End Of The World Dream – Should You Worry?

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Dreams can feel completely real and be so vivid and full of emotions. Dreaming of the end of the world can be absolutely terrifying. The dream is realistic and immersive, and the emotions you feel are completely valid and real.

Waking up from dreaming of the end of the world can leave you with emotions you probably don’t have to deal with often, and working through these can be tough.

However difficult these emotions are when you wake up, it is still worth revisiting the dream and any possible meaning it might hold.

Dreaming of the end of the world – is it completely random, or should you worry? If you have had a dream of the end of the world, chances are that you are not predicting the apocalypse, but instead, it could show that you are going through some inner turmoil or fear. What type of apocalyptic event you dream of also holds some weight as to what the dream might mean.

So if you have dreamt of the world ending, or are experiencing it as a recurring dream, read on to find out what it might mean!

What Does It Mean To Dream Of The End Of The World?

Do not worry that your dream of the end of the world might be predicting the apocalypse. These types of dreams usually mean that you are going through a huge change in your life, and this change might be bringing up suppressed fears and emotions.

This is the basic meaning of dreaming of the world coming to an end, but how the world ends also has quite a significant role to play in what the dream might mean regarding your life.

Our minds are great at picking up things to come or changes happening before we are even aware of it ourselves, and dreaming of the world ending could be a way of sending us a message to pay more attention to what is going on, and to be prepared for a big change.

Don’t worry that this dream will bring about the end of the world, rather focus on it as a more personal significance and how it might relate to your own personal life and changes you might be going through.

Here are a few more specific meanings that dreaming of the end of the world might have:

Loss Of Control

There is nothing one can do to prevent the apocalypse as it is happening, and this loss of control you feel in your dream, where everything is being destroyed around you, mirrors the loss of control you feel in your own life.

This could be you dreaming of the world burning or flooding around you, or you might be prepping for the end of the world, knowing it won’t have much of an effect on the outcome.

Dreaming of this shows that you need to try to take control of your life, and start to work through the emotions that come with losing control.

Emotional Turmoil

It doesn’t get scarier than the world ending around you, even if it is just a dream. The emotions that this fear causes can be immense, and this could be a representation of the emotional turmoil you are going through in your life.

This turmoil might be caused by the loss of a loved one, a relationship ending, or past memories resurfacing. This dream is almost a cry for help, a way to work through these emotions, as you need to confront them and feel them in order to gain control.

The emotional turmoil you are experiencing might also be from an upcoming change, which could be causing you some serious anxiety.


Rebirth and re-awakening can only happen through death and destruction, and the end of the world dream you have experienced might be a metaphor for your rebirth and re-awakening to a new way of living.

This could be from a spiritual revelation and the pursuit of becoming more attached to your inner-self and the world around you.

The apocalypse in your dream shows the end of the world as you know it, and paves the way for you to live a new life.

Negative Energies Surrounding You

Having news and social media being accessible 24/7 is great for many reasons, but sometimes it can bring about too much negative energy, surrounding us with threatening and exaggerated information that can definitely take a toll on our mental health and wellbeing.

Dreaming of the apocalypse could just be an accumulation of all this negative energy that you have been surrounded by, and it is presenting itself as this catastrophic dream.

If you think that this might be the case, it is definitely worth disconnecting yourself from media for a while. You will quickly notice a reduction in your stress levels, and the negative energy you surround yourself with.

The world will still go on if you miss the evening news for a few days and if you stay off social media for a while. It might be what you need to reenergize your positivity!

Your Past Is Holding You Back

Post-apocalyptic dreams, where the world has ended and you are surviving in a barren land, are often a sign that you have issues or people from your past that are holding you back.

You might feel stuck in place and not able to move forward because of these past issues, and the dream could be the motivation you need to let go of the past and to be able to work through these emotions to pave a way forward for yourself.

Trauma from your past might be represented by the survival mode you feel in your dream, living in a post-apocalyptic world. You cannot go through life happily living on survival mode, approaching every situation as fight-or-flight, and it is something you need to work on, even if it requires therapy.

Significance Of How The World Ends In A Dream

Dreaming of the end of the world comes with significant meaning, but how the world ends in your dream is just as important.

There are some common ways that the world ends that you might dream of, and all of these hold specific symbolism.

The World Ending In Fire 

Dreaming of the world ending in fire is fairly common, and very terrifying!

Fire is a powerful symbol of passion and forceful energy. The world ending in fire could show that you are experiencing strong emotions of rage or anger. It could be a sign that there is someone or something in your life that is causing you to feel anger and resentment.

It might also be the case that you are holding onto some sort of rage or anger from your past, and if you keep holding onto this, it could end relationships or opportunities in your life.

This anger might even be subconscious, and you might have repressed it to the point of not taking notice of it. If you pay attention to different aspects of your behavior, such as your temper, your thoughts, or even how aggressively you drive, you might see this repressed anger there.

Holding onto rage and anger is not healthy. You should not just write it off, but find ways to work through these very powerful and destructive emotions to avoid it destroying your waking life too, let alone the world in your dreams.

The World Ending In A Flood

You will find many people share the dream of the world ending in a flood, and this dream is one where you have very little power to change the outcome.

Water is closely tied to our emotions, and just like water, our emotions can be soothing and calm, or come in strong, destructive waves.

Dreaming of the world ending in a flood shows that you are experiencing some very overwhelming emotions that you feel you just cannot deal with or control.

There could be many sources of these difficult emotions, such as from grief, depression, stress, or anxiety. It can be so painful feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, and this dream of flooding shows it is time to deal with these emotions.

Who is with you in the dream is also important, as whoever is close to you in the floods is usually who you are feeling emotional about, or who is causing your emotions.

If you do not recognize anyone in the floods, it could show that you are not sure where your emotions are coming from, or that you need to look to yourself to see if your actions are causing the stress you are feeling.

The World Ending In Explosions

Dreaming of the world coming to an end in a huge explosion, or smaller explosions all over shows that you have repressed emotions that are bubbling to the surface, and which might explode out, or which could have already.

You may have been trying to downplay a situation or how something is making you feel, but it just isn’t working and you are now at a breaking point. Take this dream as a warning that you need to address your emotions and these situations before you end up reacting in a way you regret.

The World Ending In War

It isn’t too farfetched to imagine the world ending in a nuclear war, which is why this type of dream is particularly scary!

This dream could indicate that you are in some sort of conflict with other people in your life that you consider to be quite powerful, such as your boss at work.

You might find yourself at a bit of a crossroad with this person, disagreeing on a way forward, whether you take your own path or follow theirs. Disagreeing with them could end up in an argument or something worse, which is what the dream represents.

Take this dream as a sign to think through the conflict clearly and logically, and see what the different outcomes might be, and which would be the best option for you.

The World Ending In A Zombie Apocalypse

There are so many movies about zombies taking over the world, and while these are entertaining to watch, they can be pretty terrifying in a dream!

Most of the time, these dreams are caused by you watching some films where zombies are roaming about, but if you have not watched any zombie films recently, it could be a foretelling of death.

There might be someone close to you who is sick, and this dream is a way of you dealing with this, and coming to terms with how their death might affect you.

Zombie dreams could also be a sign of rebirth, of you starting over again and living your life differently. 

Searching For Family In The Apocalypse 

Searching for your family in the apocalypse is one of the scariest things we could imagine, feeling so helpless and not being able to find those you love most when you know that danger that is out there.

Dreaming of searching for family in the apocalypse could signify that your family is going through turmoil at the moment, and there is a significant change coming up.

Your family might be facing some serious challenges, and you feel as though you all need to come together to make it through. There could be problems within your family that prevent your family from working together, and this is why it could be difficult to find them in your dream, at a time when you would need each other the most.

Trying To Save The World

It is always great to feel like a hero, and being able to save the world from the apocalypse in a dream can leave you feeling wonderfully confident!

This is a positive dream, which could signify that you are confident in your abilities and where you are in your life. You are sure of your skills and how to use them to better yourself and your circumstances.

You are focused on improving your life and reaching your goals, and there is nothing in your way to stop you! Use the great emotions you’d feel from a dream like this to motivate you and keep you on the positive path you are on!

Dreaming Of The End Of The World Approaching

You might not experience the end of the world in your dream but instead, dream of the days leading up to the world ending.

This could signify that you feel as though you have no control in your life, and circumstances around you are making you feel vulnerable and at risk.

This feeling of helplessness is really quite unsettling and should force you to reevaluate your life and how you might be able to take control of your own situation.

Should I Worry About Dreaming Of The End Of The World?

It is highly unlikely that your dream of the apocalypse means that the world is actually coming to an end. Instead, this dream is more likely a representation of your emotions and how you are handling them, and any changes that might be occurring in your life.

Take note of how the world is ending in your dream to better determine what the dream might mean, and use this to better deal with your emotions and fears!

Related Questions

Now that we’ve gotten to look into this kind of dream and see what it may mean for you, let’s take a look at a few related questions on the subject.

What does it mean to dream of escaping danger?

If you have managed to escape danger in your dream, it could show that you are feeling insecure in your life and are not fully confident in your ability to deal with different situations.

What does it mean to dream of being hunted in your dream?

Dreaming of being hunted in your dream means that you are avoiding an issue that needs to be addressed. You might be turning a blind eye to something that needs to be dealt with, but in the back of your mind, you are aware of the fact that it is an issue that is not going to go away on its own, and it will eventually catch up to you.

What does it mean to die in a dream?

Dying in a dream does not mean you are going to die in real life. Instead, it could be a sign that you are going through a rebirth or transition. It could also represent a change up ahead such as a new house or new job.

The dream is not necessarily negative, and you should embrace it as a new beginning instead of feeling afraid.

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