your dream might involve someone else giving you a bad haircut, and this holds meaning too.

If a professional hairdresser is cutting your hair in a salon, and it goes bad, there might be a reason to believe that your safety is being threatened somehow. This might be physical or emotional. Take note of your life and those surrounding you to find any possible red flags.

Dreaming of your partner or spouse giving you a bad haircut shows that you feel insecure in your relationship and that you do not trust them or their decisions, and feel as though they might negatively impact your life.

You may also feel as if you have no control in the relationship and are subject to their will over you. In this case, this dream is a cry for help for you to take back control.

Related Questions

What Does It Mean to Dream of Pulling Hair Out?

Dreaming of pulling your hair out shows that you feel frustrated in your waking life and that your situation is not what you would like it to be. Take this as a sign to reevaluate where you are in your life and what changes you could make to better your circumstances.

If you’re dreaming of someone else pulling your hair, we have a whole other article dedicated to helping you interpret that dream.

What Does It Mean if My Hair Is Falling Out in a Dream?

If you dream of your hair falling out, it is a sign that you feel as though there is a disconnect between you and your intuition. This could be affecting how you make decisions, and that your heart just is not in big decisions that you make.

You need to find a way to connect with your intuition again and to start trusting yourself. However, it could also just be a mental manifestation of the stress you are taking on in your daily life.

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